How to Convert iPhone Image to PDF Document – Quickly Print your Pictures

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

You can print any picture on your iPhone or iPad into a PDF document if need be. Generally, this would be required for compatibility purpose as Apple’s iPhone and iPad takes pictures in the HEIF file format only. So, if you need to convert iPhone image to PDF, this blog tutorial will show you exactly how to execute it. Read the simplest solution for iPhone print image to PDF.

Why Export iPhone Image to PDF ?

PDF is a universal file format used to introduce documents in a way that is autonomous of applications, hardware, and OS. PDF is ideal for sharing any sort of report and enjoying harmony that it will deliver for the beneficiary definitively as expected.

Sharing photographs in PDF format is basically the most precise way to ensure that regardless of who gets this document, they will actually want to open it and take a look at it irrespective of the platform.

Converting iPhone image to PDF can be convenient when required to share pictures for registering an insurance claim, presenting a college/school assignment, executing office presentations. Also, an individual needs to convert image into PDF in iPhone in order to ensure that no one can view the metadata of iPhone pictures. Moreover, once you convert an iPhone image to PDF, you can have your pictures into a universal format for keepsake.

How to Convert iPhone Image to PDF Document ?

We believe that using reliable third-party software is the best approach to export iPhone image to PDF because it is the one that provides the most flexibility while conversion. We have created our own iPhone HEIC to PDF Conversion tool, this gives you the facility to convert an iPhone image to PDF document.

  1. Download HEIC Converter software on Windows machine
    Download for Windows
  2. Choose the required iPhone HEIC photos from your PC
    Choose required iPhone HEIC
  3. Enable the checkbox of those files that are needed for conversion
    Enable the checkbox
  4. Select PDF option from the dropdown menu bar of saving options
    Select PDF option
  5. Browse any destination path and enter a file naming option
    destination path
  6. Lastly, click on the Convert tab to begin the conversion
    convert iphone image to pdf
  7. The process to convert iPhone image to PDF ends. Open the output folder.
    iphone image to pdf

Hence, one can export iPhone image to Adobe PDF file, which later you can save to the local computer, shared or uploaded to iCloud Drive, or for whatsoever purposes.

Know the Benefits and Features of iPhone to PDF Converter

Bulk convert iPhone image to PDF- Many individuals have loads of pictures on their iPhones. Assuming they convert it individually it turns into a long method and takes an excess of time. This software is viable to batch export iPhone image to PDF format immediately.

Compatible with Multiple Formats- This product supports five picture-saving options. With this product, you can undoubtedly turn an iPhone image into PDF without any error.

Runs on All Windows OS- This iPhone to PDF converter supports all Windows OS like Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.

Safeguard EXIF Metadata- Many utilities convert iPhone image to PDF on the web yet they don’t get give you precise outcomes and perhaps you lose your metadata. Try not to stress over it, this software is suitable to export iPhone images as PDF with complete EXIP Metadata.

Demo edition- You can see the functioning system of the product by utilizing the Free demo version. It allows to convert few iPhone images.

Over to you

Unfortunately, iOS lacks PDF file creation options so you will not be able to save iPhone image as PDF. Yes, it needs the use of a third-party utility but it gives you the flexibility other methods don’t offer. This will also be helpful in a variety of circumstances where a PDF is required. Such as in web forms, digitization handlers, documentation requests, printers, etc. So, now you know how to convert iPhone image to PDF documents. Simple, right? Happy Converting!

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