How to Convert CDR File to PDF Format in Batch without CorelDRAW?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 7 Min Read
Hi! I need some help with this, I have about 100 CorelDraw CDR image files and intend to convert CDR to PDF format. I’m not gonna download even a trial of CorelDraw since I find it unnecessary to do all the installation etc. it consumes a lot of time. I need to convert large CDR file to PDF Adobe format without CorelDraw installation. Any ideas how can I convert multiple CDR to PDF file format? 
– Joseph, Germany

CorelDRAW software is best for designing logos, web graphics, or print objects, you’ll enjoy a great design journey with it. However, still, users intend to convert CorelDRAW to PDF due to the unmatchable features of Adobe PDF format. There are a couple of applications that don’t recognize .cdr format and then users get in a dilemma about exporting the CDR files into a readable file format just like PDF. Considering all these points, you can too convert CDR file to PDF format with the help of CDR to PDF converter.

This blog will resolve all the complications that the users face while accomplishing the conversion of CDR to PDF.

In the following write-up, we are going to describe you a straightforward way using which you can convert CDR file to PDF format in a direct manner.

The name of the Solution is CDR Converter which enables any user to save CDR as PDF without CorelDRAW in a couple of seconds. Even your corrupted and damaged CDR files can be converted easily to healthy PDF format. The procedure outlined below will hopefully make it easier for you to export multiple CDR files to PDF.
Download for Windows

Steps to Convert CDR to PDF 

Follow these steps to convert CDR file to PDF:

  • Step1: Run CDR to PDF Converter on Windows OS.
  • Step2: Browse .cdr files and preview all data.
  • Step3: Select PDF as a file saving option from the tool.
  • Step4: Enter a saving path for resultant converted data.
  • Step5: Hit on the Convert tab to start CDR to PDF conversion.

How to Export CDR File to PDF Adobe ? – Stepwise Procedure

First of all, download the setup file of CDR to PDF Converter. Install & run it properly on Windows OS.

After you have installed the tool, read the instructions provided in the software panel and go further by clicking on the Next tab.


The software of CorelDRAW to PDF Converter software offers dual options to load CDR files into the software panel.

Select Files: Add single or multiple CDR data at once.
Select Folder: Add a complete folder consisting of multiple CDR files.


Once file selection is done, you have reached the end of the first phase of how to export CDR to PDF.

The software will show all the selected files. Enable those checkboxes whose data you want to convert to PDF format.


Now, Choose PDF as a file saving option from the list of file conversion options provided by CDR to PDF converter.


Now, the time comes to choose a saving location for the resultant CDR to PDF converted files.


Lastly, press the Convert button to begin the processing of CDR to PDF conversion.


Done! The entire procedure to convert CDR to PDF is a hassle-free approach. Any user can directly convert CDR to PDF file without seeking technical guidance.

Save CDR File to PDF – Convert CDR Images Easily

The software functionality of CDR to PDF Converter software is very plain and simple. This wizard offers a batch conversion feature using which one can convert multiple CDR filesto PDF file formats.

This directly diminishes the crucial time and efforts of users because one can export CDR to PDF in one go rather than selecting it one by one.

The most beneficial part is that you don’t need to install CorelDRAW to convert CDR data to PDF. It is a top-notch featured utility. Hence, it preserves all CorelDRAW items and components during the entire processing of CDR to PDF file conversion.

A separate PDF option is worthwhile for you if you are a forensic investigator. The reason being, if you want to export proof from CorelDRAW CDR files then you can directly convert CDR file to PDF format. Now, when you print CDR to PDF then it can be submitted in court and judiciary.

CDR to PDF Converter – Prominent Features

This software comes with numerous eye-catching features that make it so desirable among users. Some of them are highlighted below:

Supports all CorelDRAW CDR versions: The software is compatible to convert CDR to PDF with CorelDRAW 2019, 2018, 2017, X8, X7, X5, X4, 12, 11, 10.

Convert large CDR files to PDF: CDR to PDF Converter is capable to convert multi-page CorelDRAW CDR files to PDF format.

Export CDR to PDF without CorelDRAW: If you don’t have CorelDRAW installed even this wizard works smoothly to convert CDR to PDF file format.

Secure CDR to PDF Conversion: It is a highly safe tool because it retains the integrity of CDR file data throughout the conversion.

Save CDR to PDF in Batch: The utility supports to convert multiple CDR files to PDF with the batch mode feature.

Freely choose destination path: Once the conversion from CDR to PDF has been accomplished, now one can save the output at a user-friendly location.

Windows- supportable Tool: This utility is a Windows-based program. It works smoothly on Windows 910, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista0, Windows Server (2019, 2016, 2012), etc.

How to Convert CDR File to PDF without CorelDRAW ?

What Need Arises to Batch Convert CDR Files to PDF ?

CorelDRAW format is a versatile Graphic design program having a .cdr file extension. It has been developed by Corel Corporation. Basically, CDR is a vector image produced by CorelDRAW software to hold images, text, effects, shapes, etc. This can be utilized for the purpose of generating web pages, letters, envelopes, banners, documents, etc. PDF, on the other hand, is a Portable Document file format that can constructively capture all elements of printed file as an electronic image that one can view and print easily. It was developed by Adobe Systems and is now evolving at a fast pace. It can be utilized not only to display graphics but also for documents regardless of what device that you work on.

Well, there could be an ample number of reasons why users want to switch from CDR to PDF. Sometimes when you share a file with someone its formatting gets disturbed. But, that’s not in the case of PDF format as with PDF files, the formatting is maintained. It is a ubiquitous file format that can be viewed and shared with the person sitting in any corner of the world. Moreover, PDF can compress files to a smaller size. Last but not least if you are a business owner, PDF files are a savior to you. This is because you can create a password on your PDF document and thereby save your sensitive information. All these reasons enforce users to export CDR files to PDF. Since all editing tools support Adobe PDF thus, converting CDR to PDF files is the right decision.

Final Words

In the above blog, we have described a complete stepwise approach to convert CDR to PDF format. Using the above-suggested software you can export unlimited CorelDRAW CDR files to PDF Adobe format. This conversion process is 100% accurate and free from any error.

If you have a large number of CorelDRAW CDR files and want to test the software before investing your money in it, you can check it too. CDR to PDF Converter has a demo version that one can utilize for analyzing the functioning of the software. It allows the export of 5 CorelDRAW CDR vectors to PDF format with a company watermark. You don’t require to install the CorelDRAW program for CDR to PDF conversion with this demo version. Once you are satisfied with the working of the tool, you can purchase its license key at an affordable price.

If you have any queries regarding CDR to PDF conversion, our technical support team is available 24 *7 for you.