How to Import EML to Entourage Application RGE Archive – Complete Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Many users are switching from Windows to Mac environment due to their work needs. So, when they start using Mac OS X they need to use email clients supported on Mac OS. Therefore, most of users then search for the solution to import their emails from Windows computer to Mac computer. As Windows Live Mail is a FREE email client in Windows, so users use same for their emailing needs. It also allows users to export email messages as EML files. So, users who are moving to Mac OS X start looking for a way to import EML files to Mac Entourage application or Apple Mail. As EML is a file format that is supported by various email clients like Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Windows Live, etc.  Whereas Entourage is an application that is supported on Mac OS to manage the email data. Due to this most of the users have quires to migrate EML to Entourage email client such as:

  • How to migrate EML to Entourage?
  • How to import .eml files into Entourage 2016?
  • How to convert EML to Mac Entourage application?

After understanding the user’s issues, we have come up with a solution to import EML to Entourage email application. Read on to understand the way to perform EML to Entourage conversion.

Solution to Convert EML to Entourage RGE Archive

Entourage is a Mac based email application to manage the email data. It stores all its data in RGE format. Therefore, to import EML files to Entourage firstly, we need to perform EML to RGE conversion.

For this, you can use BitRecover EML Converter Wizard to convert .eml to .rge format.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

The software is programmed in such a way that it easily moves multiple EML data files to RGE archive file format at once. Tool is completely Windows based and supports all versions of MS Windows. The software is simple, easy, and error-free way to transfer EML files into Entourage RGE format. The application supports all the email clients that creates EML files. Utility is completely standalone to execute the data migration process.

Key-Features of EML Migration Tool

Supports Batch Conversion: This migration tool undergoes multiple file conversion at once, and within very short time-span you will convert EML to RGE. This option surely saves a lot of your time as you need not to worry about selecting each file one-by-one and this lessens much of your burden.

Retains Data Integrity: Tool performs EML to RGE migration by preserving the data integrity in its original form. No any modification is done after .eml to .rge conversion.

Create ZIP File after Conversion:  Software creates a Zip file after conversion from EML to RGE format. So, that one can easily move it to Mac system by retaining its data integrity.

Demo Version Available: Before purchasing the software, you can test it as the tool comes up with free of cost demo version. It makes easy for the users to understand the complete functioning of software.

After using the software you get RGE files now, you need to import it on Mac Entourage application. But How? Read further to know the way to import converted EML files to Entourage.

How to Import RGE files into Entourage ?

Firstly, by using any external data storage device like pen drive, external hard drive, etc. take the converted * files into it and move it on Mac platform. Now, after moving migrated data files on Mac machine just unzip file to get RGE files extracted out of .zip file. To proceed further follow the given steps:

  • Open Entourage on your Mac system.
  • Go to File option > click on Import option.
  • From the list of import options, check the first option “Entourage information from an archive or earlier version.”After this, click on the next arrow button, which there at the end of the screen.
  • Again from the list of options, select the “Entourage archive (.rge)” option to import RGE files into Mac Entourage. Click on the next arrow button to move further.
  • Now, browse the RGE files from the stored location on your Mac machine > click on Import.
  • Once all the files are imported in Entourage then, the completion message will pop-up on the screen. Click on Done to finish the process.

In this way, we can import EML files into Entourage application. But still one question comes up in mind that why one need to move EML files to Mac Entourage .rge format.  Keep reading to know the answer of your question.

Converting EML file to Entourage is Easy as 1,2, 3…

The process to convert EML to Entourage is worthy enough to be executed for the number of benefits Entourage mail client comes with. Here are a number of advantages and worthy to avail facilities that come with Entourage email client.

  • Entourage offers a vast operational interface which consists of a large section of features, strong integration along with Microsoft Office Suite.
  • There is a total of 6 buttons on the preview pane which consists of mail, calendar, address book, tasks, notes, along with Project Centre simply accessible.
  • The junk email filter is absolutely reliable and an outstanding emailing list manager along with lots of small options offered that provisions good enough mailing list subscribers. You can also change the attribution lines (for the replies) without even getting into unknown files.
  • It is beneficial enough to convert EML to Entourage RGE format because this respective email client offers support towards IMAP and HTML successfully.

Summing Up

EML file format is a versatile file format because it is accepted by most of the renowned mail clients without any limitations. Therefore, most of the users need to import EML to Entourage (.rge) application. In the above discussion, we have come up with a complete solution to perform EML to Entourage conversion.