How to Convert CorelDRAW CDR file to BMP Image?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Have you ever wondered when you should use a BMP instead of a JPG image? Unless you’re a graphic designer or a tech-savvy, probability is high that you have never understood things like what separates a BMP from PDF or JPG image. There are multiple scenarios where the users get confused between two file formats and demand for a reliable CDR to BMP Converter tool. In the following write- up we’ve put together a useful outline to help you to convert CDR file to BMP (Bitmap) image format.

BMP is an acronym for the Bitmap image which is a kind of image file format specifically used to store digital images. CDR file format, on the other hand, is a proprietary format used by CorelDRAW software. It is primarily used for logos, posters, corporate images, etc. However, CDR files can’t be used to store more complex images. On the contrary, the good side of using Bitmap format is that you will get colors and shapes of images that visualize more natural than any other file format. So, if the user wants to convert CorelDRAW to Bitmap then they can rely on a trustworthy solution like CDR Converter. This outstanding software enables users to convert CDR to Bitmap (BMP) format. We received queries regarding CDR to BMP Conversion like the one mentioned below:

I have a CDR file that I want to convert to BMP file format. But I don’t have the CorelDRAW software on my computer system. How can I export CDR file to BMP format? Please suggest me a reliable CDR to BMP Converter application.
– Alisha, California

If you are also looking for a solution to convert CDR to BMP format but unable to find an appropriate solution. Don’t need to hassle! The following write-up will provide a wholesome guide to convert CorelDRAW to Bitmap (BMP) file format. Let’ s see in simple steps for CDR to BMP conversion.

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How to Convert CDR File to Bitmap ?

How to Convert CDR to BMP (Bitmap) Image ?

Follow these steps to convert CDR file to BMP:

  • Step1: Run CDR to BMP Converter on Windows OS.
  • Step2: Choose .cdr files for CDR to BMP conversion.
  • Step3: Check the entire preview of CDR files before saving.
  • Step4: Choose BMP as a file saving format from the utility.
  • Step5: Press on Convert to convert CorelDRAW to Bitmap.

How to Convert CorelDRAW to Bitmap (BMP) Image ?

Converting CDR to BMP files becomes easy if you follow the right guidelines. CDR to BMP Converter is an excellent tool that will let you export CorelDRAW to BMP Bitmap image format in an efficient manner. What you need is the right approach! Just follow these steps to convert CDR to BMP image format.

First of all, Download CDR to BMP Converter and launch it on any Windows-compatible machine.


After installing the software, just choose CDR files from the dual selection options provided in the tool.

Select Files: Enable you to choose single or multiple CDR data.

Select Folders: Enable you to choose an entire folder consisting of CDR files all at once.

For batch conversion of CDR files to BMP, you can pick the Select Folder option.


Once the files are chosen, the software will show you the preview of CDR files. Check and analyze the data before you start the processing to convert CDR to BMP format.


Now, the time comes to choose a file saving format from the list of file saving options provided by CorelDRAW CDR to BMP Converter. Pick BMP as a file saving option.


Enter a destination path to store the resultant CDR to BMP converted data. Once you have browsed the desired saving path now you can proceed towards the final step to export CDR to BMP.


Lastly, press on the Convert tab to start CDR to BMP conversion.


See how easy it is to convert CorelDRAW to Bitmap BMP image format. CDR to BMP Converter has a well-interactive interface and thus, the user needs not to be technical expertise to convert CDR file to BMP.

CDR to BMP Converter to Change CorelDRAW to Bitmap

The software of CDR to BMP file converter is an all-in-one application that can easily convert CDR to BMP file format without CorelDRAW. It has the capability to export CorelDRAW CDR to Bitmap BMP image in batch mode. This saves valuable time and efforts of users while doing the conversion. The most beneficial part of using this tool is that you for converting CDR files to BMP, any CorelDRAW version can be used. The utility supports CorelDRAW 2019, 2018, 2017, X8, X7, X6, X5, X4, X3, 12, 11, 10,etc to save CDR to BMP images. Moreover, if your CDR files are corrupted don’t need to panic! The software is proficient enough to convert corrupted or damaged CDR files to healthy file formats within seconds. Once the file is free from any errors then you can convert CorelDRAW CDR to BMP.

Export CDR File to BMP Images – Highlighted Features

Convert CDR to BMP in batch: CDR to BMP Converter provides a feature to export CDR files to BMP images in bulk mode.

Supports all Windows OS: For converting CDR to BMP, this tool is compatible with Windows (10, 8.1, 8, 7, CP, Vista), Windows Server (2019, 2016, 2012), etc.

Freedom to select destination path: Once the user has exported data from CDR file to BMP, then the tool provides the facility to save the resultant data at a user-friendly location.

Independent platform to convert CorelDRAW files: CDR to BMP Converter is a standalone application and does not need CorelDRAW to convert CDR to BMP images.

Convert CDR data in original form: The software has been designed to keep the original data intact while you convert CorelDRAW to Bitmap image.

Secured CorelDRAW to BMP conversion: It will convert CDR to BMP and also keeps your data safe as it does not upload your crucial data on the internet.

CorelDRAW CDR to Bitmap BMP Conversion – User’s Queries

Ques1: Is this tool suitable to open the CDR file without CorelDRAW to convert CDR to BMP format?
Ans: Yes, this software is an independent tool. CDR to BMP Converter does not demand CorelDRAW installation to convert CDR files to BMP format.

Ques2: Does CDR to BMP Converter workable on Windows 10 platform to convert CDR to BMP image format?
Ans: Yes, it is a Windows-based utility. It runs efficiently on all Windows OS including Windows 10 OS.

Ques3: Does the tool supports to batch convert CorelDRAW to Bitmap format?
Ans: Yes, one can easily export CDR to BMP file in batch with this software.

Free Download CDR to BMP Converter

If you are looking to test the tool before starting the conversion from CDR to BMP, you can easily do it. The free demo version allows exporting the first 5 items from each CDR folder to Bitmap BMP format. Once you have evaluated the tool’s proficiency, now, you can activate the software’s license key. With the full version of CDR to BMP Converter, you will be able to convert CDR to BMP file format without any file size restrictions.
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Time to Conclude

In the above guide, we have explained a one-stop approach to convert CorelDRAW CDR files to Bitmap BMP image format. Trusting on the manual solution does not work well for converting your crucial files. So, one should prefer a reliable software to convert CDR to BMP and CDR to BMP Converter is the most accurate choice. If you still have any queries regarding CDR to BMP file conversion, you can contact our technical team which is available 24*7.

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