How to Remove Duplicate Notes in Outlook Account? | Using Two Best Methods

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Like Sticky Notes, Microsoft Outlook also provides its users with the functionality of Microsoft Notes, which can be accessed directly from the Outlook screen or from your desktop. This function is one of the most useful functions of Microsoft Outlook using which you can save your notes in your email client and share them with anyone. But sometimes when the user has wrongly synchronized his Outlook account, then he has to face duplicate notes, after that when the user tries to find any of his important notes, confusion arises due to duplicates.

So today we have come up with this article in which you will know how to remove duplicate notes in Outlook account without losing any original notes. If you do not want to lose your original notes and want to remove duplicates, then stick with this article.

Main Reasons for Duplicate Notes in Outlook

Basically, there can be many reasons behind duplicate notes in Outlook account, we have listed some of them below:

  • The first reason is that when you sync your Outlook account with all your devices, there are more chances of creating duplicate notes.
  • Duplicate notes will appear in Outlook if you import data from other email clients and forget to turn off the option to don’t replicate duplicate files.

These were some of the reasons why you may have duplicate notes in your Outlook account. Let us now know how to remove duplicate notes in Outlook accounts.

Best Way to Delete Duplicate Notes from Outlook Account

There are two methods available to remove duplicate notes in Outlook accounts. The first method is manual in which you have to select your duplicate notes one by one and then delete them after selecting them. And the second way is automatic software in which you have to add your Outlook mailbox data software only once after that software will automatically remove your duplicate notes from outlook accounts. Let us now know how both these methods can be used and what is the name of the other automatic software.

Method 1: Remove Duplicate Notes in Outlook Account Using Manual Solution

  1. First Launch the Outlook application.
  2. Then, in the Navigation window, select the Notes button.
  3. Your screen then shows a list of your notes.
  4. From the list, pick the duplicate Notes.
  5. Then, to remove duplicate Notes from Outlook, click the Delete option.

In this method, you will not even need a single penny to remove duplicate notes in Outlook accounts. If you have only a few notes, then you can use this method or if you have thousands of notes, then using this method becomes a very hectic task because it takes a lot of time and energy.

Method 2: Remove Outlook Duplicate Notes Using Automatic Software

One of the most advanced and reliable software to remove duplicate notes in Outlook accounts is named BitRecover Outlook Duplicate Remover Software. This software very carefully removes your duplicate notes without disturbing the original content. With the help of this tool, you can easily delete any duplicate notes or items in bulk from your Outlook account. Using this software is as easy as sending emails to someone using the Outlook application, this utility can be used by any non-technical user very easily.

How to Use this Outlook Duplicate Notes Remover Software?

  1. Firstly, download this Outlook Duplicate Notes Remover tool and then install & open it on your Windows OS platform
    download Outlook Duplicate Notes Remover
  2. After that, select any option to browse Outlook Mailbox data and then Press the Next button
    browse outlook data
  3. Now, check the Notes name folder and uncheck all other folders and then tap the Next button
    check notes folder
  4. Thereafter, select the desired location path for the resultant data and then choose any duplicate removal option as per your need
    duplicate removal method
  5. Finally, press the Extract button for starting the duplicate removal process
    live process
  6. Now, you can view the resulting PST file at the destination path that you selected in the fourth step
    remove duplicate notes in Outlook


In this article, you learned how to remove duplicate notes in Outlook accounts without disturbing the original content. In this blog, we have suggested you use two methods in which the first method is manual and the second is automatic software. If you have very few duplicate notes then we suggest you use a manual solution. If you have duplicate notes in bulk in your Outlook account, then you will have to go for an automated solution.

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