How to Delete Facebook Data Permanently with Account Information?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

There are sufficient reasons available for users who want to delete Facebook data permanently in 2023. Nowadays several social media users prefer to delete Facebook account forever to stay safe from money fraud, honey traps, and other privacy concerns.

Hackers always try to hack access to your Facebook account. If by chance they got successful to get your account credentials then they demand money from your friends using Facebook Messenger chats. Hence some FB users have the desire to delete Facebook data permanently.

In this blog post, we will discuss the complete steps to delete Facebook accounts and data using native as well as advance techniques. But first, know some reasons because of them users want to erase Facebook data permanently.

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Causes to Delete Facebook Account Forever

  • Youngsters who have old FB accounts want to use other trending social media platforms. For example, nowadays Instagram is a trending social media application that comes with entertainment features.
  • Some users have created fake Facebook accounts and doing some illegal activities. For example, several boys are using girls’ names on FB accounts and trying to bait for chats and video calling to target them for honey traps.
  • Smart users want to delete their Facebook accounts including complete associated data. For example, they listen and watch in news about social media money fraud hence they take a decision to erase Facebook data forever.
  • Many students and other users consider quitting Facebook because they realize that using Facebook is a waste of time on social media platforms. Thus, they may take the plunge to delete Facebook data permanently.

Native Steps to Delete Facebook Data Permanently

Most experts prefer to use the below-mentioned guidelines for erasing a Facebook account permanently. You can also follow the mentioned step by steps process to delete your Facebook account forever.

1 Step: Delete Facebook Application from Smartphones

First, you need to uninstall the Facebook application from your smartphones and tablets. Here consider that after deleting the Facebook application your account will not be deleted. However, uninstalling FB App is mandatory for security reasons because users provide different types of permissions while using apps.

Deletion of the Facebook application from smartphones is necessary because it will help users to avoid quickly login. Hence, users can improve their habits by avoiding FB login. However, if users want to use Facebook again then they can use Facebook by web browsers.

delete facebook application

2 Step: Disconnect Your Facebook Account from Third-Party Applications

Remember this step because most of the time, users set multiple third-party applications to login with Facebook. Hence, if you permanently deleted your Facebook account then you can’t use third-party applications using the same previous account. Hence, this becomes mandatory to disconnect the Facebook account from other applications to avoid future problems. Follow these steps for disconnecting applications from your FB account.

  1. Login to your Facebook account using the web browser on your pc.
  2. Click on your profile picture and choose Settings and privacy.
  3. Thereafter, select Settings >> Security and login option.
  4. Choose the Apps and websites option and see the connected applications.
  5. After that, click on the Remove button in front of any application.
    disconnect your facebook account from apps
  6. Read the warning message of disconnecting the application and press Remove.
  7. Now repeat step 6 for disconnecting each application one by once.

3 Step: Save Your Facebook Data Before Deletion

Facebook allows its user to download users’ FB information locally in HTML and JSON file extensions. Users prefer to download Facebook data before deleting accounts because of some urgent future-centric requirements.

Facebook permits to choose a choice saving option from JSON and HTML, allows them to choose media quality from High and Low, and a preferred date range for downloading FB information.

Users can also select the required information that they want to download i.e. Saved items and collections, Voting location and reminders, messages, posts, pages and profiles, polls, events, facebook gaming, your places, facebook payments, facebook marketplace, comments and reactions, stories, bug bounty, reels, fundraisers, groups, your problem report, review, shops questions and answers, live audio rooms, meta spark, community profiles, collaborations, navigation bar, other activity, facebook portal, profile information, journalist registration, facebook assistant, facebook account centre, childhood vaccines, other personal information, friends and followers, your topics, location, music recommendations, search, notifications, etc.

After selecting the required information click on the Request a download button. Thereafter, you can see the message i.e., a copy of Facebook information is being created please wait. When your download will be ready then you can choose the “Available Files” option and download Facebook messenger chat history in the preferred file extension.

download facebook data

4 Step: Delete Facebook Account Permanently

After downloading Facebook profile information in JSON or HTML formats. You need to follow the given mentioned steps to delete Facebook account forever.

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Go to the official Facebook account deletion link and click on the Delete Account button.
    delete facebook data permanently
  3. Thereafter, enter the password of your Facebook account and click on continue.
  4. Confirm permanent account deletion by clicking on the Delete account button.

Note That: If you have once submitted your request to delete Facebook data permanently. Then your account will be deleted within 30 days. You can reactive your Facebook account by canceling the account deletion process. But after 30 days, you cannot retrieve back your Facebook account. Hence be careful.

Expert Solution to Delete Facebook Data Permanently

If you have downloaded your sensitive Facebook data on your computer and you think this should not be visible to anyone. Then don’t delete it with the normal deletion method because deleted, and formatted data can be easily recovered using any Data Recovery Software.

Hence, this is advisable to use Data Wipe Software which is specially developed to delete Facebook data permanently from any storage device. The tool comes with multiple international data eraser standards so data cannot be recovered anyhow.


In this blog, we have discussed the complete steps to delete Facebook account forever using manual steps. Additionally, here we have also discussed a professional software to permanently delete data beyond recovery from Facebook that cannot be recovered. Use the suggested software if you want to erase Facebook-downloaded data from your computer and external hard drives.

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