How to Backup Outlook to Local Folder in Multiple Usual Formats?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Overview: Are you looking for a way how to backup Outlook to local folder? if yes, then you are on the right page. Here we will show you complete information and details about the process.

Backup Outlook to local folder is really important these days, as emails now contain much more crucial information than ever before. Therefore, if you secure them, you can benefit a lot in many ways, and you can also face future contingencies more intelligently. So, if you want to do it too, let’s copy Outlook emails to local folder.

Well, Outlook data itself is stored on a local drive, but it cannot be easily accessed unless you are configured with the account. This is due to the file format; you need a compatible app to open these Outlook files. However, if you can move Outlook emails to local folders in the easily accessible file format, the problem can be solved automatically.

So, secure your Outlook data and provide you with an easily accessible platform to which you can save your e-mails, we offer you a perfect solution. You go through it as it can solve all your problems easily and it can backup Outlook to local folders more conveniently.

Manual Methods to Save Emails from Outlook to Local Folder

Users can export Outlook emails in PST, PDF, or MSG formats. So, we are going to mention some articles, where you will get the complete information about the procedure. Users can easily export Outlook folders to the desktop. If any users want to save Outlook emails in PDF format, then they can do it. Also, there are options to convert Outlook PST to MSG format.

Read all the instructions and limitations before starting the process.

Appropriate Method to Backup Outlook to Local Folder

We offer you a specific tool for your special needs. The BitRecover PST File Converter is the most convenient way to move emails from Outlook to a local folder. This application is specially designed to solve the user’s save emails from Outlook to personal folder problem and therefore focuses entirely on it.

It is fully automated, which requires very little effort and a few clicks from you to backup Outlook to local folder. One of the best things about this tool is that it can move multiple Outlook folders at the same time. That can save you a lot of time even with large amounts of data.

So, now you have to look at the process you need to go through to copy emails from Outlook to local folder. We offer you a detailed manual for this; you explore it carefully so that you will not have any problems the moment when you proceed to perform this task.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

How to Copy Emails from Outlook to Local Folder – Steps by Step

  1. First, download, install and launch the application on the device that you configured with the Outlook account.

    backup Outlook to local folder

  2. Select Convert configured Outlook mailbox data or manually select the Outlook data and then click Next.

    configured Outlook

  3. Check the folders you want to backup, then click Next.


  4. Select a saving option from 30+ available options, choose the destination path and then click the Convert button.

    saving option

Your selected Outlook folders will now be saved in your selected local folder. You will be notified when the process is complete.

Now it’s time to dive deeper into the tool. Before using this tool, there is a little more you need to know about it to strengthen your decision about choosing to backup Outlook to local folder. So, let’s go through some of the features to know the tool better.

Get to Know Some Functions of the Tool

  • Simple User Interface: This application is easy to use and all the praise for that goes to the user interface. It’s very simple and very straightforward. There are no unnecessary things that make the processes more complex for you.
  • Select Configured Accounts: This application allows you to select the accounts that you have configured with Outlook. This function enables you to upload all Outlook data at once to copy emails from Outlook to local folder.
  • Copy Selected Folders: Well, you won’t be forced to backup unnecessary folders that you don’t want. With this app you can freely check and uncheck the folders, so you can only backup those that are desired and necessary.
  • Manually Select Data: Well, the account configuration is not so necessary for this app. It can still backup Outlook to local folders if you are not set up with the account. You can select the Outlook folders and files manually from the device. You can select data individually according to your wishes.
  • Browse Location: This app allows you to backup Outlook to a location of your choice. You don’t have to save your files in a default location if you don’t want to. During the process to save emails from Outlook to local folder, you can choose the destination path for your resulting files.

These are some of the key features that are just meant to give you an overview of the tool. If you need to know more about it, you must take a ride with it, so good luck with that.

Now, if you have any questions about this tool, you can resolve them in the Q&A session.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q 1 – Can I try this app before buying it?

    A – Yes, you can do it. This app comes with a demo version so you can use it to test its quality and then you can proceed to buy the licensed version to save emails from Outlook to local folder.

  • Q 2 – Can I use this tool on the Windows platform?

    A – Yes, this application runs on any version of Windows, whether newer or older.

  • Q 3 – Can I backup my Outlook for Mac data files with this tool?

    A – Yes, this application can also run on Mac. So, you can also backup Outlook for Mac data to local folder.

  • Q 4 – Do I need to download any additional settings to save emails from Outlook to my folder?

    A – No, this application is completely independent and does not force you to download any other configuration.

In Conclusion

One of the best tools that take care of your convenience and can simply backup Outlook to local folder is the Outlook backup tool. This application is perfect for your data conversion as it is easy to use and it will take very little time to complete your task.

So, if you want to have a great experience, you have to try the tool.