ProtonMail IMAP Settings

Rollins Duke   
Published: Nov 21, 2023 • Email Settings • 2 Minutes Reading

ProtonMail Email Settings

To set up an email account, we should know the correct IMAP Settings. In this blog, we have detailed about the ProtonMail Email Settings. Also, in order to use a Protonmail account with Postbox, you need to have the Protonmail Bridge app installed on your system.

In Postbox navigate to the File menu, select New > Mail Account. Provide your Protonmail email and password generated by the Protonmail Bridge app.

Also, If you are having any issues with the setup of ProtonMail using IMAP settings so, please contact us. Also, You can Email us at [email protected].  


IMAP Settings to Setup ProtonMail Email Account

Below are IMAP Settings to set up the ProtonMail account. You can copy the same for your ease.

Email Settings Port Number
ProtonMail IMAP Incoming mail server Host name: (Copy)
1143, No requires SSL/TLS (Copy)
ProtonMail SMTP Outgoing mail server name: (Copy)
1025, No requires SSL/TLS(Copy)

POP3 is another method to forward mail to new mail addresses. At this time, ProtonMail does not offer POP3 services.


How to Setting up Two Factor Authentication in ProtonMail?

  • Step-1 Install & Run ProtonMail Bridge Application. Click on “Add Account”

    Run ProtonMail

  • Step-2 Enter your Username, Login Password, and optionally your 2FA code (if enabled) and Mailbox Password (if in 2-password mode) and click Next on the corresponding screens.

    Mailbox Password

  • Step-3 Now click on Mailbox configuration.

    Mailbox configuration

  • Step-4 Use the IMAP settings provided by the ProtonMail bridge to log into the ProtonMail account in the Email Backup Wizard

    IMAP settings