How to Remove Duplicate Tasks in Outlook Account? | Updated Method of 2023

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Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Outlook email client provides a panel named Tasks to the user, in which the user can add tasks for the whole day and track that task till its completion. Using the task panel, Microsoft Outlook allows you to create to-do lists as well as tracking reminders. But sometimes when the user tries to create a task, the user sees it twice on the task list panel. After which the user tries to remove duplicate tasks in Outlook, along with the duplicate, the accurate to-do list is also deleted from that panel.

And sometimes a user’s task panel is not just one duplicate list, but thousands of duplicate lists of tasks. So in such a situation, to delete or remove the duplicate task, the user looks for a solution with the help of which he can remove the duplicate without losing anything. That’s why today we have come to this article, in which you will know how to remove duplicate tasks in Outlook very easily.

remove duplicate tasks in Outlook

The Causes for Duplicate Tasks in MS Outlook

When you see that there are a lot of duplicate tasks on the task panel of your Outlook, it becomes very difficult to delete the duplicate task without deleting the original task. A problem like this can happen for a number of reasons, some of which we have listed below.

  • Corruption in the to-do list can cause duplicate task problems in your Outlook account.
  • There may be a problem with your view settings that is causing one task to be saved to your Outlook account with multiple duplicate tasks at once.
  • Due to compatibility issues, users face the problem of duplicate tasks when they try to open PST files of Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, or Outlook 2016 in Outlook 2021.

Best Method to Delete Duplicate Tasks in Outlook Account

There are two methods available to remove duplicate tasks in Outlook, with the help of which you can delete your duplicate to-do list. Out of which the first method is manual in which you can remove them one by one duplicate task by selecting them. Second is automatic software in which you can delete duplicate tasks in Outlook accounts without removing original content by just adding Outlook mailbox files.

#1: Remove Duplicate Tasks in Outlook 2016 by Manually

In this section, you will learn what is the manual solution to remove duplicate to-do lists from Outlook accounts. But before that, you should know one thing it will take both your time and hard work to do this process. Because in this you have to first change the view settings in the task panel and then select the duplicate to-do list one by one and then delete it. How will this process happen, let us know step by step:

  1. Firstly, launch the MS Outlook application and then go to the task panel
  2. After that, click the view tab in the menu bar and select the change view option, then press the Detail option
  3. Thereafter, tap the View button and then choose the View Setting option
  4. Then, the Advanced View Settings Dialogue box will open automatically, and click the Sort button from the dialogue box
  5. After that, Choose the Subject option from the sort item drop-down menu and then click the OK button
  6. Now, a warring dialogue box will be open on your screen, just click the yes button to confirm the view setting modification
  7. Finally, select one by one Duplicate task and then click the Shift + Delete button on your keyboard

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#2: Delete Duplicate Tasks in Outlook Using Automatic Software

One of the most amazing and reliable tools available to remove duplicate tasks in Outlook accounts is BitRecover Outlook Duplicate Remover Software. This software is fully capable of deleting any kind of duplicate tasks, or a large number of any type of items from your Outlook account without any restrictions.

If you are thinking of using the above manual solution then the first thing to know is that you need technical knowledge to use this manual method. And this manual method is also not completely effective, because there are high chances of deleting your original task. Because when you are selecting your duplicate to-do list one by one, accidentally you select the original to-do list instead of the duplicate, and if you remove it without checking it, your original content may also be permanently deleted.

So experts also suggest that every user should use automated solutions instead of manual methods. Because this automated solution is very easy to use and with the help of this solution you can remove duplicate tasks in Outlook accounts in just a few seconds.

Guidance on How to Use This Professional Tool With Screenshots

  1. Firstly, download this above-mentioned software by clicking the download now button and then install or run it on your system
    download software
  2. After the opening, select any option for browsing the outlook mailbox files and then click the Next button
  3. Now, check the Tasks folder and uncheck all other folders and then click on the Next button
    check task folder
  4. Thereafter, choose the destination path and then select the duplicate removal method as per your requirements
    choose duplicate removal method
  5. Finally, click the Extract button, and then you can see the live duplication removal process on the software panel
    live process
  6. Now, after the process is over, the folder of the resulting file will open automatically
    remove duplicate tasks in outlook 2016


In this article, you learned how to remove duplicate tasks in Outlook accounts without deleting the original content. In this article, we have told about two methods, the first one is manual and the second one is automatic software, now you can use any method as per your wish. But before using any of the two methods, know one thing you need technical knowledge to use the manual method, and no technical knowledge is required to use the automatic solution.

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