How to Add iCloud to Yahoo in a Step-by-Step Process ?

Mark Regan ~ June 16th, 2021 ~ Import Emails


If you’re tired of searching for a solution to help you add iCloud to Yahoo Mail, finish your search. In today’s blog, we will discuss a reliable way to add iCloud+ account to Yahoo Mail with attachments. You don’t have to go through any complicated process.

With iCloud backup wizard, it is easier to transfer iCloud data to your Yahoo Mail business or user account in less than 60 seconds. This uniquely designed solution helps you to carry out the iCloud+ mail process directly.

Here’s all that you get to know in this blog:
1. How to add iCloud email to Yahoo?
2. What is the best way to add iCloud+ to Yahoo Mail?
3. How can you import iCloud emails to Yahoo Business Mail?
4. How to convert iCloud+ emails to Yahoo without limitations?

Before switching to all the above topics one by one, let’s learn about the professional solution that helps you add iCloud+ to Yahoo Mail in the simplest way.

How to Add iCloud Emails to Yahoo Mail Account?

  1. Start iCloud to Yahoo Mail import tool.
  2. Choose iCloud as an email source and enter your login details.
  3. Specify the necessary data from iCloud+ to import into the Yahoo account.
  4. Select Yahoo Mail as the saving option for the task.
  5. Click on the Backup to start adding iCloud to Yahoo Mail.

Want to learn the process in more detail? Then, follow the below-mentioned instructions and screenshots to add iCloud to Yahoo Mail with attachments.
Download for Windows     Download for Mac

A Step-by-Step Method to Import iCloud Emails to Yahoo Mail Account 

First, we recommend that the user familiarize themselves with the demo or free trial edition of the tool. Use it by clicking on the Download tab and launch it on your Windows supportive computer. The demo version has limitations that allow you to add only 25 iCloud data items to Yahoo Mail account. It is the most effortless process. To learn in detail, follow the below-mentioned steps:-

Open iCloud to Yahoo Backup Tool on your Windows supportive system.

Now, select iCloud, as shown in the screenshot from the source list. Then, fill the credentials of your iCloud account and hit Login.

Here, the software lists all data from iCloud+ and check the specific email folders you want to import from iCloud to Yahoo Mail.

Choose Yahoo Mail from the select saving options and provides details like username and password.

Go to Advanced Setting for Selective import. If you want to filter iCloud+ emails to Yahoo Mail by date range, subject, from, and more. Enable this option only if required.

Now, finally, click on the Backup tab to quickly start the process to add iCloud+ emails to Yahoo Mail account.

After some time, you will get a complete conversion message stating information about the process. Later, a log reports as the final confirmation that import iCloud emails to Yahoo Mail account process gets done.

Now, let’s move on and see what you need to do if you want to import/transfer/export/iCloud contacts to Yahoo Mail. It is quite simple. So, here we go.

How Can You Import iCloud  Contacts to Yahoo with Complete Details ?

We are going to sync iCloud contacts to Yahoo account using the mentioned utility only. It is a powerful application and capable of importing iCloud emails, contacts, calendars from iCloud to Yahoo Mail account. Here, we are learning the most straightforward process to transfer iCloud contacts to Yahoo Mail without any comprise.

The procedure is the same as mentioned above. Launch the tool and fill the asked credentials. Then, log in. Next, you can choose the required folder containing iCloud+ contacts and details. You need to select CSV as the saving format, as shown in the screenshot.

Get Understanding of the Best Solution to Add iCloud to Yahoo Mail Directly

BitRecover iCloud to Yahoo mail transfer tool is a one-stop solution to add iCloud account to Yahoo Mail with attachments. It is an entirely trustworthy application that gives users desired results at the end. Professionals have tested the software for user personal and professional use. It has many advanced features that make the process of adding emails from iCloud to Yahoo quickly. The has an unbeatable simple, and consistent user interface. It is 100% efficient and great to use. With it, you can add iCloud+ emails to Yahoo Mail / Yahoo Business account in a few clicks.

Prominent Features of Software

Simple GUI: The iCloud+ to Yahoo Mail transfer tool comes with a straightforward and intuitive interface. Any professional or novice user can use this application to add iCloud email to Yahoo Mail account.

Independent utility: iCloud to Yahoo migrator is a standalone application. No external software needs to install for the task.

Maintain folder structure: Add iCloud to Yahoo Business Mail without changing the folder hierarchy. This tool maintains the internal folder hierarchy of all iCloud emails and adds them into Yahoo Mail.

View Live Conversion Report: You can view the live conversion while importing iCloud+ mail to Yahoo account. You can use this report to analyze the entire data after the process ends.

Keep metadata properties: This tool to add iCloud to Yahoo account maintains email properties such as sender and recipient details, attachments, inline images, hyperlinks, and subject lines.

Windows Support: This tool for adding iCloud to Yahoo Mail downloaded on any version of Windows. It can run on all the latest and previous versions of Windows OS.

Bringing it All Together

The above information is all about how you can add iCloud to Yahoo Mail with attachments. A complete step-by-step process is explained with a reliable solution. It also helps you if you want to transfer iCloud+ contacts to Yahoo account. We hope this simple user guide assists you in the best possible ways. So, try the software on your Windows machine and get your task done. If you have any questions in mind, feel free to connect with our support team anytime. You can also request a live chat.