How do I Change Outlook Attachments to PDF?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Want to change Outlook email attachment to PDF? Unfortunately in Outlook, there is no native option to ‘Save as PDF’ unlike in Excel, Word, or PowerPoint. So, if you are a frequent Outlook user then the following guide will help you to create a PDF document page from an email attachment in Microsoft Outlook.

You can attach any type of document to your Outlook email message. Remember, however, that in order to view it, beneficiaries will need a program similar to the one you used to create the attachment on their machine.

Therefore, it is ideal to attach a file format that can be read by anyone who accepts your message. For example, a PDF (Portable Document Format) can be read by almost anyone. Consider using PDFs for your email attachments, especially when you want to keep track of legal or financial communications or send attachments to a large group of people.

Basically, changing Outlook attachments to PDF pages is a necessity and also it will simplify the document archiving.

Can’t Change Outlook Attachments to PDF!

There are thousands of users who are going through the same problem which you are dealing with right now which is how to change Outlook email attachments to PDF. Take a look-


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Method1- Windows 10 ‘Print to PDF’ driver

The first approach to convert Outlook email attachment to PDF document pages is the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ feature if you are using Windows 10. With it, you can print an email message and its attachment to a PDF file. Go to Print and specify how you want the item to be printed and then tap on Print. If you have included an Outlook email attachment also for printing, then Outlook will open the same attachment in the respective application when the ‘MS Print to PDF’ feature is called.
change Outook email attachment as PDF

This method fails in two situations-

  • If an unknown email attachment is there, then you will be asked to select a program to open that particular file.
  • You can’t merge the Outlook email and attachment to a single PDF document. For that, you will need a separate PDF merger application.

Method 2- Best Professional Solution to Change Outlook Attachment to PDF

Aside from above explained standard approaches to change Outlook attachments to PDF, there is one more method that will fit best your needs. BitRecover PST to PDF solution is a comprehensive way to convert Outlook email and attachments to PDF documents in bulk.

Steps to change Outlook email attachment to PDF-

  • Download and run the software on your Windows and Mac machine.Download for WindowsDownload for Mac
  • Now, select the Outlook emails using the dual folder to change Outlook attachment to PDF
  • Then, specify the folders from where you want to save the attachments to PDF.choose Outlook emails attchments
  • Hit on the ‘Convert attachments as PDF’ option from the advance settings.
  • You can also enable the ‘Black and White mode’ option for creating non-searchable PDFs.check black & white mode to change Outlook attachment
  • Select any file naming option to save the output systematically.file naming option
  • Now, browse a destination location for storing the resultant location
  • Click on the Next button to start the conversion conversion
  • In the end, you will get a conversion completed message.change Outlook email attachments to PDF
  • After the process is over, open the folder where you saved the PDFs as attachment files.resultant PDF file

Notable Benefits and Features of Software

  1. During the conversion, the tool keeps intact the email components, images, hyperlinks, signature, etc.
  2. This tool offers many filter options to add attachments to PDF documents in a selective manner.
  3. The separate feature of ‘Convert attachments as PDF’ will help all those individuals who want to store all attachments in PDF format instead of paper.
  4. The ‘use recovery mode’ feature is beneficial to convert corrupted Outlook data or in the case if you have missing folders.
  5. This application offers an automated file selection option of ‘convert configured Outlook mailbox data’ which is quite helpful for choosing data without any manual picking of files.
  6. It offers various file naming conventions to store the output in a systematic manner.
  7. The tool can download on any edition of Windows and Mac Operating systems.
  8. It is useful for people belonging to forensic examinations, law specialists, etc.

User Reviews

I must say if someone wants to desire email attachments that they need to ensure is on the record then they can use the BitRecover software. Its potential to change Outlook attachments to PDF directly cuts off time and offers potential advantages, especially for those making signing contracts. This tool gives peace of mind and provides a huge sense of security.
-Amelia, UK
The biggest pro which I have found in this utility is its robustness and reliability. It grants me to send my Outlook email attachments as PDF files to my clients and vendors. Without saving the data in any other format, this tool has helped me to change Outlook attachment to PDF and send it out as it is. Thanks a lot!!
-Isla, USA

Last words
Changing Outlook attachment to PDF is necessary for keeping important records, sharing the data, or legal discovery. As explained above, you can select any of the above methods to change your Microsoft Outlook embedded attachments into a PDF portfolio. Though we can’t guarantee you that the manual solutions will retain the original format, however, it is good if you few emails for the conversion. But, in the broader sense, the automated method will give the best results and higher efficiency.