How to Backup Canary Mail Email Folders in Standard Formats?

Rollins Duke   
Published: October 5th, 2023 • 6 Min Read

Several users wish to backup Canary Mail email folders to a local computer in multiple standard formats. This is a most crucial practice to ensure the security and preservation of your valuable communication. By exporting Canary Mail emails and storing them in a safe location, you safeguard against potential data loss, accidental deletions, or system failures.

This blog post explains several techniques to backup Canary Mail emails with all associated components. Hence, keep continuing reading this article to learn the detailed information to export Canary Mail email to PST, MSG, EML, and PDF using manual and pro techniques.

Simple Steps to Bulk Export Canary Mail Emails

  • Step 1: First, configure and launch BitRecover Tool.
  • Step 2: Use configured account’s IMAP credentials.
  • Step 3: Select Canary Mail folders and hit Next.
  • Step 4: Select a saving option and browse destination.
  • Step 5: Last, click Backup to export Canary Mail emails.

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What Is Canary Mail?

Canary Mail is a highly secure and feature-rich email client designed to provide users with a modern and efficient way to manage their email communication. Canary Mail client offers a range of functionalities aimed at enhancing productivity, privacy, and organization for individuals and working professionals.

Key features of Canary Mail include:

  • High-level end-to-end encryption to provide best-in-class security.
  • Focused inbox intelligent algorithms to categorize and prioritize.
  • Facility to manage emails, contacts, and calendars with associated data.
  • Create email templates and customize signatures according to the needs.
  • Canary Mail offers secure cloud synchronization to ensure that data is seamlessly accessible across multiple devices.

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The Necessity to Backup Canary Mail Emails

Users want to backup Canary Mail emails into several commonly used file extensions due to different types of requirements:

  • Exporting Canary Mail emails is helpful to ensure email security and loss prevention.
  • Backing up Canary emails seems much more useful to restore accidentally deleted emails.
  • A backup guarantees uninterrupted access to your emails, even during service disruption i.e., downtime, technical issues, or changes in policies.
  • Regulatory requirements or legal purposes may necessitate retaining historical emails.
  • Backups provide a way to archive emails for compliance, audits, or reference.
  • Backing up emails allows for efficient data management and organization, enabling you to declutter your inbox.

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Manual Methods to Export Canary Mail Email to PDF & EML

These are several manual techniques available for exporting Canary Mail emails. But these methods have some limitations that we will discuss in an upcoming section. If you are using a Canary Mail client, then you can use manual tips and tricks to perform the Canary Mail backup process. Follow below mentioned 2 best manual techniques:

Method 1: Backup Canary Mail to PDF Format

  1. Start the Canary Mail client on your computer.
    canary mail client
  2. Open an email that you wish to download locally.
    three dots
  3. Click the 3 dots icon and choose Print from the dropdown.
  4. After that, again hit the Print button.
    print button
  5. Now select the destination as Save as PDF and click Save.
    export canary mail to pdf
  6. Browse the destination path and press Save.
    destination path
  7. Go to the destination path to get the downloaded PDF.
    backup canary mail email

Method 2: Export Canary Mail to EML File

  1. Open a particular email that you want to export.
    three dots
  2. Hit the 3-dot icon and choose Show Original.
    show original
  3. Now see the original email and click Forward.
  4. Enter a forward email address and press Send.
    send email
  5. Go to the email account and open the forwarded email.
    backup canary mail emails
  6. Choose Show Original, after clicking on the 3 dots.
    select show original
  7. Click Download Original option as shown in the figure.
    download original
  8. See Canary email is exported in the download folder.
    export canary mail emails

Manual Methods Drawbacks

  • Both manual techniques allow downloading Canary emails one by one.
  • A time-consuming task that requires repeating the same steps while downloading each email.
  • The visibility of downloaded emails will be tampered with during exporting Canary Mail to EML.
  • Manual way hampers the visibility of downloaded emails during exporting Canary Mail to EML.
  • These approaches allow for backup Canary Mail emails in PDF and EML formats.

Automated Tool to Backup Canary Email Folders

Best IMAP Mail Backup Software is a highly recommended solution to download Canary Mail emails for 30+ savings. You can choose a saving option from PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, OLM, NSF, PDF, DOC, CSV, XPS, etc. This Canary Backup Software comes with a free demo version that permits to export first 25 emails from each folder. Hence, first, get complete satisfaction using the demo version and then grab it for your work requirements.

Important Note

A Canary Mail client allows you to configure your different types of email services i.e., Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, Yahoo, and Others. Hence, this software will ask for your configured account’s IMAP credentials to perform the Canary mail backup process. Go to website and know your IMAP credentials.

add account

How to Export Canary Mail Email to 30+ Formats?

  1. Start Canary Backup Tool on your machine, enter account credentials, and press Login.
    canary backup tool
  2. Select all or specific Canary Mail folders and choose a saving option.
    saving option
  3. Use advance filter options for selectively downloading Canary emails.
    advance filter option
  4. Also, use advance settings if required for specific needs.
  5. Browse the destination path and hit the Backup button.
    browse location
  6. See Canary backup software is exporting emails in the selected format.
    backup canary emails
  7. The backing up Canary email process has been finished successfully.
  8. Get a resultant backup from the destination path.

Above we have discussed 3 different techniques to backup Canary Mail emails in generic formats. If you wish to export only a few emails, then you can go with manual ways and download them in EML/ PDF formats. Use a recommended automated tool to download Canary emails in several commonly used file extensions.

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