How to Convert Pocomail to Outlook PST, Office 365, Online Outlook, Exchange Online?

Mark Regan | March 18th, 2019 | Convert Your Data

Want to migrate Pocomail to Outlook, or Office 365 mailbox? Mr. Smith will help you to export Pocomail to Office 365, Exchange Online, Online Outlook directly.

Mr. Smith said that once I was also stuck in the phase where I need to export Pocomail to Outlook, and Office 365 account directly. Then, I started exploring to have a precise solution to move my data. Before that, I planned to inspect and give my hands-on to know in which format Pocomail saves its data. Then, I started exploring in a way to know the way to backup Pocomail mailbox and got its format.

Steps to Extract Mailboxes from Pocomail

Follow the steps to export Pocomail mailboxes to the desktop to perform Pocomail to Office, Exchange Online, and PST migration.

  • Open your Pocomail email application in your machine.
  • Go to File >> click on Backup and Restore >> select Backup.

select Backup

  • Choose the path to backup your Pocomail mailboxes and desired folder that you want to extract from Pocomail mailbox.

Pocomail mailbox

  • Open the saving location, you will get “Pocomail.bak” folder >> open it. All the emails of Pocomail are stored in the Mail folder.

Mail folder

  • In the folder, Pocomail stores all its data in .mbx file extensions. You can rename that .mbx file with .mbox extension.


Now, I was having Pocomail mailbox on my desktop. Then, I started exploring for a direct solution to export Pocomail to Outlook PST, Office 365, Online Outlook, and Exchange Online mailbox.

While exploring for the solution, I read various forum posts in a way to get any solution from there to migrate Pocomail to Office 365, Outlook-desktop, Online Outlook.

How to Export Pocomail to Office 365, Outlook, Exchange Online? – User’s Queries 

Query 1:

“Is there any way to direct transfer Pocomail to Office 365 mailbox? I am recently bought a new subscription pack of MS Office 365 account. Now, I am planning to export Pocomail mailbox to Office 365 account directly. As performing it manually will consume a lot of time therefore, I am searching for some direct solution to perform Pocomail to Office 365 migration. Please suggest me some solution.”

– Olivia, California

Query 2:

“I have recently purchased a new laptop in which I am having MS Outlook 2019 application to manage my email data. But in my previous laptop, I was having Pocomail now, I need to move Pocomail to PST format in a way to migrate Pocomail to Outlook mailbox directly. Can anyone recommend me a solution to convert Pocomail to Outlook PST directly?”

– Elijah, Scotland

Query 3:

“I am some of my crucial emails in Pocomail mailbox, as I am managing my all my stuff on Exchange Online. Therefore, I also need to convert Pocomail to Exchange Online directly. Can anyone recommend me some direct way to export Pocomail to Exchange Online? But I need to migrate only selected emails from Pocomail to Exchange Online.”

– Liam, Toronto

Migration Process to Perform Pocomail to PST, Office 365 Conversion

After going through all these user’s query, I got a solution from these posted queries, MBOX Migrator. I read about the software deeply and found its free demo version in a way to understand the software’s working and functionality before investing on it.
I found the application the actual for which I was exploring as it is all-in-one software to migrate Pocomail mailboxes to PST, Office 365, and Exchange Online directly.

Step-by-Step Process to Migrate Pocomail to Outlook PST, and Office 365

Follow the given step to perform Pocomail to PST, Office 365, Online Outlook, and Exchange Online as mentioned below:


  • If you want to migrate multiple Pocomail files then, Select Folder otherwise go for Select File option.

Select Folder

  • Check the desired Pocomail folder that you want to export to PST, Office 365, Online Outlook, and Exchange Online >> click on Next.

Pocomail folder

To Convert Pocomail to Outlook PST

  • From the list of saving options, choose PST format to export Pocomail to Outlook PST format.

choose PST format

  • Choose the desired location to migrate Pocomail to Outlook PST and click on Next button.

desired location

  • Once the migration is completed, you will get the message of completion on your screen.

Now you have all your Pocomail data in PST format, you can simply import PST file in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.

  • Open MS Outlook in your machine
  • Click on file >> Open & Export >> Import/Export
  • Click on Import from another file to load PST file on Outlook.

load PST file

To Convert Pocomail to Office 365, Exchange Online

  • From the list of saving options, choose Office 365 option to migrate Pocomail to Office 365 mailbox.

choose Office 365 option

  • If you an admin then, choose an option “I am Admin” to move Pocomail to Office 365 mailbox.

I am Admin

  1. Enter credentials of your office 365 mailbox in a way to save Pocomail to Office 365 mailbox >> click on Connect.

Enter credentials

  • Once the migration is done, you will get the message of completion on your screen.

To Convert Pocomail to Online Outlook

  • From saving options, choose to migrate data from Pocomail to Online Outlook.


  • Enter the credentials of your mailbox to export Pocomail to Online Outlook.

export Pocomail to Online Outlook

  • Once the conversion is done, you will get the message of completion.

In this way, I converted all my Pocomail data to Office 365, Outlook PST, Outlook Online, and Exchange Online directly within just a few moments. Before coming to the end, let us have a look over the software part.

The excellence of Pocomail to Outlook, Office 365 and Migrator

  • You can move the limitless number of Pocomail messages from its ground-breaking format to Outlook, Office 365 and
  • With tool, you can transfer Pocomail emails without any email client installation on your machine.
  • The integrity of data is maintained by the tool to do data migration procedure.
  • Transfer bulk of Pocomail mailbox data at once to the desired format with all-in-one solution software.

By ending, I would say that whenever you got wedged in any baffling situation, what is best for you is to implement Pocomail conversion, which will help you get mobility of your Pocomail contents. Therefore, we have given an operative tool to do the conversion process without any data loss.

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