How to Permanently Delete Twitter Data & Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

At present Twitter is the most famous and trending social media platform that allows sharing your thoughts in the public domain. But, still, there are many reasons available to permanently delete Twitter data including complete profile information that will be discussed in the upcoming section.

This blog post expostulates the complete standard steps to delete Twitter account forever by protecting your profile data. Even if you want to hide your secrets and want permanently delete Twitter data beyond recovery. Then, also get a professional solution to wipe Twitter data, after using it, your Twitter profile data cannot be recovered anyhow!

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Reasons to Delete Twitter Account Forever

  • Several users are using Twitter accounts with fake identities but they don’t want to use it to continue.
  • Multiple users realize that they are wasting their crucial time while using Twitter hence they want to erase Twitter data.
  • Nowadays privacy issue is a concern because we daily listen and see data breach and leak-related scenarios.
  • Sometimes Twitter becomes a reason for online harassment even government cannot take any action due to fake identities.
  • Many youngsters who are now working with top-level government agencies, don’t want to allow Twitter for collecting and storing their information.
  • Sometimes Twitter becomes the reason behind online frauds hence users have the desire to wipe Twitter data permanently.

#1 Phase: Disconnect Connected Third Party Apps from Twitter

Officially Twitter takes up to 30 days to completely delete Twitter accounts including all associated data. This time starts when users submitted their request to delete their Twitter accounts forever.

But before submitting your request to deactivate your Twitter account, this is mandatory to disconnect all third-party applications from your profile. This is necessary because after submitting your Twitter account deactivation request. If users sign in to connected third-party applications, then their Twitter account will be reactive again.

There is another cause to revoke connected third-party services from your Twitter profile. If after submitting your Twitter account deletion request, you didn’t use Twitter your specific Twitter account. Then you will also lose the login authority for connected applications.

Now follow the below-mentioned steps for disconnecting third-party services, if you are sure to permanently delete Twitter data.

  1. Log in to your Twitter account and click on More (three-dot icon).
    login to twitter
  2. Thereafter, choose Settings and support option as seeing.
    Settings and support
  3. Now select Settings and privacy option from the drop-down.
    settings and privacy
  4. Click on Security and account access to stay continue.
    security and account access
  5. Choose Connected accounts and see the connected third-party apps.
    connected accounts

After following the above-mentioned steps, you can see the complete list of connected applications that are connected to your Twitter account. Now you can select third-party applications one by one and click on the Disconnect option as shown in the respective screenshot.

disconnect third party apps

#2 Phase: Download and Archive Your Twitter Data Locally

Before permanently delete Twitter data, expert recommend to download your Twitter profile data. However, this is not a mandatory step when completely delete Twitter account but sometimes this can be helpful to you.

Twitter allows to archive its all contacts, entire tweet history, information about connected applications, blocked and muted Twitter profile data in JSON and HTML formats.

Let’s know the step-by-step process to download Twitter profile data before account deletion.

  1. Sign in to your Twitter account and click on the three-dot icon.
    login to twitter
  2. Choose Settings and Support option.
    settings and support
  3. Thereafter, select Settings and privacy.
    settings and privacy
  4. Click on Download and archive of your data.
    download an archive of data
  5. Enter the password of your Twitter profile.
    twitter password
  6. Now verify it’s you by clicking on the Email option.
    send otp email
  7. Go to your associated email account, enter OTP, and press Next.
    enter otp
  8. Click on the Request archive option for sending an archive request.
    request archive

Note That: After submitting a request for archiving your Twitter profile data. It will take 24 hours or more, your data is being processed for archiving. When your data will be ready to download, then you will receive an email with the download link. In this way, anyone can easily download data before permanently removing their Twitter account.

#3 Phase: How to Completely Delete Twitter Account

In this section, we are discussing the steps to permanently delete Twitter account including complete associated information. After completing these steps your Twitter account will be deactivated within 30 days. If you will try to access your Twitter profile then you cannot do that.

  1. Log in to your Twitter profile and click on the More icon.
    login to twitter
  2. Select the Settings and Support option to continue.
    settings and support
  3. Choose Settings and privacy as shown in the screenshot.
    settings and privacy
  4. Now select Deactivate your account option.
    delete twitter account forever
  5. Read the suggestions, warnings, and press Deactivate.
    how to permanently delete twitter data

Direct link to delete Twitter account permanently:

Note That: Now wait for 30 days to permanently delete Twitter messages and other all data from Twitter’s server.

Additional Solution to Delete Twitter Data Permanently

If you have used phase 2 for archiving your Twitter profile data in JSON or HTML formats. Thereafter, you have downloaded your data on your computer hard drive or external hard drive.

Then if you want to delete archived Twitter data permanently from your computer because you want to hide your secrets. Then normal data deletion or shift delete ways are not enough because anyone can easily recover your secretes using data recovery software.

Use Data Wipe Software which comes with multiple international erasure standards. Hence, this is advisable to use this utility to permanently delete data beyond recovery from a Twitter account. If you once use this application then your downloaded twitter data cannot be recovered anyhow.

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We have discussed and explained all respective steps for resolving the “How to permanently delete Twitter data” query using real-time actual screenshots. Hence, all technical and non-technical users can easily delete Twitter account forever and say safe from hackers and unwanted users. If you have any questions then feel free to connect with our support team, they will surely help you.