How to Convert PSD to PNG without Photoshop Configuration?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 8th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

In this article, we will discuss some techniques to convert PSD to PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format. There are many possible reasons available that’s why users want to convert Adobe Photoshop to PNG transparent images. Here, we will mention dual methods for resolving this problem as given below!

  1. Mass export PSD to PNG without Photoshop
  2. Save Photoshop to PNG using Adobe Photoshop

But before explaining the step-by-step process to make a PSD file into a PNG. First, know some possible reasons behind the conversion process.

Reasons to Save Photoshop to PNG

  • Due to the large size of PSD files, they don’t prefer to store them on their pc. Users want to save their hard drive space to keep their pc faster.
  • Sometimes users are unable to share large PSD files as email attachments. For example, Gmail allows sending attachments with a 25 MB size limitation.
  • Web developers can’t use Photoshop PSD files on webpages while PNG image format is well suitable for web-based use.
  • Most of the operating systems (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS) don’t permit opening PSD files while PNG is compatible with all of them.

What Problems Do Users Face?

I am a web developer and recently started working on a new project. My client sent me several PSD files that will be embedded on web pages. But I need to change them into PNG format because it is best for web-based use. I know the process to turn PSD to PNG with photoshop but I don’t want to purchase a photoshop license for this task. Because photoshop comes with heavy per-user pricing. Kindly, recommend me a professional method to convert PSD to PNG high quality without Adobe Photoshop.

Expert Solution PSD to PNG Converter

Photoshop PSD Converter for Windows is an advanced and reliable solution to extract PSD layers to PNG format. The tool is compatible with all latest as well as previous Windows OS. Even it comes with a free download option that is authorized to change 5 PSD files into PNG format with the company name watermark. Therefore, just download it and follow the steps mentioned below.


How to Save PSD File as PNG Images?

  1. Start PSD to PNG Batch Converter and choose any one option from Select Files or Select Folders. Browse files from your pc and upload them on software GUI.
    psd to png converter
  2. Now you can see Photoshop PSD files in the software panel. Select all or required files and press Next.
    select required files
  3. After that, choose PNG as a saving option from the listed output options.
    select png
  4. The tool automatically chooses Desktop as the default destination path. Click on the Browse button if you want to pick a different location to store output data.
    convert psd to png
  5. Thereafter, hit on the Convert button to convert PSD to PNG transparent background format.
    convert photoshop to png
  6. Photoshop documents to PNG conversion process have been completed successfully.
    completed successfully
  7. Lastly, the software will automatically open the destination path. Get resultant PNG images now and use them accordingly.
    resultant png

Photoshop to PNG Converter Features

  • The tool is specially designed to batch export PSD files to PNG (portable network graphics). Therefore, users can save the valuable time that consumes in repeating the same process again and again.
  • Suppose you uploaded a whole folder having unlimited PSD files in software GUI. Then it will show all documents in the file explorer view. After that, users can check or uncheck the required PSD files for conversion.
  • The tool automatically selects Desktop as the default destination path to save output portable network graphics. But it also gives a separate option for browsing specific destination path.
  • This application preserves complete document information during the PSD file to PNG conversion process. Even it creates separate PNG images for each PSD so that users can understand output data without confusion.

How to Convert PSD to PNG in Photoshop?

  1. Launch Adobe Photoshop program on your pc.
  2. Click on File from menu and then select Open.
  3. Choose PSD file from pc and press Open button.
  4. Now you can see PSD file with layers.
  5. Select File << Save As option from dropdown.
  6. Choose PNG (*.PNG) from Save as type.
  7. Browse the destination path and press Save.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • Adobe Photoshop should be installed on your computer which comes with high pricing.
  • The technique is capable to save PSD files as PNG one by one so it consumes much time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 – How do I convert PSD to PNG?

A – We have mentioned both professional and manual solutions to make PSD files to PNG format. You can go with any technique according to your convenience.

Q 2 – Does your software save Photoshop PSD files to PNG high quality?

A – Yes, it maintains the quality of data during Photoshop to PNG conversion process.

Q 3 – Can I install your software on a macOS computer?

A – No, currently this software is available only for Windows OS users. However, BitRecover developers will also launch a separate version for macOS editions soon.

Q 4 – Does your software maintain all PSD file layers during conversion?

A – Yes, the tool maintains all active layers while transferring PSD files to PNG extension.


We have described the complete steps to convert PSD to PNG without Photoshop and with Photoshop. You can go with any technique as per your need and situation. Now anyone can easily export PSD files to PNG transparent images without losing any crucial information. Let’s enjoy it!