How to Migrate Virgin Email to Gmail Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Many Virgin Media users wish to migrate Virgin email to their Gmail account for reasons like another backup, quick access during downtime issues, data compliance, and protection from any virus/ malware. If you are among many Virgin Media users looking for solutions to transfer Virgin email to Gmail, keep reading this blog!

Virgin Media is a telecommunication company operating in the United Kingdom, providing its customers with broadband internet, landline telephone services, and television channels. This company gives access to a free email account, thus making it UK’s one of the best telecommunications companies.

Solutions to Import Emails from Virgin Media to Gmail

There isn’t any perfect method to manually migrate the Virgin email to your Gmail account since Virgin Media hasn’t made one. However, you can configure your Virgin Media account with a desktop-based email client and then go to the default storage location to get the backup of Virgin Media emails in a specific format. Hence, we will discuss one professional solution to migrate your Virgin email to a Gmail account.

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Best Solution to Transfer Virgin Email to Gmail

We will discuss an automated tool to migrate Virgin email to Gmail. This tool can import emails from Virgin Media to Gmail with original data and folder structure, ensuring no data loss during the backup process. This perfect tool is BitRecover Email Backup Wizard.

Features of Recommended Software

  • Batch Mode option to transfer emails from Virgin Media to Gmail account at once.
  • The tool maintains original email data, folder structure, and other all components.
  • 100% safe and automated tool to migrate Virgin email to Gmail with account credentials.
  • Multiple advance filters allow to import emails from Virgin Media to Gmail by date range and subject.
  • Facility to choose specific folders for Virgin Media to Gmail migration.

How to Transfer Emails from Virgin to Gmail Account?

  1. Download the tool on your computer and open it after the installation process.
    start software
  2. Choose Virgin Media from the Email Source list. You will find it next to Videotron and before Wanadoo Mail. Click Login after entering your account details.
    select virgin media
  3. The tool will start scanning the email folders. You can see them on the left-side view panel. Select the specific email folders for migration.
    select virgin media folders
  4. If you wish to migrate selective emails, check the Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup box, and use the Date Range filter for migrating specific emails.
    use advance filters
  5. Select Gmail in the Select Saving Option dropdown menu.
    select gmail
  6. Enter your account credentials like Email Address and App Password.
    migrate virgin email to gmail
  7. Begin the email migration process by clicking Backup. The tool displays the live migration status.
    import emails from virgin media to gmail
  8. Virgin Media to Gmail migration process is completed successfully.
    completed successfully
  9. Log into your Gmail account, and you will find the emails under the Imported_date time folder (the folder name may vary).
    login to gmail
  10. A process report (in TXT format) will open up automatically, showing the migration status with the email count.
    log report file


This blog discussed the solutions to migrate Virgin email to Gmail. Since there isn’t any manual method to migrate Virgin email to your Gmail account, the tool explored an automated tool suitable to import emails from Virgin Media to Gmail easily. With many advanced filters for selective migration, this tool migrates your Virgin Media emails to your Gmail account, ensuring data integrity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1: I want to migrate Virgin emails only from the Inbox to my Gmail account. Is it possible through the tool?

Ans: Definitely! The tool can migrate emails only from the Inbox of your Virgin account. Just select Inbox from the left-side email folder list panel.

Que 2: Will the migrated Virgin emails get saved directly in my Gmail mailbox?

Ans: No! The migrated Virgin emails get saved to your Gmail mailbox in a separate Imported_date time folder (the folder name may vary).

Que 3: What about data integrity? Will the tool maintain the Virgin email folder structure during the migration process?

Ans: Definitely! The tool maintains the data integrity and email folder structure during transferring emails from Virgin to Gmail.

Que 4: Can I migrate Virgin emails to my personal Gmail from my two work accounts?

Ans: The Batch Mode is made for this purpose only! Select Virgin Media as the Email source, log into your first work account, select the Batch Mode box, upload the CSV (Excel) file in the Batch Email Source window, and click Next to migrate your Virgin emails to your Gmail account.

Que 5: How many Virgin emails can I migrate to my Gmail account using the trial version?

Ans: The trial version can migrate twenty-five emails from each folder in the trial version. Purchase the full version to migrate the entire Virgin mailbox to your Gmail account.