RoadRunner IMAP Settings for Outlook, Android and Other Email Applications

Rollins Duke   
Published: Nov 21, 2023 • Email Settings • 3 Minutes Reading


Road Runner webmail is managed and controlled by TWC, which stands for Time Warner Cable Network. Get all details about RoadRunner Email Settings to easily set up in other email applications. This is very important to be aware of the IMAP Settings of any Email Application. If we know the correct IMAP and SMTP Settings so, we can easily configure any email account. In this blog, we have provided all information about RoadRunner IMAP and SMTP server settings. Also, An simple and quick solution to backup RoadRunner emails to a hard drive or any other email. Therefore, you should give it a try as well. Also, using the below IMAP Settings you can configure the RoadRunner Email to any email( Gmail, Outlook), Android, iPhone, etc.

Important Email Settings for RoadRunner Email Account

Here are the IMAP and SMTP server settings so, you can copy the same to set up RoadRunner Email Account. In case of any questions or concerns, you can Contact us

Email Settings Port Number
RoadRunner IMAP Incoming mail server:
993, requires SSL (Copy)
143, non-secure (Copy)
RoadRunner SMTP Outgoing mail server:
587, requires SSL(Copy)
465, non-secure (Copy)

How to Download RoadRunner Emails in Batch?

Are you looking to download or backup Emails from RoadRunner to any other Email client or save them locally?  If yes, then use the recommended solution Email Backup Software. it allows to Save RoadRunner emails to any Email or file format. Features of RoadRunner Backup Wizard:

  1. Supports Batch Conversion.
  2. Maintain folder structure during conversion.
  3. Retain all meta properties of emails without losing any information.
  4. Advanced setting for selective backup according to date, too, from, etc.
  5. Support 25+ saving options such as PST, PDF, MBOX, CSV, Gmail, Office 365, Exchange Server, IMAP, etc.
  6. Support 85+ email source applications.
  7. Supported by all Windows Version.
  8. Lifetime license validity.
  9. Support multiple languages.

Therefore, you can download the trial version by clicking on below “Download Now” button. The trial version is a limited copy of the topmost edition of the software program. The demo will allow you to convert 25 emails from each folder. Also, this is a hassle-free solution for all users. Software UI is very simple to understand. It is an Independent tool that does not require any other email application.

Also, the feature batch conversion is very time-consuming. If you have any questions so, you can email us as well at [email protected]


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Watch this Video Illustrating Complete RoadRunner Backup Process:

Conclusion: In this blog, we have explained the general RoadRunner IMAP Settings. so, anyone can easily configure their email account on any device like Mac, Android, and other desktop clients. Also, you can easily backup RoadRunner emails to any other email/file format.

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