How to Convert PSD to HTML Responsive Resolution?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 8th, 2024 • 5 Min Read
This tutorial will teach you how to convert PSD to HTML responsive resolution for the desktop and mobile web. Nowadays, several users are looking for a professional solution to export Photoshop file HTML web-compatible pages. Manually this task will take much time and effort while the professional methods can convert PSD to HTML coding within a few seconds within simple steps.

Don’t worry, we are here to assist you with both manual and automatic techniques. Hence, keep continuing to read this helpful tutorial. But before starting the step-by-step process, first read some reasons behind PSD files to HTML conversion.

Reasons to Export Photoshop File to HTML

  • Some computer users want to insert their PSD images on specific web pages. Therefore, they want to extract PSD files to HTML coding for implementing the use of PSD files on webpages.
  • Generally, PSD files are large in size so these files consume much hard drive space while storing. But after completing the PSD to HTML conversion process same files will take very less space.
  • Adobe Photoshop application should be installed if you want to open and edit PSD files. But HTML files can be easily opened using any web browser and there is a number of freeware HTML editor programs available.
  • If you want to share PSD files with other users then it may be a difficult task. Because of its large size, it can’t be sent to other users. While these types of complicated issues don’t come with HTML files.

User’s Query

I have some crucial award-related PSD files on my computer. Now I want to show all awards on some specific web pages. Being a website developer, I can do it manually but this is a time-consuming task for me. That’s why I am looking for a professional PSD to HTML Export Kit to batch save Photoshop to HTML coding. After that, I just copy and paste HTML coding on desired web pages. Do you have any solution for me?

Expert Suggested PSD to HTML Converter

PSD Format Converter by BitRecover is a great and powerful solution to batch convert photoshop file to HTML responsive layout coding. Because of its special dedicated feature, it is also known as PSD to HTML Converter. The tool is compatible with PSD files created with all Adobe Photoshop editions. This is an easy-to-use software that takes very less time and effort while complete this task.


How to Save Photoshop to HTML – Steps

  1. Run Photoshop to HTML Converter on your Windows Machine. Choose the Select Files / Select Folders button for uploading PSD files in the software.
    psd to html converter
  2. After that, you can see inserted Photoshop documents in the software panel. Choose required files and hit on the Next button.
    select files
  3. Select HTML as a saving option from available listed formats.
    select html as saving
  4. The tool automatically chooses Desktop as the default destination path. You can press the Browse icon if you want to choose another specific destination folder.
    convert psd to html
  5. Thereafter, press the Convert button to start Photoshop PSD file to HTML conversion process.
    convert photoshop to html
  6. Conversion completed successfully and see the popup message of completion.
    completed successfully
  7. Lastly, PSD to HTML Export Kit will automatically open the destination path folder. Now get resultant HTML files in responsive layout.
    resultant data

Photoshop to HTML Converter Facilities

  • Export PSD to HTML responsive coding for different types of devices i.e., Computer, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.
  • The tool creates web-compatible HTML pages so just upload the output data on the server and directly use HTML coding on required webpages.
  • This application creates a separate HTML webpage for each PSD file. Hence users can easily understand the output data.
  • It permits to convert PSD to HTML format in batch without having any size and quantity limitations.
  • The application allows you to save the resulting HTML webpages to any location, including an external hard disk.
  • Adobe Photoshop installation is not mandatory to save photoshop files into HTML language pages.

Manual Method to Save Photoshop to HTML

If you want to use the manual technique to save photoshop documents into HTML format then follow these steps.

Phase 1 – Complete with Photoshop

  1. Run the Adobe Photoshop application.
  2. Click on File << Open button from the menu.
  3. Choose a PSD file from pc and press Open.
  4. Now you can see the PSD file in photoshop.
  5. Press File << Save As button to continue.
  6. Choose JPG option from Save as type.
  7. Click on Save button to convert PSD to JPG.

Phase 2 – Complete with HTML Editor

  1. Open your HTML editor i.e., Dreamweaver.
  2. Select File << New option from menu bar.
  3. Choose HTML as Document Type and press Create.
  4. Now sample HTML code will be generated.
  5. At last, insert the output JPG image into HTML code.
  6. Click on File << Save option from the editor.
  7. Browse destination path and press Save button.

Drawbacks of Manual Technique

  • It’s a lengthy and time-consuming process.
  • Technical knowledge is required.
  • Photoshop and an HTML editor should be installed on your PC.
  • Allows to convert PSD to HTML one by one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 – Does your software export PSD to HTML responsive layout?

A – Yes, software is capable to convert PSD files into responsive HTML.

Q 2 – Can I convert 1000+ PSD files to HTML format at once?

A – Yes, Photoshop PSD files to HTML Export Kit can convert unlimited files at once without any limitations.

Q 3 – Can I install your software on the latest Windows 11 OS?

A – Yes, Photoshop to HTML Converter supports all latest as well as previous Windows OS editions.


Now you can do it yourself as we have mentioned the complete step-by-step process to convert PSD to HTML format including actual screenshots. Even if you have some technical skills in photoshop and HTML editor programs then you can complete this task manually. But the manual method allows to make PSD files to HTML one by one, so it is a time-consuming method.