How to Convert EML to MBOX Mailbox Format? Best Tips

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

If you or your company is making a shift from computers using EML email client to MBOX archive standard, then you can do it simply with the solution explained in this article. Learn how to convert EML to MBOX file.

convert eml to mbox

This blog post is all about how to convert EML files to MBOX file. With the solution explained in this write-up, all technical and non-technical users can convert email messages from .eml to .mbox format.

Recommended Tool to Export EML to MBOX File

Use all-in-one EML file converter which offers easy option for converting EML files to MBOX format in batch, so users can save their valuable time and efforts. This application is also known as best EML to MBOX converter because it has the functionality to combine various EML files to single MBOX file. There is no file size and file quantity limitation for completing the procedure so just go with the excellent technique.

Steps to Convert EML to MBOX File

Follow the given steps for the conversion:

  • Run EML to MBOX Converter.
  • Add .eml files using Select Files or Select Folders button.
  • Select MBOX as a saving option and choose destination path.
  • Click on the Convert button from the toolbar.
  • Start to convert EML files to MBOX.

EML to MBOX Converter Features

  1. This utility has dual options to choose .eml files from Windows computer like Select Files… or Select Folders… so users can choose single as well as multiple .eml files to convert in .mbox format.
  2. The tool preserves folders and subfolders structure while converting .eml files to .mbox format means that it will convert EML files to MBOX without manipulating the folders structure. The tool also maintains email attachments and other attributes while conversion.
  3. Free demo edition of this product supports migrating 25 EML files to MBOX format free of cost so users can evaluate it before investing money.
  4. EML to MBOX converter supports conversion of Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, eM Client, Zoho Mail, Zarafa, DreamMail, etc. exported .eml files .mbox format with the fastest speed.
  5. This application lets to import selective .eml files to .mbox format, after selecting a folder having multiple .eml files, the tool will show all emails in the software panel, and from there, users can choose required EML files to convert in MBOX format.
  6. The toolkit offers the facility to choose destination-path manually as well as automatically. Users can save their resultant MBOX files at the desired location. By default, it saves the resultant data on the desktop but users can easily change the destination path by clicking on the Folder icon.
  7. It is a lab-tested software for converting EML to PST / MBOX / EMLX / OLM, etc. formats as our software testing team tested this application again and again with bulk EML files but the tool provides 100% accurate resultant in all conditions.
  8. The tool is compatible with all the latest as well as previous Windows Operating Systems. Including Windows Server editions so there is no need to think about which Windows OS, you are using.

How to Convert EML to MBOX Format in Batch?

After downloading the suggested software anyone can easily combine various EML files into a single MBOX file by following a few simple steps as given below.

  1. Run EML to MBOX Converter and choose one option from Select Files… or Select Folders… to load .eml files in the software panel.

    EML to MBOX Converter

  2. Now select all or required emails from software panel and press click on the Next button.

    required emails

  3. Select MBOX as saving format and if you want to change the destination path then choose Destination path and press Convert button.

    destination path

  4. Converting EML to MBOX format please wait while completing the process.

    Converting EML to MBOX

  5. After completing the procedure, the tool will automatically open the destination folder for previewing MBOX file.

    open the destination

User’s Queries

Hi team BitRecover, I have various Windows Live Mail exported email files which are saved into .eml format but I want to combine EML files to MBOX mailbox format because MBOX file is supported via various email clients. Can you please suggest me a pertinent solution for converting EML files to MBOX?

Andre – Portugal

I have download eM client mailboxes into EML format but am not satisfied because my target is to import EML to MBOX format so that I can import them in Apple Mail email client. There are several third-party software available in the online market. But I want BitRecover’s solution because BitRecover tools come with extra saving options. So please suggest to me the right solution.

Charlotte – Luxembourg

I have approx 10k Mozilla Thunderbird exported .eml files and I want to export EML to MBOX format for importing into various email clients. Please suggest me a product that is capable to convert EML files to MBOX in bulk mode because I want to save my time effort.

Darragh – Ireland

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1– Is there any limitation to export EML to MBOX format?

Ans – There is no limitation to export EML files to MBOX format as the tool permits to convert unlimited files without size limitation.

Que 2 – Does it maintain email attachments while converting EML file to MBOX format?

Ans – Yes, we have already mentioned this point in software features as the tool is capable to save EML to MBOX including attachments.

Que 3 – Can you please suggest me that after converting EML to MBOX format which email clients allow to import resultant MBOX file?

Ans – There are various email clients available in this digital world which allow to import resultant MBOX file but here we are mentioning only few major email clients with screenshots of import option.

  • Mozilla Thunderbird – After downloading a freeware add-on, Mozilla Thunderbird gives facility to import mailboxes by clicking on Import MBOX file option as shown in the screenshot.

Thunderbird Import

  • Apple Mail – Apple Mail (Mac Mail) email client also gives freedom to import mailboxes via choosing Import data from files in MBOX format which is beneficial for users.

Apple Mail Import

  • Eudora Mail – Run Eudora Mail email client and click on Tools and after that choose Import option to load resultant MBOX files as shown in the screenshot.

Eudora Import

  • SeaMonkey – SeaMonkey is similar to Mozilla Thunderbird so first download free add-on (ImportExport Tools) after that you can import mailboxes in SeaMonkey as you can see in the given screenshot.

SeaMonkey Import

Client Testimonials

Tak BitRecover for at udvikle denne fantastiske software, der leveres med forskellige muligheder for at gemme. Værktøjet er i stand til at konvertere ubegrænsede EML-filer til MBOX-format med hurtigste hastighed. Efter brug af denne software anbefaler jeg det til alle brugere, der vil gemme deres .eml-filer til .mbox-format.

Frederik – Denmark

I have used this software for migrating approx 20k emails from EML to MBOX format. And I got 100% accurate result without manipulating any important information. I want to recommend this toolkit for all users as it is available at an affordable price with great features.

Annikki – Finland


EML file to MBOX converter is really the best tool which is specially designed to convert EML to MBOX mailbox format in bulk. So it is helpful for users to save time and effort. Before purchasing the tool, users can test it as it comes with a free demo edition. One of the best features of this product is that it is compatible with all latest as well old Windows Operating systems. The company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of software failure so enjoy the conversion.