How to Convert TXT to EML Using Manual and Pro Ways?

Rollins Duke   
Published: February 6th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Are you looking for methods to convert TXT to EML? Then, this blog post explores the best answers for TXT to EML conversion process, besides the reasons for data conversion.

TXT is a document file format used to generate and store unformatted textual data without any content beautification with accessibility on many mediums with no issues. Microsoft Notepad and Apple TextEdit are the best platforms for TXT file creation.

EML file contains emails in plain textual format. It is also known as an Electronic Mail file and includes the email content besides the sender, date, receiver details, and mail content. Mozilla Thunderbird is a renowned email client using EML format for saving emails.

Why Converting TXT Files into EML is Recommended?

Many reasons necessitate urgent file conversion from TXT format to EML, and the following points mention some of them:

  • Data Migration: The first reason to convert TXT file to EML file is safe data transfer. Since EML files are compatible with many email clients, converting your TXT file data helps you migrate the written content between email platforms without data loss or accessibility issues.
  • Legal Conformity: Another reason for file conversion from TXT format to EML is compliance with legal data storage regulations. Many cases require storing professional communication records in a definite format to meet legal requirements. Since many email clients include EML as an email format, converting your TXT file data into EML helps you store crucial textual content presented as valid proof if required.
  • Attachment Management: The third reason to convert TXT format to EML is to add attachments to your textual data. Since EML is an email file format, you can embed attachments directly into your text message with basic text formatting like bold, underline, and italics. It becomes crucial for emails having documents and visual components.

On the other hand, a TXT file doesn’t have an attachment addition or text formatting facility, which makes the file conversion more necessary.

These points describe the urgency to convert text file into EML, and the following sections explore the solutions for file conversion.

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How to Change TXT File to EML Manually?

We will discuss two methods for file conversion from TXT format to EML, beginning with using Thunderbird for file conversion and following with an online solution.

#1 Convert TXT to EML Using Thunderbird

  1. Launch the Thunderbird client on your computer.
  2. Choose New Message option to compose a new message.
  3. Copy text from the TXT file and paste it into email body.
  4. Next add To, Subject, and Attachments accordingly.
  5. After that, click Save to store email in Draft.
  6. Open Thunderbird Draft and drag and drop EML file.
  7. Repeat the same steps with other TXT files.

#2 Convert TXT File to EML File with Online Software

Another way to convert TXT to EML is through an online file conversion service. We will now discuss the steps for the TXT to EML conversion process:

  1. Open the TXT to EML Converter site on the web browser.
  2. Click the “Browse for File” button and add the TXT file.
  3. Next, click the “Convert” button to begin the file conversion.
  4. Download the converted EML file and repeat the same process.

The manual methods for TXT to EML file conversion look easy, and many users will look forward to using them for swift data migration. However, certain limitations restrict their usage, and the following section explores them.

Limitations of the Manual Solutions

  • Thunderbird’s workaround to convert TXT file to EML file is time-consuming due to the steps involved in it.
  • The online workaround poses file corruption and data stealing risks since your textual content gets processed by a website for data conversion.

These drawbacks show the unreliability of the manual methods for converting TXT files into EML format. The following section mentions the perfect solution to convert TXT to EML.

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Automated Way to Batch Convert TXT to EML

Since manual solutions are out of use for TXT to EML conversion due to their limitations, automated software becomes an excellent data conversion medium. The BitRecover TXT Converter Software is here to help you with TXT to EML conversion.

This automated TXT to EML Converter has many astonishing features, making it the best software to convert TXT files to EML files. You can use the software without internet connectivity for a seamless data conversion. Moreover, you can change multiple TXT files into EML format without issues.

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How to Convert TXT to EML?

  1. Download and run the TXT to EML Converter on your Windows computer.
    TXT to PDF Converter
  2. Next, click “Select Files” or “Select Folders” to add the TXT data file(s).
    Add TXT files
  3. Select the TXT file(s) for EML conversion and click the “Next” button.
    Select TXT files
  4. Then, choose the EML format from the “Select Saving Option” dropdown list.
    Saving options
  5. Enable additional settings to add crucial information in EML files.
    Settings to convert TXT file to EML file
  6. Click “Browse” to select the destination for saving the resultant EML files.
    Convert TXT to EML
  7. Finally, click the “Convert” button to convert TXT to EML format.

Note: After completion, open the selected folder and access your TXT data by importing EML to Thunderbird or other EML-supported email applications.

TXT to EML Converter Best Features

  • Bulk convert .txt files to .eml extension and save your crucial time.
  • Check or uncheck options to export selective TXT to EML format.
  • TXT to EML Converter offers 15+ unique and standard saving options.
  • Additional settings to add external information in resultant EML files.
  • Automatically creates separate EML files for each TXT document.
  • Creates generic EML files to use in various email clients.


We discussed the reasons and solutions to convert TXT to EML. The reasons mentioned here describe the urgency for text data conversion to EML format. The manual solutions look easy, but the limitations restrict their usage. Hence, the automated solution described in this blog post becomes the best method for TXT to EML conversion.