How to Convert CorelDRAW CDR to PNG Image?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

I have a folder of 100+ CorelDRAW CDR files and I need to convert CDR to PNG transparent. I have been unable to find an option for transparent background. Now, I want to know how can I export CDR to PNG transparent background. Please help me with a quick solution so that I can batch convert CDR file to PNG format. Please suggest me a reliable CDR to PNG converter software. Your help will be appreciated!

– Mark, France

At the present time, you can easily access an abundance of image extension files to save your data dramatically. CorelDRAW software having .cdr file extension is best suitable to store images and pictographic representation. However, it will demand a great storage space on your computer. So, you should readily convert CDR to image formats such as PNG to get rid of excess space. During the process to convert CDR to PNG format, the size of the image gets decreased without building any change in the original resolution of the picture. Well, to export CDR to PNG format is easily achieved using CDR Converter. It is a highly advanced tool that enables users to save CDR to PNG Format in an effective manner. Let’ see how you can convert .cdr to .png format in simple steps.

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How to Convert CDR File to PNG ?

How to Convert CDR to PNG Image in Batch ?

Follow these steps to convert CDR file to PNG:

  • Step1: Run CDR to PNG Converter & Browse CDR files.
  • Step2: Preview CDR file before conversion starts.
  • Step3: Choose PNG as file saving option from the utility.
  • Step4: Enter a saving path for the resultant converted data.
  • Step5: Press on the Convert tab to begin CDR to PNG conversion.
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How to Export CDR to PNG ? – Stepwise Solution

In the initial phase, download the software of CDR to PNG Converter. Install and run it properly on Windows OS.


Then, you have to select multiple CorelDRAW CDR files to begin the processing to convert CDR to PNG format.


After choosing required CDR files, then you can get a complete preview of complete data of CDR files with the preview option. Enable the checkboxes whose data you want to convert to PNG.


Now, select PNG as a file saving option from the multiple file conversion options provided in the software interface.


Choose a location where you want to save the resultant CDR to PNG converted data.


At the last level, you have to click on the convert tab to start the process to convert CDR to PNG file.


After completing all these steps, you will get your converted PNG files at the chosen location.

Save CDR File as PNG Format – Uncomplicated Approach

The overall GUI of CDR to PNG converter is worth commenting. Thus, you can easily convert CDR to PNG without any complications. The software is a top-notch featured utility so your images will stay secured. This software does not demand to upload your crucial CorelDRAW CDR files on the internet. If you have big CDR files still you can convert large CDR files to PNG with this tool. With its batch conversion feature, it is quite easy to convert .cdr to .png format. It has been designed keeping in mind all the requirements of users. The tool will preserve lines, text, shapes, colors, images, effects during you convert CDR to PNG format. Also, CDR to PNG converter supports Windows (10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista), Windows Server (2019, 2016, 2012, 2008), etc.

CDR to PNG Image Converter – Highlighted Features

CDR to PNG file converter is an integration of numerous noteworthy benefits. Few of them are listed in this section.

1. Provides facility to Batch convert CDR to PNG format for an instant conversion.
2. Offers dual options to choose multiple CorelDRAW CDR files for conversion.
3. Capable to migrate multi-page CorelDRAW CDR files to PNG file format.
4. Preserves all components of CDR files throughout the process to convert CDR to PNG.
5. The tool does not require CorelDRAW software to be installed for batch export CDR to PNG.
6. It is compatible to save CDR to PNG on all CorelDRAW versions like 2019, 2018, 2017, X8, X7, X6, X5, X4, X3, 12, 11, 10, etc.
7. Facilitates to convert CDR file to PNG files without compromising the original quality of data.
8. Freedom to choose a required location for storing resultant CDR to PNG converted data.
9. The tool is proficient enough to convert corrupted & damaged CorelDRAW vector graphics to healthy PNG format.

CorelDraw CDR File and PNG File Extension – Explained

CorelDRAW is widely in demand these days due to its capability to provide features like editing graphics, adding special effects, margins, etc. It has been administered by Corel Corporation. CDR is a file extension of CorelDRAW software and is best suited to work for illustrations and making page layouts. PNG is an acronym of ‘Portable Graphics Format’. It is a popular and widely used uncompressed raster image formed on the web. PNG uses lossless data compression and was developed to replace the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) files. It is an open file format but without copyright limitations. PNG’s are capable to display transparent backgrounds.

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CorelDRAW to PNG Conversion – User Reviews

I work in the field of Graphic designing & recently created an image for a client, saving as a CDR file extension. Later, the client asked for the image in PNG (Portable Graphic Format). Having CorelDRAW 2019 installed on my computer, I tried to save CDR file as PNG. But, all my images got blurred after conversion. I did this manual way with few of my CDR files and all converted data had a missing color combination. Then, I researched on the internet for a quick solution to export CDR to PNG format. Luckily, I got CDR to PNG converter software. The tool didn’t alter the quality of images and fixed the issue to convert CDR to PNG format in a couple of seconds.
– Robert, USA

Save CDR to PNG with Free Demo Version

Want to test the CDR to PNG Converter before you invest in purchasing it? Don’ worry! Download the free demo version of CDR to PNG file converter for analysing the potential of the software. It will allow you to export first 5 CorelDRAW items in one go. The tool will maintain data security while you convert CDR to PNG format. Later, you can switch to its FULL version by purchasing the licensed key of the product. With this full pro version, you can convert CorelDRAW files to PNG format without any restrictions.

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Time to Conclude

In the above write-up, we have demonstrated a powerful approach to convert CDR to PNG format. Converting CDR to PNG with a transparent background seems a troublesome task. However, using CDR file to PNG converter, this conversion becomes so easy. This software has a user-friendly GUI so that any professional or non-technical user can access it. If you still have any technical queries related to convert CDR file to PNG format, you can contact our technical team.