How to Convert TXT to PDF Format with 5 Effortless Methods?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Today we are here to discuss 5 different techniques to convert TXT to PDF documents in a few clicks. Being a technical expert, I know a lot of ways to export text to PDF format but here I am disclosing only excellent and easy-to-use tips and tricks for both Windows and Mac OS users.

Sometimes various home and corporate users want to convert TXT to PDF without losing formatting and document quality. Even there are numerous reasons available to convert Notepad text to PDF. Let’s continue reading this article and know the reasons and solutions to convert TXT to PDF documents.

Why do Users Choose PDF as a Preferred Document?

  • After exporting TXT to PDF format, they can easily print text files.
  • Users can protect PDF documents from copying, printing, and editing.
  • They can lock PDF documents using owner and user-level restrictions.
  • PDF is a universal format that is supported by different devices and OS.
  • It supports multimedia so users can insert images, graphics, and other items.
  • Most government organizations accept document submissions in PDF format.
  • PDF supports enhanced text formatting with headings, paragraphs, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Users can manage PDF documents in their way according to different needs.

How to Convert TXT to PDF Documents Manually?

Follow the upcoming steps to export TXT to PDF format manually using Notepad, MS Word, Google Docs, and EditText applications.

#1 Convert TXT Document to PDF Using Notepad

  1. Open TXT file using Notepad application.
  2. Choose File and then select Print option.
  3. Select Printer as Microsoft Print to PDF.
    Microsoft print to PDF
  4. After that, tap on the Print button to continue.
    Print button
  5. Type a name for a PDF document and click Save.
    Convert TXT to PDF
  6. Get resultant PDF from selected destination path.
    Resultant PDF

#2 Export TXT to PDF Document with MS Word

  1. Open TXT file and press CTRL+A to select all text.
    Select all text
  2. Right-click and copy selected text from Notepad.
    Copy content from Notepad
  3. Start MS Word and paste text content.
    Paste content in Word
  4. Select File and then choose Save As option.
    Save As
  5. Browse a specific location to store output.
    Browse destination path
  6. Choose to save as type PDF from dropdown choices.
    Save as type PDF
  7. Type a name for resultant PDF file and press Save.
    Export TXT to PDF
  8. Open destination path to get output PDF document.
    Resultant PDF

#3 Convert Text to PDF Format with Google Docs

  1. Login to your Gmail and choose Drive from Apps.
    Google Drive
  2. After that, choose + New button from drive.
  3. Select Google Docs to open a blank document.
    Google Docs
  4. Copy TXT file content and paste it into Google Docs.
    Paste content in Google Docs
  5. Choose File > Download > PDF Document (.pdf).
    Choose download
  6. Go to download folder to get downloaded PDF.

Important Note: You will face problems while pasting content in Google Docs. So, this is mandatory to install the Google Docs Offline plugin to solve the paste problem.

#4 Export Text to PDF Using TextEdit (Mac)

  1. Start TextEdit application on your MacBook.
    Start TextEdit
  2. Choose File > Open option to open TXT file.
  3. Select Export as PDF and browse destination path.
    Export text to PDF
  4. Input a name for resultant PDF and click Save.
  5. Last, get exported PDF file from selected location.

Know Manual Method Limitations

All above mentioned manual techniques are suitable for exporting TXT to PDF one by one, so it is only for home users. Business professionals know the value of time, so they always prefer to batch convert TXT to PDF documents.

You will need to use third-party programs to save Notepad file as PDF like MS Outlook, Google Docs, and TextEdit according to your preference. Also, non-technical users may face the problem while completing this task.

Pro Method to Batch Convert TXT to PDF

BitRecover TXT Converter Software is the all-in-one solution to convert TXT to PDF and 15+ unique saving options. This TXT to PDF Converter is an excellent utility that is specifically developed for business professionals. Hence, they can save their valuable time by saving Notepad TXT files as PDF documents.

The tool comes with a free trial version so our respective clients can test its working process before upgrading. Free Text to PDF Converter can export 5 TXT files to PDF documents.

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How to Convert Text to PDF Files?

  1. Launch TXT to PDF Converter on your computer and click Next.
    TXT to PDF Converter
  2. The software provides dual options for adding TXT files in GUI.
    Add TXT files
  3. Select the required TXT files from software panel and click Next.
    Select TXT files
  4. Pick PDF as a saving option from the available choices.
    Saving options
  5. Browse destination location to store output PDF documents.
    Browse destination path
  6. Click the Convert button to convert TXT to PDF format.
    Convert Notepad text to PDF

TXT to PDF Converter Prime Features

  • Freedom to batch convert TXT to PDF documents at once.
  • Offers 17 unique savings like PDF, XPS, DOC, MHT, JPG, PNG, etc.
  • Separate option to add sender email address in resultant emails.
  • Convert TXT to PDF without losing formatting and folder structure.
Frequently Encountered Questions

Q 1: How to save Notepad file as PDF?

  1. Open file using Notepad application.
  2. Choose File >> Print option.
  3. Select Microsoft Print to PDF as a printer.
  4. After that, press Print button.
  5. Set destination folder and click Save.

Q 2: How do I create a text PDF?

You can use print, export, and download text as PDF options depending on the applications to create text PDF.

Q 3: Can I convert TXT to PDF without losing formatting?

Yes, software and notepad methods maintain TXT file formatting.


We are near the end of this informative writeup here, we have discussed the 5 best techniques to convert TXT to PDF. However, the manual methods have limitations in exporting text to PDF documents one by one. You can go with any solution according to your work requirements, as all are tried and tested methods that provide 100% accurate results.