How to Access Virgin Media Email Account Data?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

This blog explores the reasons and the solutions to resolve how to access Virgin Media emails problem, so keep reading till the end!

Being one of the best telecommunications companies in the United Kingdom, Virgin Media provides broadband internet, landline telephone services, and television channels to customers. Another reason for Virgin Media’s success is access to a free email account for every Virgin Media customer. Virgin Media has recently encountered a severe downtime issue, impacting their email services since Monday. Users have shared their inability to log into their accounts and send and receive emails. If you are one of the users impacted by this issue, you must be thinking of another way to access Virgin Media emails.

Reasons for Accessing Virgin Media Emails (When Facing Any Issue)

If you are one of the Virgin Media users affected by this recent email downtime issue, you must be thinking of other ways to access your emails. We are discussing a few reasons that necessitate urgent access to Virgin Media emails:

  • Downtime Issues – The first and primary reason is downtime issues that compel many Virgin Media email users to search for other methods to access their emails. Any email client experiences downtime due to hardware failure, system overload, human errors, power outages, etc.
  • Instant Email Access – Another reason that makes users find other ways to access Virgin Media emails is – you guessed it right – instant email access. Virgin Media users can migrate their emails to another email client if they have another email account. Thus, Virgin Media users can access their emails comfortably even when they can’t access their accounts.
  • Data Compliance – If you have to submit some emails for legal purposes and you can’t access your account, your company may crop up operational and time loss. Hence, finding other methods to access your Virgin Media emails becomes crucial.

These reasons highlight the urgency to access your Virgin Media emails using other methods. We are discussing the best methods for accessing your Virgin Media emails, so keep reading!

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Solutions to Access Virgin Media Email Account

If you are looking for a method to access your Virgin Media emails manually, you can access them only by logging into your account. Reasons like downtime issues and account suspension prevent you from manually accessing your emails, so we will discuss the best solution for accessing Virgin Media emails.

Automated Solution for Accessing Virgin Media Email Data

Since the manual method isn’t beneficial for Virgin Media customers to access their emails, an automated tool is the best solution to access all Virgin Media emails. This tool can back up your emails to around a hundred email applications and locally save them in different file formats. This perfect tool is BitRecover Email Backup Wizard.

Features of This Software

The tool has many features, some of which are:

  1. The tool can easily backup emails to other cloud mail applications like Gmail, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365,, etc.
  2. Migrate the entire mailbox with data integrity and folder structure intact from Virgin email to Gmail account
  3. The tool comes with various file naming options like Subject + Date (dd-mm-yyyy), From + Date (yyyy-mm-dd-hhmm), From + Subject + Date (dd-mm-yyyy), etc.
  4. Backup Virgin Media emails on local pc selectively using date filters.

How to Access Virgin Media Emails with Different Applications?

  1. Download the tool on your Windows/Mac computer and open it after the installation.
    start software to access virgin media emails
  2. Select Virgin Media from the Email Source list on the left-side panel, next to Videotron and before Wanadoo Mail. Enter your account details and click Login.
    select virgin media
  3. You can see the email folders getting scanned on the left-side view panel. Select the email folders (Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts) for the backup process.
    select virgin media folders
  4. Select the Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup box in the Filter Options tab to backup selective emails according to date, subject, and other parameters.
    use advance filters
  5. The tool has various options to download Virgin Media emails. If you wish to make a backup in PDF, DOC, MBOX, or PST file, select the desired format and apply the settings according to the chosen file format.
    select saving option
  6. If you wish to back up your emails to another e-mail service, select your desired email service from Gmail,, Office 365, Yahoo, and Rediffmail and enter your account credentials (email address and password).
    saving option
  7. Click Backup and begin the email migration. The tool will display the live email migration status.
    how to access virgin media emails
  8. If you have made a local system backup in any of the formats described above, the folder with your emails will open up automatically.
    resultant data
  9. Log in to the email account you used for Virgin Media email migration (Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft 365) to access your migrated Virgin Media messages under the Imported_date time folder (the name may vary per every email application).
    login to account
  10. The tool generates a process report automatically, showing the backup status with the email count.
    log report


The blog discussed the solutions to access Virgin Media email account. The reasons we discussed in the blog highlight the importance of accessing Virgin Media emails if you can’t log into your account. Reasons like downtime issues and account suspension prevent you from manually accessing your emails, hence prompting the use of an automated tool to access emails.

The tool mentioned in this blog can download your Virgin emails in various cloud email applications and standard file formats, thus giving you the facility to choose your desired backup source according to your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How can I access my Virgin Media emails on my personal account?

A: It’s simple! Select in the Select Saving Option dropdown menu, log into your account, and click Backup to start the process. After completion of the task, open on your system’s web browser, and you can find the Virgin Media emails under the Imported_date time folder (the folder name may vary).

Q 2: If I download of my Virgin Media emails in MBOX format, can I access them in the Thunderbird application?

A: Absolutely! Mozilla Thunderbird accepts MBOX files, and you can access your Virgin Media emails in Thunderbird.

Q 3: I need to see my Virgin Media emails in Microsoft Word. Can the tool export my emails in DOC format?

A: Definitely! Select DOC as the file-saving format, decide a destination for saving your emails, and start the backup process. Every document file will begin with the email details: Date, From, To, and Subject, followed by the email body.

Q 4: Can I access Virgin Media email account data in Yahoo and Gmail accounts?

A: You can! Select Yahoo and Gmail as the mail-saving options individually and download your Virgin Media emails to both email accounts. Check both email accounts after a few minutes of the process. You will see the Virgin Media emails under the Imported_date time folder.

Q 5: Can the tool access Virgin Media emails in HTML for read-only access?

A: Sure! Select HTML as the file-saving format, select one file naming option, and start extracting your Virgin Media emails in HTML format. Open the HTML files individually to access your Virgin Media data in read-only mode.