How to Convert PSD to GIF Animated Graphics Format?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 8th, 2024 • 5 Min Read
Are you looking for ways to convert PSD to GIF Animated Graphics Format? Then, you have come to the right place. This tutorial is about how to export PSD to GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). The main goal of the tutorial is to guide you on different techniques for resolving user problems. So, let’s get started with the tutorial.

It is good news for you that you are not alone. Many web designers are facing the challenge of converting PSD to GIF. You may be thinking, why it’s so important to convert PSD to GIF? Well, let’s see, the reasons are given below:

Let’s Know Reasons to Export PSD to GIF

  • A PSD file is associated with Adobe Photoshop and it can’t be easily edited using other applications. While GIF graphics animation files can be easily edited using several commonly used programs i.e., Paint, GIF Maker, etc.
  • PSD files are known as layered images that can’t be directly used with web-based programs and applications. Whatever, GIF images are perfect for web-based use.
  • Because a PSD file may contain numerous layers, it appears to be quite huge. As a result, it takes up a lot of hard drive space. When a GIF file appears to be smaller.
  • Users prefer to export photoshop PSD to GIF format, instead of other formats. Because GIF contains up to 256 colors and GIFs also have lossless compression for better quality.

User’s Real-time Query

I was trying to convert PSD files to GIFs in batch using Adobe Photoshop program. But I was unable to save photoshop to GIF graphics. Actually, I have approx 1500+ PSD files that I want to store in Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). Please suggest me professional PSD to Animated GIF Converter for bulk conversion.

Expert Choice PSD to GIF Converter

Photoshop PSD Converter by BitRecover Software is a well-matched solution for you. The tool is fully authorized to change Photoshop PSD files to animated GIFs in bulk. This application preserves the high image quality during the conversion process.


How to Convert Photoshop to GIF – Steps

  1. Firstly, launch PSD to GIF Animation Converter and choose one option from Select Files or Select Folders for uploading PSD files in software GUI.
    psd to gif converter
  2. Now, you can see inserted PSD files in the software panel in the file explorer view. Select required files and click on the Next button to continue.
    select required psd files
  3. After that, choose GIF as a saving option from the list of available saving options.
    select gif
  4. This utility automatically selects Desktop as the destination path by default. Users can click on the Browse icon for choosing different destination path according to the choice.
    convert psd to gif
  5. Thereafter, press the Convert button to convert PSD to GIF in batch without reducing image quality.
    convert photoshop to gif
  6. Photoshop PSD to Animated GIF Conversion process has been completed successfully. Click on the Ok button for your confirmation.
    completed successfully
  7. At last, it will automatically open the destination path. Get resultant GIF files and use them as you want.
    output gif images

Photoshop to GIF Converter Features

  • This is an excellent software to batch convert PSD file to GIF animated graphics formats. Therefore, users can save much time and effort by avoiding the same repeated process.
  • Adobe Photoshop and other third-party program installations are not mandatory to convert photoshop layers to animated gif format. As this is standalone software.
  • The tool previews all inserted PSD (Photoshop Document) files in the software interface in Windows File Explorer View. After that, users can check / uncheck only the required files for conversion.
  • PSD to Animated GIF Converter automatically chooses Desktop as the default destination path. But if users want to change their destination path, then click on the Browse button.

Convert Photoshop Layers to Animated GIF – Manual Way

  1. Run Adobe Photoshop on your computer.
  2. Select File from the menu and then Open.
  3. Browse PSD file from your pc and press the Open button.
  4. See the PSD file with all available layers.
  5. Choose File << Save As option from the dropdown.
  6. Select CompuServe GIF (*.GIF) from Save as type.
  7. Browse the destination path and click on the Save button.


  • Compared to the above-mentioned software, photoshop is a high costing software.
  • This technique is capable to convert photoshop layers to animated gifs one by one.

Commonly Asked Questions with Answers

Q 1 – I have several PSD files created with different Adobe Photoshop editions. Can I convert all of them into GIF format?

A – Yes, of course, this software supports PSD files of all photoshop versions.

Q 2 – Can I convert photoshop layers to animated gifs in bulk?

A – Yes, photoshop to gif converter is the best software to save PSD files as GIF format in batch.

Q 3 – Does your software support the latest Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11 OS?

A – Yes, this application can be installed on all latest as well as old Windows versions including mentioned Windows Server 2022 and 11 OS.


PSD to GIF converter is an excellent tool that enables you to easily convert Photoshop images to animated GIF images without losing any quality. Just select the PSD file you would like to convert and click the “Convert” button. The app will begin converting your images and it’s done. Once the conversion has been completed, your images will be ready for use in your blog or social media.