How to Mass Delete Bluehost Emails Immediately? Top Ways

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read
Do you want to delete Bluehost emails permanently? As we noticed that users get dozens of promotional, spam, junk, and social emails on your Bluehost emails account. Thus, these types of unnecessary emails are obstacles to main work. Even users don’t want to fill their email accounts with spam email messages. Users buy Bluehost server space to store their crucial data, not for spam emails.

If you are facing the same issue and looking for an instant solution to remove email from Bluehost account. Then you have landed at the right webpage. Here, you will read different methods of erasing Bluehost emails permanently. But before going through the process first know some reasons to delete Bluehost emails.

Reasons to Remove Email from Bluehost Account

I am a tech blogger since 2015 and using Bluehost’s hosting services to host my websites. Now, I noticed that thousands of unnecessary emails are available in my Bluehost email account. I want to delete Bluehost account emails, received from some specific senders. However, I know the manual method to remove Bluehost emails but this is a time-consuming task. Thus, I am looking for an advance alternative solution to erase Bluehost emails. Please suggest it to me!

Know Other Bluehost Email Deletion Possibilities

  • Bluehost email quota is near full but users don’t want to increase quota space.
  • Management prefers to delete Bluehost email accounts when employees switch jobs.
  • Users want to keep only crucial Bluehost emails in their accounts instead of unnecessary spam emails.
  • Sometimes users receive more spam emails compared to useful emails that be the cause of spoiling the mind.

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How to Delete Bluehost Emails?

There are several methods available to remove Bluehost emails. Here you can know the most popular techniques for erasing Bluehost email messages i.e., manual and professional. Hence, first, know all methods to remove Bluehost emails, and after that choose a relevant method according to your choice and need.

1) Erase Bluehost Emails One by One

  1. Firstly, login to your Bluehost’s cPanel, and after that choose the Email Accounts option under email settings.
    delete Bluehost emails
  2. After that, enter Bluehost email account credentials i.e., Email ID and Password. Click on Login to continue.
    webmail login
  3. Select a webmail application from Roundcube, Horde, and SquirrelMail to open Bluehost emails.
    choose default application
  4. Thereafter, you can access all Bluehost emails under the selected application. Click on any email to read it and press the Delete button to delete Bluehost emails.
    delete bluehost emails
  5. Now deleted Bluehost emails will be moved under the Trash folder and be deleted permanently within 30 days.


  • A time-consuming process that permits to erase emails from Bluehost account one by once.
  • It takes extra up to 30 days permanently delete Bluehost emails.
  • Permanent Bluehost email deletion is difficult if you want to increase email quota space.

2) Delete Emails from Bluehost in Bulk

  1. Sign in to your Bluehost email account and choose a folder from which you want to erase messages.
  2. Now you can see all emails in a specific folder and click on the Select button.
    select bluehost folder
  3. Thereafter, select all emails from a specific Bluehost folder and hit on the Delete button.
    choose all bluehost emails
  4. Now you can see all Bluehost emails are deleted successfully from a selected particular folder.
    webmail emails deleted


  • Capable to delete Bluehost emails only from a selected folder at a time.
  • Does not remove Bluehost emails permanently as all emails will be moved to the Trash folder.
  • Need to repeat the same process multiple times for deleting emails from various Bluehost folders.
  • There is no advance filter option available to delete selected Bluehost emails.

3) Delete Bluehost Account

  1. Login to your Bluehost’s cPanel and select the Email Accounts option.
  2. Under Email Accounts, you can all associate Bluehost email addresses.
  3. Click on the Delete button to continue erasing Bluehost emails.
    delete Bluehost email account
  4. Thereafter, you can see a warning message i.e. Are you sure? When you delete a webmail email account, we permanently delete all of the account’s data.
    warning message
  5. Lastly, press the Delete Email Account option to start the deletion process.


  • You will lose all unnecessary as well as crucial Bluehost emails.
  • After deleting your Bluehost account, your email address will also be lost.

Download Bluehost Email Eraser Preferable Solution

BitRecover Email Remover Software is an excellent and reliable solution to delete Bluehost emails permanently. The tool is fully loaded with several advanced features that make it the preferable solution. This tool comes with a simple-to-use interface so that it can be easily operable by both technical as well as non-technical users. Just download it for Windows and Mac accordingly, after that start the process.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Steps to Remove Bluehost Emails Permanently

  1. Launch Bluehost Email Remover on your computer.
    bluehost email eraser
  2. Choose Bluehost as the email source, enter sign-in details, and press the Login button.
    delete Bluehost emails
  3. After that, choose the required Bluehost folders that you want to erase permanently.
    select bluehost folders
  4. Bluehost Email Eraser offers several advance filters for deletion of selective Bluehost emails i.e., date range, sender id, receiver id, subject, delete social notification emails, etc.
    filter option
  5. Thereafter, hit on the Delete to continue.
    select bluehost emails
  6. Now software is showing a warning message i.e., if you deleted Bluehost emails then you cannot retrieve them back.
    erase Bluehost emails
  7. Lastly, choose Yes to start deleting Bluehost email messages.
    delete Bluehost emails

Suggestion: if you think your Bluehost email account has some crucial future-oriented emails. Then you can use Bluehost Mail Backup Software which is authorized to save Bluehost emails in various commonly used file extensions. Thereafter, you can remove emails from Bluehost with confidence.

Bluehost Email Remover Features

  • Delete Bluehost emails from various accounts at once by uploading a CSV file having sign-in details.
  • Users can check or uncheck only required Bluehost email folders for permanent deletion.
  • The tool has an isolated option to erase Bluehost emails by date range, email address, and email subject.
  • Bluehost Email Eraser also allows to delete Bluehost social notifications mails at one click i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, etc.
  • It also permits to delete Bluehost emails larger than user defined size.
  • Even users can select a separate checkbox to delete Bluehost messages older than specific months.

Final Words

We have explained multiple manual techniques to delete Bluehost emails permanently. But manual methods come with some limitations so these methods are best for home-based users. If you are a professional blogger, administrator, or website owner then it is advisable to use Bluehost email remover. Because the tool comes with several advance filter options that make it suitable for professional use.

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