How to Convert RPMSG to PDF Format in Batch?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

If you are a Microsoft Outlook user looking for solutions to convert RPMSG to PDF, this blog post is here to help you with the best methods for the file conversion process besides the reasons.

RPMSG (Outlook Restricted Permission Message, with .rpmsg extension) is used in Microsoft Outlook to encrypt email messages, limiting their access to the sender and the receiver. This type of file gets sent as an attachment to the standard emails in Outlook.

PDF (Portable Document Format with .pdf extension) is a multi-platform format for presenting and sharing documents independently. You can add multimedia (images and videos), text, and other data like tables into PDF format without compatibility issues.

Reasons to Convert RPMSG File to PDF Document

There are many reasons to convert RPMSG to PDF, and we will discuss some of them in the upcoming points:

  • File Compatibility: The first reason for Outlook RPMSG to PDF conversion is the compatibility requirements for both formats. RPMSG files, being encrypted in nature, require constant access to Outlook or Microsoft Azure Information Protection app, which makes their usage minimal. On the other hand, PDF files are universally compatible with many devices and apps without operating system dependence.
  • Data Archival: Another reason to change RPMSG messages into PDFs is to ensure a long-term data archival for compliance purposes. PDF files retain the original formatting besides being compact and less corrupted than other formats. Moreover, the ease of accessibility on any PDF reader makes this file conversion more essential.
  • Data Security: The third reason to convert RPMSG file to PDF document is to ensure the safety of every crucial information shared through email. RPMSG files get encrypted with content copying, printing, and forwarding restrictions. However, certain situations may require more data security, which RPMSG files can’t provide. Hence, converting them to PDF gives additional safety features like password protection (user-level and permission), besides editing and page extraction (printing) restrictions.

These reasons highlight the importance of transforming RPMSG files into PDFs. The following sections mention the methods for file conversion.

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How to Convert RPMSG to PDF Manually?

This section will explore one workaround for turning Outlook RPMSG files into PDFs. It involves using the Outlook app for the file conversion process. The following points mention the steps for the data file transformation:

  1. Open the Outlook app on your computer.
  2. Now, request the sender to give you access to the RPMSG file.
  3. Once you get the access, go to File and select the Print option.
  4. Then, select “Save as PDF” and click the Save button to choose the destination.
  5. Finally, convert RPMSG file to PDF by clicking the Save button.

This workaround for changing your RPMSG data file into PDF sounds simple. However, it has certain drawbacks which limit its usage. The following section explains them in detail.

Limitations of the Manual Solution

  • You must get file access permission from the email sender to convert RPMSG file to PDF.
  • This process takes a long time to convert RPMSG to PDF, depending on the complexity of the source data file. Here, the data complexity refers to the length of the content encrypted.
  • Another drawback is no assurance of the original formatting and layout retention due to the level of RPMSG file encryption.
  • The manual is capable to transform RPMSG file into PDF one by one so this is not suitable for batch conversion.

These limitations describe the dubiousness of the manual method to save RPMSG files as PDFs. We will now explore the best solution for RPMSG to PDF conversion.

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Professional Method to Batch Convert RPMSG Files to PDF

The manual solution to convert RPMSG file to PDF looks simple, but the drawbacks prevent its usage. Don’t fret anymore! We will discuss the excellent approach for file conversion in this section – automated software. This automated utility is BitRecover MSG to PDF Converter.

Many technical experts vouch for its brilliant performance for effective RPMSG to PDF conversion without data loss. This software helps you change your encrypted RPMSG file into PDF with all the attributes – font, hyperlinks, subject, email address, CC, etc. Moreover, this software has a simple-to-understand GUI for ease of operations.

How to Change RPMSG Files to PDF Documents?

The following steps mention the process to convert RPMSG to PDF using the software:

  1. Download and start the automated RPMSG to PDF Converter on your computer.
    RPMSG to PDF Converter
  2. Click the “Select Files” or “Select Folder” button to add the RPMSG file and click “Next.”
    Add RPMSG files
  3. Choose the RPMSG file(s) from the preview panel and click the “Next” button.
    Choose the RPMSG file(s)
  4. Then, click the Folder icon to select the location for the resultant PDF file(s) and check the “Convert Attachments as PDF” box to transform RPMSG attachments into PDF format.
    Convert Attachments as PDF
  5. Next, check the “Black & White Mode” box to save the resultant PDF file(s) without colour scheming.
  6. Finally, click the “Convert” button to convert RPMSG file to PDF.
    Batch convert RPMSG to PDF
  7. RPMSG to PDF conversion process completed successfully.
    Convert RPMSG file to PDF
  8. Open the destination location to get resultant PDF documents.
    Get resultant PDF documents

RPMSG to PDF Converter Prime Features

  • Batch convert RPMSG to PDF documents including complete email items, and attributes.
  • RPMSG to PDF Software supports *.rpmsg files of Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and previous versions.
  • The tool has a separate option to convert RPMSG file to PDF with or without attachments accordingly.
  • Enable black and white mode to create non-searchable blank and white PDF documents.
  • RPMSG to PDF Converter offers several file naming options to manage PDF files with different names.


This blog post discussed the reasons and solutions to convert RPMSG to PDF. The reasons mentioned here highlight the necessity to switch from encrypted RPMSG data file to PDF. The manual solution involves the Outlook app to print the protected RPMSG file into PDF. However, the limitations restrict its regular usage. Hence, the automated software described here becomes the perfect method to change RPMSG files to PDF documents.