How to Delete Emails Permanently from Exchange Server?

Rollins Duke   
Published: June 5th, 2023 • 5 Min Read
Most companies and enterprises are using Microsoft Exchange Server. Therefore, a lot of business owners are looking for reliable methods to delete emails from Exchange Server accounts. There are several reasons as per the users need to remove emails from Microsoft Exchange Server online account. Let’s know them!

Reasons to Remove Emails from Exchange Server

I am the owner of a medium-sized manufacturing organization. Because of my different background, I don’t have much knowledge of Exchange PowerShell commands. I am using Exchange Online accounts for the past few years including my management employees. We daily receive several promotional / social / spam / junk emails. That’s why we’ve got thousands of unnecessary emails. Therefore, now I am looking for a technique to delete old emails from Exchange Server without using PowerShell commands. Please suggest to me the easiest way for erasing Exchange Server emails permanently.

Some other possible reasons to delete emails from Exchange Server.

As we all that, Exchange Server is a business-oriented email server that is available at a high cost. Hence, users don’t want to fill the crucial email quota space with unnecessary emails.

For successful business operations, users send and receive various emails per day. But after some years users don’t want to keep old Exchange emails. Therefore, they want to delete Exchange emails older than a specific year.

Users daily receive several repeated subscriptions / promotional-based spam emails. After, a few months these emails use a lot of email quota space. Therefore, users want to delete emails from Exchange Online mailboxes.

Know Easiest Ways to Delete Exchange Emails

There are several articles available in the online market about deleting emails from Exchange Server using the PowerShell command. But, for the past few months, we are receiving various user queries. Actually, they want to remove emails from Microsoft Exchange without PowerShell because of less knowledge of Exchange Management Shell. Hence, here I will explain the different techniques for erasing Exchange Server emails without PowerShell.

1) Expert Choice to Delete Emails from Microsoft Exchange

Download Email Removal Tool by BitRecover which is specially developed to delete emails from Exchange Server online accounts. This is a fully automatic and advance software for erasing MS Exchange mailboxes permanently. The tool is compatible with all the latest Windows OS as well as macOS computers. Even it comes with the free demo version.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

How to Delete Old Emails from Exchange Server?

  1. Install Exchange Email Eraser on your computer and run it to begin the process.
    exchange email eraser
  2. Thereafter, choose Exchange Server as the email source, enter account credentials, and press Login.
    select exchange server
  3. Now you can see Exchange Server email folders in the software GUI. Select required email folders that you want to erase.
    delete option
  4. This utility is offering multiple advance filters for exchange delete emails older than a specific year, date, sender id, receiver id, by subject, and with attachments. Use the mentioned filters if needed.
    filter option
  5. After that, click on the Delete button to continue.
    remove emails from microsoft exchange
  6. Exchange Email Eraser is showing a warning message i.e., Exchange Server emails once deleted cannot be retrieved back. Are you sure you want to continue?
    start the process
  7. Lastly, click on the Yes button to start the Microsoft Exchange email deletion process.
    remove emails from exchange online

Note That: If you want to save Exchange messages on the hard drive before permanent deletion. Then download Exchange Server Backup Software and know its features.

Benefits of Using Exchange Email Remover

  • The tool comes with advanced filters for Exchange delete emails older than a particular year, date, email address, and email subject.
  • Users can delete Exchange Server emails that have attachments. Even users can define the specific size of attachments for deletion.
  • I am admin option allows to remove emails from Microsoft Exchange specific user accounts.
  • Exchange Email Eraser Tool permits to check or uncheck required folders for permanent deletion.
  • This is fully automatic software that asks only for Exchange online account credentials for completion of the task.

2) Erase MS Exchange Server Emails One by One

  1. Sign in to your Exchange Online account using the login details.
    exchange sign in
  2. Thereafter, select the email folder and choose an email.
    delete emails from exchange server
  3. Click on the Delete button to start erasing Exchange email.
Limitations: This is a time-consuming method that allows deleting emails from Exchange Server one by once. Hence, if you want to delete 100 emails then you will need to repeat the same steps 100 times.

3) Remove All Emails from Exchange Server Folder

  1. Select a folder from the Exchange account for email deletion.
  2. Click on Filter option and choose All from dropdown.
    select filter
  3. After that, click on the Checkbox for selecting all messages.
  4. Lastly, click on Delete button to delete all Exchange emails.
    remove emails from exchange server


  • Exchange emails can only be deleted from one folder at a time.
  • Does not permanently delete emails from Exchange since emails are relocated to the Delete Items folder.
  • When compared to the software for selective deletion, there are no filter choices accessible.
  • Exchange emails must first be removed from a specific folder and then must be removed once again from the Deleted Items folder in order to be permanently deleted.

4) Delete Exchange Server Email Account

  1. Sign in to Exchange Admin Center using your account credentials.
    exchange admin center
  2. Under Recipients, you can see all user accounts.
    exchange recipients
  3. After that, choose an account and hit on the Delete icon.
    select exchange user
  4. Warning message showing i.e. Are you sure you want to delete Exchange account?
    delete exchange server email account
  5. Now click on Yes to continue to delete Exchange server email account.
    erasing exchange account


  • Exchange server emails will be deleted but you will lose your email address that was not our motive.
  • Using this method, your complete Exchange server account data will be erased permanently instead of selected data.


We have explained 4 different methods to delete emails from Exchange Server without PowerShell. The above explained 3 methods are 100% free to use. Even we have also suggested a smart solution to remove emails from Exchange Server. Hence, it depends on you which solution you want to use.