How to Convert Personal Google Account to Business?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 8th, 2024 • 8 Min Read

Gmail is the world’s most highly used web-based email application but still, sometimes users have unavoidable situations to convert personal Google account to business. So, if you are currently using a freeware Google Mail account and want to upgrade Gmail to Google Workspace, then stay tuned to read this blog post.

This article explains the 3 best techniques to convert personal Gmail to business Workspace using manual and professional approaches. But before disclosing the solutions first read about Google Mail services and reasons to change personal Google account to business.

Is Google Workspace better than Gmail?

Of course, yes. You are thinking of converting Gmail to Google Workspace. No doubt that it is a smart decision. As we all know, both Gmail and Google Workspace are remarkable email services that provide an array of features to their users. As Google Workspace offers some extra functionalities than Gmail, many users prefer to upgrade personal Google account to Workspace.

Reasons to Convert Gmail to Google Workspace

A user may have numerous reasons to upgrade Gmail to Google Workspace account. Some of them are:

  • Extra Storage: Gmail only provides 15 GB of free storage space to its users, whereas, by paying a small amount, Google Workspace users can get 30 GB to 5 TB of storage space according to their plan.
  • Collaboration Tools: Another main thing about Google Workspace (G Suite) is that it provides access to a core set of apps, which includes Google Mail, Drive, Meet, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Sites, Forms, and AppSheet. Subscribers of G Suite receive access to email and phone support as well.
  • Business Oriented: A Google Workspace account is a more suited account for business purposes as compared to a personal Google account. Your information is stored in data centers around the world, and you can access it at any time.
  • Communication: Users can use Google Chat for text messaging and conversations. Also, the Google Meet application is best for video communication and Workspace users can store much chat and video communication data.
  • Custom Email Address: Google Workspace users can create email addresses with their domain name (e.g., rather than the generic So, it seems suitable for enhancing professionalism and branding.
  • Control Panel: Google Workspace provides administrators comprehensive control over users and devices. Administrators can add new users, assign roles, manage security settings, email retention policies, and the facility to wipe data from lost or stolen devices remotely.
  • Scalability: Google Workspace comes with scalability benefits so if your business is in a growing phase then you can update or downgrade your subscription plans in Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise accordingly.

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How to Change Personal Google Account to Business?

If you want to switch personal Gmail to business Workspace, then several manual and automated methods are available i.e. Using Google Admin Console, Add a Mail Account option, and professional software. You can just follow the upcoming steps to convert personal Google account to business account.

#1 Migrate Gmail to Google Workspace with Google Admin Console

  1. Firstly, sign in to Google Admin Console using your admin account.
  2. Then choose Accounts and select Data Migration from drop-down menu.
  3. Select the SET UP DATA MIGRATION option under data migration.
  4. After that, choose Gmail from the migration source to continue.
  5. Next, select the Start button from the right corner to continue.
  6. Set migration start date according to your choice and requirements.
  7. Under migration options, choose desired options and tap Next.
  8. Choose the Add User option and type your Gmail address.
  9. Afterward, click the Authorize option to continue.
  10. Gmail user will receive a permission notification, choose Allow.
  11. Type a specific Google Workspace email address.
  12. Click the Start button to migrate Gmail to Google Workspace.

#2 Upgrade Gmail to Google Workspace using Add a Mail Account Option

  1. Sign in to your Google Workspace and choose Settings.
  2. After that, select See all settings option to continue.
  3. Next, choose the Account option to continue.
  4. Select Add a mail account option from check mail from other accounts.
  5. Then, type your Gmail email address in the box in click the Next button.
  6. Enter your Gmail account password, pop server details, and port number.
  7. Click the Add Account option and accept the terms and conditions.
  8. Complete the account authentication and choose the Start Import button.
  9. Adding Gmail emails to your Google Workspace account, please wait.

Manual Method Constraints

  • Both manual techniques allow to convert personal Google account to business one by one.
  • These methods may take up to 2 days when changing personal Google account to business.
  • Sometimes you may receive different types of errors as these methods require specific settings to execute to task.
  • You may lose your crucial data due to following any wrong steps while switching Google account to business account.

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Pro Software to Convert Gmail to Business Account

Gmail Backup Tool is the best-suited software for users to accomplish this task. This application provides a lot of benefits to its users. With this tool, users can easily upgrade personal Google account to Workspace without facing any issues. The tool comes with a free demo version so just download and install it on your computer and check its working steps.

Note: Please create an app password for your Gmail and Google Workspace accounts. This software asks for account credentials i.e. email addresses and app passwords so create them.

How to Convert Personal Gmail to Business?

  1. Install and run the software on your Windows and Mac OS systems.
  2. Fill Gmail email address and app password in the specified fields and then click on the Login button.
    Select login
  3. After that, check the required Gmail folders that you want to migrate Gmail to Google Workspace.
    Convert Gmail to Google Workspace
  4. After selecting the folders, choose the G Suite option from the given drop-down list.
    Convert personal Google account to business
  5. Finally, type Google Workspace credentials and hit the Backup button to start.

You need to wait as the conversion process from personal Gmail to a business account is underway. The tool will give a complete conversion message when the conversion process is over.

Why Users Should Choose Software?

  • Batch Mode: This application allows users to migrate multiple Gmail accounts to Google Workspace at once so it can save time and energy.
  • Filters: The tool offers several advanced filters to upgrade Google account to Workspace with specific data. You can choose a specific date range, email address, and subject according to your requirements.
  • Select Folders: If a user wants to convert any specific folder from a personal Google Account to G Suite account, it is also possible with this software. After putting Gmail account credentials in the panel, the software shows all the folders from Google Mail. Thereafter, the user can select the required folders.
  • No Limitations: This Personal Google Account to G Suite application has no limitations involved while importing the Gmail folder items to Google Workspace along with all the attachments.
  • Multiple Saving: This software allows you to export Gmail emails to PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, PDF, DOC, HTML, and many more saving options. You can choose any saving option from the available list.
Ending Lines

In the above blog, we have disclosed the top 3 ways to convert personal Google account to business. You can use any technique to upgrade Gmail to Google Workspace. However, the manual methods have some limitations, so this is recommended to use software solution to complete this task with ease.

It is a straightforward process that requires nothing more than account login credentials – login ID and password. If users want, they can try the free trial edition of the software to convert 25 emails from their personal Google Account to Google Workspace from each folder. They can buy the licensed edition of the application only if they are satisfied with the performance of the software.

User Queries with Expert Reply

Q 1: How to upgrade Gmail to Google Workspace?

Follow these easy steps to complete the process:

  1. Run the tool and fill in your Gmail credentials to login.
  2. Choose the folders you want to convert into Workspace.
  3. Enable advanced filters for selective conversion.
  4. Select G Suite from the list and enter your Workspace credentials.
  5. Click the Backup button to start the Gmail to G Suite migration.

Q 2: Does this software work on a Mac system?

Yes, this tool supports both Windows and Mac OS. It is also compatible with all the latest and previous versions of Windows and Mac.

Q 3: Can I convert personal Gmail to business manually?

Yes, you can migrate Gmail to Google Workspace manually using Google Admin Console and Add a Mail Account Options. For more details scroll above to read these techniques.