How to Wipe and Clean Up Office 365 Mailboxes?

Rollins Duke   
Published: October 5th, 2023 • 7 Min Read

Clean up Office 365 mailbox is a crucial process that sometimes becomes mandatory for users. Microsoft Office 365 cleanup is most beneficial to optimize email storage, enhance performance, and maintain organizational efficiency within the Office 365 environment. If you regularly perform Office 365 mailbox wiping and cleaning tasks, you can manage their email data effectively, reduce clutter, and improve overall productivity.

The mailbox cleanup process typically involves identifying and removing unnecessary or outdated emails, archiving important messages for future reference, managing email folders and subfolders, and dealing with large attachments that consume storage space. It also includes optimizing mailbox settings, such as setting retention policies and auto-archiving rules to automate Office 365 Outlook clean up mailbox process.

This article explains multiple methods to clean up and wipe Office 365 unwanted emails. Hence, keep continue reading this blog and get proper guidelines to clean up Microsoft 365 group mailbox.

5 Simple Steps to Clean Up Office 365 Mailboxes

  1. Download and start Office 365 cleanup tool.
  2. Connect to Office 365 using account login.
  3. Select required mailboxes for wiping & cleaning.
  4. Use advance filters for specific cleaning needs.
  5. Click Delete to initiate Office 365 mailbox cleanup.

By following these 5 simple steps, you can efficiently clean up your Office 365 mailbox using BitRecover. If you want to get complete detailed information to clean up archive mailbox Office 365, then continue read this article till the end.

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Office 365 Mailbox Wiping Benefits

Data Privacy and Security:

By wiping Microsoft 365 mailbox, all its content, including emails, attachments, and other data, is permanently deleted. This ensures that sensitive and confidential emails are permanently deleted from Office 365 accounts, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Compliance and Legal Needs:

For organizations subject to industry regulations and legal requirements, Office 365 mailbox wiping helps ensure compliance with data retention policies. Deleting unwanted emails helps meet retention periods and minimizes legal risks.

Reduced Storage Costs:

As well all know that Office 365 is a subscription-based cloud email platform, so you need to upgrade and downgrade licenses and storage space timely. Over time, mailboxes can accumulate a significant amount of data, leading to increased storage costs. By wiping and cleaning Office 365 unnecessary mailboxes, organizations can optimize their storage usage and reduce expenses associated with mailbox size.

Improved Mailbox Search & Performance:

A cluttered mailbox can negatively impact performance, leading to slower email access and searches. Wiping and cleaning up Office 365 unneeded data streamlines the mailbox, as a result, you will get improved access and search performance.

Enhanced Productivity:

A cleaned-up mailbox provides a more organized and user-friendly email environment. This boosts your productivity, as working professionals can efficiently find relevant emails and focus on critical tasks without distractions.

Faster Backup and Recovery:

Smaller mailboxes with reduced data make the Office 365 backup processes more efficient. In case of data loss or disasters, restoring a smaller mailbox is quicker and less time-consuming.

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Manual Method to Clean Up Emails in Outlook 365

Microsoft 365 has several inbuilt options to clean up Office 365 mailbox items i.e., Clean up old Office 365 email or create an autodeletion rule. In the upcoming section, you can read the complete instructions for Office 365 mailbox wiping process.

#1 Method: Old Office 365 Mailbox Cleanup within Folders

  1. Login to your Microsoft 365 account and open Outlook 365.
  2. Choose the Settings option by clicking on the Gear icon.
  3. Go to the General category and select the Storage option.
  4. Select the Office 365 mailbox folder and choose Empty.
    manage storage
  5. Choose all, 3, 6, and 12 months and older emails for deletion accordingly.
  6. A pop-up message is showing like “Are you sure you want to permanently delete all 3-month and older messages from your mailbox.” Press Ok to start cleaning Microsoft 365 mailboxes.
    clean up office 365 mailbox

#2 Method: Create A Rule to Clean Up Microsoft 365 Group Mailbox

  1. Start Outlook 365 and choose the Settings option.
  2. Choose Rules that are available under the Email category.
  3. Select + Add new rule option to continue.
    add new rule
  4. Enter a specific name of the rule.
    office 365 mailbox cleanup rule
  5. Add a condition i.e., Apply to all messages.
    add a condition
  6. Click on Add another condition i.e., Before.
  7. Set a before date according to your choice.
    add another condition
  8. Thereafter, select an action to perform the rule like Delete.
    how to clean up office 365 mailbox
  9. Lastly, hit the Save button to finish the rule creation process.
    clean up microsoft 365 group mailbox

Manual Method Limitations

  • Manual techniques are suitable to delete emails from Outlook 365 by choosing a specific range like 3, 6, 12, and all emails. But there is no filter to sort out specific emails for clean-up and wipe.
  • It requires some technical knowledge, if you perform a wrong step then you may lose your Office 365 emails. Even there is no option to restore Office 365 mailbox after cleaning up.

Automated Tool to Clean Up Emails in Outlook 365

BitRecover Email Eraser Software is an all-in-one utility that has a separate option to clean up Microsoft 365 group mailbox using advance filters. The software is also known as Microsoft Office 365 cleanup tool due to its functionality. The tool asks only for Office 365 account credentials for completing the OAuth authentication. It comes with easy-to-use features so all technical and know technical users can easily clean up Office 365 mailbox items according to their requirements.

How to Clean Up Office 365 Mailbox?

  1. Start Outlook 365 cleanup tool on your Windows or Mac Computer.
  2. Choose Office 365 as an email source, enter credentials, and press Login.
    office 365 cleanup tool
  3. After that, select the required Office 365 mailbox folders for the clean-up process.
    select folders
  4. Use advance filter option for cleaning and wiping Office 365 mailboxes.
    filter option
  5. Hit the Delete button and confirm the cleanup process by clicking on the Yes.
  6. See Office 365 mailbox cleanup process is running, please wait.
    clean up emails in outlook 365
  7. The task to clean up Microsoft 365 group mailbox has been completed successfully.

Note That: If your account has replica emails then you can also use an excellent solution to remove duplicate emails from Office 365 account.

Office 365 Cleanup Tool Features

  • A fully automated solution to clean up emails in Outlook 365 that asks only account credentials to complete the OAuth Authentication process.
  • Microsoft Office 365 cleanup tool offers several filters to wipe Office 365 mailboxes by date, sender, subject, and size.
  • This software offers the facility to choose specific Office 365 mailbox folders for cleaning and wiping.
  • Outlook 365 cleanup tool also has a dedicated option to clean up Office 365 social media messages i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest, and Netflix.

Above we have discussed the top 3 techniques to wipe and clean up Office 365 mailbox. You can go with any method that you deem suitable for you. However, manual ways have some limitations so manual approaches are not best for business use. Hence, if you are a business professional then no need to compromise while choosing the best solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1: Does your tool allow to clean up archive mailbox Office 365?

Ans: Yes, this is an excellent utility to clean up Office 365 mailboxes like in-place archive, primary, and shared.

Que 2: Can I use your software to clean up social media emails in Office 365 account at once?

Ans: Yes, our developers have added a separate option to Office 365 Outlook clean up mailbox.

Que 3: Can I test Microsoft Office 365 cleanup tool before getting license keys?

Ans: Yes, the free Outlook 365 clean-up tool allows you to clean and wipe the first 25 emails from each Office 365 mailbox folder. Hence, after getting complete satisfaction, you can upgrade it anytime.