How to Download Facebook Information Before Deleting Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

If you have decided to delete Facebook data permanently, then this is advisable to download Facebook data before deleting account in 2023. This is necessary because a FB account may have the most crucial information. Once you have lost your important information then you cannot get it back. Hence, Meta allows its users to download Facebook information including entire details.

This blog post explains the step-by-step process to download Facebook info before deleting it. After reading this complete write-up till the end our respective users will know what information can you download from Facebook. So, without wasting time let’s go to the procedure.

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Download Facebook Data Before Deleting 2023

Users who want to download Facebook data locally from Meta’s server to a computer in JSON and HTML formats. They will need to follow 2 steps for exporting entire details that we will discuss in detail in upcoming sections.

For completing the first step, this is mandatory to submit a download request using FB account. Thereafter, Facebook will take approx 24 hours for your data ready to download. Let’s check how!

Steps 1: Submit Request to Download Facebook Info Before Deleting

  1. Login to your Facebook account and click on your profile picture and then choose Settings and privacy.
    settings and privacy
  2. Thereafter, choose the Settings option as shown in the screenshot.
  3. Select the Privacy option.
  4. Click on Your Facebook information.
    download facebook information
  5. After that, select the Download your profile information option.
    download facebook data before deleting account
  6. Select the saving option from JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) or HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).
    select saving format
  7. Choose Media quality according to your choice i.e., High, Low, and Medium.
    select media quality
  8. Select a date range to export your Facebook data such as Last Week, Last Month, Last 3 Month, Last 6 Month, Last Year, Last 3 Year, All Time, and Custom.
    select date range
  9. Select Facebook information to download using the front checkboxes.
    select information to download
  10. After selecting the required Facebook data click on Request a download under the start your download section.
    request a download

Note That: Thereafter, you will see a popup message i.e., a copy of your information is being created. It will take up to 24 hours to be ready for download. Hence, please keep patience and wait for a while.

Step 2: Download Facebook Data Locally in JSON and HTML Format

  1. Firstly, click on the Available files option as shown.
    available files
  2. We created download requests for both JSON and HTML formats. Hence, here you can see two download options available respectively JSON and HTML. Click the Download button to continue.
    download facebook info before deleting
  3. Please re-enter your FB account password and click on Confirm.
    please re enter your password
  4. Asking this will save a copy of your information to your device, press Confirm button.
    confirm to download files
  5. Here you can see 2 downloaded ZIP files respectively in HTML and JSON formats.
    downloaded data
  6. Thereafter, right-click on a ZIP file and choose Extract Here.
    extract downloaded data
  7. Here, you can see the complete downloaded data of desired FB account.
    downloaded facebook information

Note That: Thereafter, you can open any exported folder to get your Facebook profile data in JSON and HTML formats. These files have specific detailed information about Facebook data.

How to Open Facebook JSON and HTML Files?

JSON: Right-click on any JSON file and open it using any HTML editor or web development software such as Dreamweaver, Atom, Notepad++, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, CofeeCup, Froala, etc.

HTML: Just double-click on any HTML file that will be opened in your default web browser program i.e., Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, Vivaldi, Brave, Chromium, etc.

What Information Can You Download from Facebook?

Using the above-mentioned 2 phases, Facebook permits to download complete Facebook data before deleting account. Users can download Facebook data including Your activity across Facebook, Personal information, Connections, Logged information, Security and login information, Apps and websites off Facebook, Preferences, and Ads information.

Your Activity Across Facebook

Saved items and collections, Voting location and reminders, Messages, Posts, Pages and profiles, Polls, Events, Facebook Gaming, Your places, Facebook payments, Facebook marketplace, Comments and reactions, Stories, Bug Bounty, Reels, Fundraisers, Groups, Your problem report, Reviews, Shops questions and answers, Live audio rooms, Meta spark, Collaboration, Navigation bar, and Other activity.

Personal Information

Facebook portal, Profile information, Journalist registration, Facebook assistant, Facebook accounts centre, Childhood vaccines, and Other personal information.


Friends and followers including sent, received, removed, and rejected information.

Logged Information

Your topics, Location, Music recommendations, Search, Notifications, Your interactions on Facebook, Activity information, Privacy checkup, and Other logged information.

Security and Login Information

Complete security and login information including your Facebook activity history, Where you’re logged in, Authorized logins, Logins and logouts, Login protection data, Account Status changes, Account activity, Record details, IP Address Activity, Browser cookies, Email address verifications, and Mobile devices.

Apps and websites off Facebook

Information about apps and websites off Facebook together with Posts from apps and websites, Your apps, Your off-Facebook activity, Apps and websites, Your connected subscriptions, and Your connected subscription offerings,


Feed including Feed, Reduce, and Controls / Preferences with Language and locale, Live video subscriptions, and Facebook watch.

Ads Information

Ads information includes advertisers using your activity or information, Information that you’ve submitted to advisers, Advisers you’ve interacted with, and Other categories used to reach you.

Two Helpful Software to Manage Facebook JSON & HTML Files

BitRecover Chat Converter Wizard is an all-in-one software that supports Facebook-exported JSON files. This software allows to convert Facebook JSON files into 28 commonly used standard file extensions such as PST, PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, XPS, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, etc.

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BitRecover HTML Converter Wizard is also all-in-one software that is compatible with Facebook-exported HTML files. This utility gives permission to convert Facebook HTML files into 8 generic file formats i.e., PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, PDF, MBOX, MHT, and DOC.

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When Do These Tools Helpful?
  • If Facebook users want to print Facebook messenger chat, then convert Facebook JSON and HTML files to PDF format. Because PDF format is well suitable for printing Needs.
  • These tools are helpful for forensic investigators, lawyers, detectives, and advocates because they can use them to submit evidence in court and other legal activities. This can be possible after exporting Facebook messenger chat history conversations in PDF as PDF is an accepted format for legal use.
  • Sometimes users want to open Facebook exported data in their default email client. Hence, they can use the above-mentioned software to convert Facebook data into the required file extension. For example, PST is compatible with Outlook users.
  • These applications are much help if someone wants to convert Facebook-exported data into human-readable formats.

We have discussed the process to download Facebook data before deleting account. We have also mentioned details about what information can you download from Facebook. Externally, we have suggested 2 most useful tools if someone has the desire to convert Facebook-exported JSON and HTML files into generic formats.