How to Convert RPMSG to Excel Without Tampering Email Data?

Rollins Duke   
Published: February 19th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Summary:- Since privacy is synonymous with the illusion. In addition, the potential risk of email data stealing and hijacking is becoming a serious concern. Now, if you’re a prominent user of Microsoft Outlook, you might be searching to convert RPMSG to Excel. So, read the article to know the best practices for batch converting the message.rpmsg.

The RPMSG file is one of the robust in-built extensions in Outlook for restricting email content from unwanted tampering and stealing confidential information. It is a profound solution for encrypting email so that only legitimate users can print, view, and copy the data. For other users, it will be visible in indecipherable text.

Since reading the message.rpmsg file as the message is protected by Microsoft Purview Message Encryption. It certainly constrains the seamless flow of information. Therefore, convert RPMSG to Excel as it enables users to add a wide range of compatibility. Now, let’s briefly learn methods.

Common Reasons to Convert RPMSG File to Excel

Before unfolding the solutions, here are the reasons behind accessing the RPMSG file format in Excel:

  • Analyzing Data
    Converting the message.rpmsg file extension in Excel allows analyzing the email data quickly and seamlessly. It is considered the optimal solution for in-depth data audit and visualization. Interestingly, users can use the feature-rich functionalities of Microsoft Excel for adding charts, formatting, and more.
  • File Accessibility
    Yet another reason to convert RPMSG to Excel includes the intuitive and wide range of data accessibility. Compared to encrypted RPMSG file extensions, Excel file allows more convenience for instant viewing, analyzing, and sharing the data at once.
  • Backup Solution
    Storing the indecipherable data in a versatile Excel file extension is considered the prominent choice. As it allows users to secure and backup email data while adding other layers of security. In this way, anyone can preserve the information from unauthorized exploitation of data.

Overall, these are the major purposes behind seeking the methods for accessing the message.rpmsg file into Excel. Besides this, its additional benefits include seamless migration of information, easy customization, and lastly, managing the data in report format.

Manual Solution to Convert RPMSG to Excel Format

Here, we will highlight the free solution for converting the Outlook RPMSG file extension into a tabular data format. For the same, users must configure the Outlook application. Now, let’s head to know the steps:

  1. To begin the process, open Outlook.
  2. Request the Sender” to access the email message in decipher text.
  3. Now, move the cursor to File. Then, Open & Export > click on Import/Export.
  4. In the Import/Export dialog box, hit Export to a file option and then, press Next.
  5. Select the Comma Separated Values or .csv > Next.
  6. Now, choose the destination path of the CSV file.
  7. Lastly, hit the Finish button to save or convert RPMSG file to Excel.

In a nutshell, we have discovered the free solution. However, implementing this solution includes limitations. Now, let’s dive into to know them.

Drawbacks of Using the Manual Methods

  • Exercising the free solution to convert RPMSG to Excel, users must have legitimate permission to access the scrambled text.
  • Another limitation of the aforementioned solution includes complexities and errors. In addition, it is quite difficult for untrained eyes to decrypt the data instantly. Hence, there are chances of data loss and errors as well.
  • Since implementing the manual solution unfolds the possibilities of losing the text formatting and other email attributes. Therefore, users find the appropriate layout and originality in the text.

Overall, these are the major flaws of using the manual solution. Therefore, keep these points in mind before converting the message.rpmsg file through the free method.

Expert Guidance for Batch Convert RPMSG File to Excel

Previously, we have shed light on the manual solution and its drawbacks. Now, use BitRecover MSG Converter, one of the advanced utilities to batch convert RPMSG to Excel without losing the layout and text formatting. In addition, it is considered a one-stop solution for Outlook users to access the data of encrypted RPMSG files in popular file extensions.

Additionally, the optimal feature of this tool includes compatibility with both Mac and Windows machines. Further, users can apply an advanced filter to extract the specific data. Also, it is a secure utility that can be easily performed by unskilled eyes. As it offers an intuitive and user-centric interface.

Discover Steps to Convert RPMSG File Extension to Excel

Now, read the step-by-step guidance to access the message.rpmsg file into an Excel file. Since RPMSG file format is a type of .msg file extension. Now, delve into how to convert it.

  1. Launch the aforementioned utility on your machine.
    add .msg file
  2. Select File to add the .msg file > Next.
    click on require checkboxes
  3. Now, click on the required data for conversion > press Next.
    click on CSV file format
  4. Here, choose the CSV file from the Select Saving Option.
  5. In the same window, choose the Destination Path and hit Convert.

Just in a few steps, users can convert RPMSG file to Excel without any hindrance and fear of data loss. Therefore, opt for this resilient solution for accessing the RPMSG file in a multifold file extension.

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Concluding Words

In this write-up, we have discussed two approaches to convert RPMSG to Excel i.e. free and automated solutions. Using the manual methods opens chances of errors and is a time-consuming solution. Therefore, use the aforementioned software to flawlessly convert the batch RPMSG files into Excel file format. With this, users can easily review and audit the email data in bulk.