How to Remove Duplicate Calendars in Outlook Client?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 2nd, 2024 • 6 Min Read

This blog post clarifies the process to remove duplicate calendar from Outlook. Here, we are discussing two proficient ways to delete duplicate events in Outlook calendar with complete details.

Sometimes individuals and working professionals face problems because of Outlook duplicate calendar entries, appointments, events, holidays, and appointments, as duplicate Outlook calendars create confusion.

Rapid Steps to Remove Duplicate Calendars in Outlook

  1. Run Outlook Duplicate Calendar Remover.
  2. Add MS Outlook profile data to software.
  3. Select Outlook calendars and click Next.
  4. Enable de-duplication mode and use filters.
  5. Click Extract to delete duplicate calendar items.

Reasons to Delete Duplicate Events in Outlook Calendar

  • Having duplicate calendars in Outlook may mislead the administrators about the appointment, interviews, etc. If you have duplicate calendars in Outlook then you may accidentally double-book yourself and end up missing one of your commitments.
  • Clutter of duplicate calendar entries may create confusion about important events and holidays. Even duplicate events and holidays mislead the employees and administrators may share wrong information about official events and holidays.
  • Users prefer to remove duplicate calendar entries in Outlook to save their crucial time and energy. If users search for a specific calendar entry then they find multiple duplicates then they have to decide which one is the correct entry.
  • If Outlook calendar duplicates are available in Microsoft 365 and Exchange Server public folders, this can affect your productivity and workflow. Copies become the reason to miss and repeat important work updates.

Important Note: When users import calendars in Outlook and select “Allow duplicates to be created” then this becomes the reason for Outlook calendar duplicates. However, you can easily delete duplicate calendar items in Outlook.

allow to duplicates to be created

Manual Method to Remove Outlook Calendar Duplicate Items

  1. Run your Outlook client and choose the Calendar option.
    calendar option
  2. Afterward, select the View option from the Outlook menu.
    view option
  3. Click on the Change View option as shown in the image.
    change view
  4. See default view is set as the calendar.
    default view
  5. Afterward, change the view from Calendar to List.
    list view
  6. Click on the Subject column and manage all calendar items by subject.
    subject column
  7. Press the CTRL button and choose duplicate calendar items from the list.
    choose duplicate calendar items
  8. After selecting duplicate calendars, simply click on Delete.
    remove outlook calendar duplicates

About Limitations: Microsoft Outlook users can easily follow the above-mentioned steps to remove duplicates from Outlook. However, you will need to choose duplicate calendar entries manually which takes time for professionals.

Even if someone wants to delete duplicate calendar items in PST and OST files without Outlook then manually this is not possible. Sometimes, users may choose the wrong calendar entries and delete them by mistake because the selection is dependent on humans.

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Pro Method to Remove Outlook Calendar Duplicates

Download BitRecover Outlook Duplicates Remover Wizard on your computer, the tool is proficient to delete Outlook calendar duplicates. It also supports Outlook PST and OST files that are not connected to Outlook.

The free demo version of this software allows processing the top 25 calendar entries for removing duplicates. So, just download this utility and check its working process and then take the decision to grab this tool.

How to Delete Duplicate Calendar in Outlook?

  1. Start the Outlook duplicate calendar remover and add Outlook profile data in the software panel using automatic or manual options.
    outlook duplicate calendar remover
  2. Choose only the calendar folder from the software interface and press Next.
    select outlook folders
  3. Select an option to remove Outlook calendar duplicates within and across the folders.
    remove duplicate calendar from outlook
  4. Use advance filters according to your requirements from the software’s control panel.
    advance filters
  5. After that, browse the desired destination path, where you want to store processed Outlook calendars.
    browse destination path
  6. Click on the Extract button to start removing duplicate calendar entries in Outlook.
    delete duplicate calendar items outlook
  7. The process to remove Outlook calendar duplicates has been completed successfully.
    completed successfully
  8. Lastly, the software will open the destination path so that users can easily get Outlook calendars with no duplicates.
    processed outlook data

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Outlook Duplicate Calendar Remover Features

  • The tool facilitates to remove Outlook calendar duplicates including events, appointments, holidays, appointments, and other items.
  • It supports to delete duplicate calendars from PST and OST files exported from Outlook, Exchange Server, and Microsoft 365.
  • Outlook Duplicate Calendar Remover is compatible to remove duplicate holiday calendars in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and previous versions.
  • This software has two different modes to remove duplicate calendar from Outlook within and across the folders accordingly.
  • Outlook Duplicate Calendar Remover is well suitable to delete duplicate emails and calendars in MS Outlook.
  • The tool comes with various advance filter options to delete duplicate calendar items in Outlook by date, email id, subject, etc.

What Users Ask?

Que 1: How do I delete duplicate events in Outlook calendar?

Ans: Scroll this blog post above and choose the best technique to delete duplicate events in Outlook calendar. We have mentioned the two most preferred techniques to remove Outlook calendar duplicates.

Que 2: Does your software allow to remove calendar duplicates from OST files?

Ans: Yes, Outlook duplicate calendar remover allows to remove duplicate calendars from PST and OST files.

Que 3: Is MS Outlook installation mandatory to remove duplicate calendar entries in Outlook PST files?

Ans: No, the tool works with or without Outlook configuration so don’t worry.

Que 4: Can I use a manual method to remove Outlook calendar duplicates?

Ans: Yes, the manual method is also useful to delete duplicate calendar items in Outlook. However, you need to select calendar entries carefully for deletion.

Que 5: Can I delete duplicate meetings in Outlook calendar?

Ans: Yes, both explained techniques are suitable to remove duplicate calendars in Outlook including meetings, events, appointments, holidays, recurrences, invitations, and reminders.

Let’s Conclude

All Outlook user who is facing issue with calendar duplicates can easily resolve their problem. We have explained the top 2 methods to remove duplicate calendar from Outlook, you can feel free to go with any technique. We have recently tested both ways and got 100% accurate results without losing any crucial data.

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