How to Print TXT File Data with 3 Best Techniques?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Are you searching for methods to print TXT file(s)? Don’t worry! We will mention the best solutions, besides the reasons for printing TXT file content. This article explains detailed instructions to print text files on Windows and Mac OS using Notepad and TextEdit applications.

TXT (or TEXT file) is a document format for storing unformatted textual content. This file contains plain text with no text styling and beautification and is accessible on many platforms without compatibility issues. The documents in this format get created with Notepad (for Windows) and TextEdit (for Apple), which also act as .txt file readers.

Why Print TXT Files of Notepad and TextEdit?

There are many reasons for printing TXT documents, and we will discuss some of them in the following points:

  • Information Sharing: The first and crucial reason to print TXT file relates to information exchange. Written data like instruction manuals, recipe books, and notes and guides, saved in .txt file, gets comfortably shared without any word formatting issues or digital/physical accessibility requirements.
  • Data Backup: Another reason to print text files is to ensure a backup of all your written data, like manuscripts, professional meeting minutes, and crucial letters, in case of data loss or corruption. Moreover, printing TXT files helps you share the written content with people who don’t have access to a computer and provides references for unedited data.
  • Legal Adherence: Taking printouts of written data stored in TXT format becomes more crucial for legal compliance in professional settings. Official documents like contracts, legal agreements, and financial records saved in text files may require data backup and printing for official record maintenance besides inspection by government agencies.
  • Offline Accessibility: The fourth reason to print TXT file is to ensure written data access with limited or no internet connection. This factor becomes crucial in areas where internet connectivity is unavailable. Another factor for printing .txt data files is independence from digital devices like laptops and tablets.

These reasons mention the necessity to print .txt file. The upcoming sections examine the methods for printing the TXT file data, so keep reading!

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How to Print Text Files Manually?

Windows OS users can use Notepad and Mac OS users can use the TextEdit application to print TXT files. Let’s see the complete process in the upcoming steps:

Print Notepad Text Files on Windows

  1. Launch Notepad application and choose File.
  2. Select Open option or press CTRL + O shortcut.
  3. Browse the TXT file from your computer and open it.
  4. Click File option and then choose Print.
    Print TXT file
  5. Select a printer and press Print button.
    Print button

Print TextEdit Text Files on Mac

  1. Open TextEdit app on MacBook and choose File.
  2. Select Open option or press Command + O.
    Open option
  3. Choose the desired TXT file and open it.
  4. After that, select File >> Print option.
    Print text files
  5. Choose a printer and tap Print to print TXT file.

This process to print TXT file sounds incredibly easy, but it has certain limitations. Let’s read about them in the following section.

Constraints of the Manual Solution

  • This method of printing TXT or Text files has no formatting options, meaning you can’t edit the textual content according to the formatting set on other apps like MS Word or Google Docs.
  • Microsoft Notepad and Apple TextEdit don’t have the print preview feature, making printing more challenging as you can’t preview the content structure before it gets printed.
  • This process to print text files involves constant printer configuration dependency. If your office or home printer is experiencing issues or not setting up with your computer, this process will fail.
  • Both above-mentioned methods seem time-consuming because these methods allow to print TXT files one by one. You cannot print multiple text files at once.

These reasons restrict the usage of the manual method for printing TXT files. The following section mentions the perfect solution to print Notepad Text file.

Professional Method to Print TXT File

The drawbacks of the manual solution to print .txt files limit its usage. Hence, automated software has become the perfect medium for printing TXT document files, and we will discuss one such software here. The BitRecover TXT File Converter helps you convert TXT files into various formats with complete data security. This software works offline to help you to print Notepad TXT files. You can rely on this utility to print multiple text files at once without data loss. Moreover, you can even try the demo version to test the software’s capability by converting five TXT files into seventeen formats.

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How to Print Text Files at Once?

  1. Install and start the automated utility on your computer.
    Start software
  2. Add TXT file(s) using the “Select Files” or “Select Folders” button.
    Add TXT files
  3. Next, choose the desired TXT file(s) for conversion and click “Next“.
    Select TXT files
  4. Select PDF as the preferred file format from the available options.
    saving option
  5. click the “Browse” button to select the location for the converted files.
    Browse destination path
  6. Finally, click “Convert” to convert TXT to PDF format.
    Print multiple text files at once
  7. Open the destination folder to access the converted TXT file(s).
    Resultant data
  8. Now you can print resultant PDF documents easily at once.


This blog post explored the reasons and solutions to print TXT file. The reasons mentioned here call for immediate printing of TXT file data. The manual solution looks perfect for taking out copies of TXT file content, but the limitations hinder its full-scale usage. Hence, the automated software described in this blog becomes the best way to print multiple text files at once with complete data safety and many helpful features.