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Error- free GIF to PDF software is a standalone tool which enable users to easily perform JIF to PDF conversion online with high quality. It includes Select Folder option that allow to batch convert GIHF to PDF in a single attempt. This saves crucial time of users as it is not one by one process. Moreover, the quality will remain intact, it will not get affected by the application when converting GIF to PDF. To perform the task, follow the simple steps listed below:


Download and launch GIF file to PDF tool

Before you export GIF to PDF, it is important to first download Image to PDF Software. It has simple and comprehensible interface with advance features. Everyone can easily access the application to transform GIHF to PDF of Adobe. Any kind of technical support is not needed to operate the conversion utility. It is reliable, safe and secure to save GIF file to PDF using the tool.

download gihf to pdf

It is not necessary that Adobe Acrobat or Reader must be installed on the system to export GIF to PDF using the tool.

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Convert GIF to PDF with High Quality

You can quickly embed JIF to PDF in few clicks after installing GIF to PDF tool on your system

Steps to convert multiple GIHF files to PDF

  1. Open GIF to PDF software
  2. Click on Select File option to convert single GIF file or Select Folder option to convert multiple GIF files to PDF
  3. Choose the required files for conversion of multiple JIF to PDF and click OK
  4. Now selected files will be displayed in front of SELECT SOURCE FILE(s)/FOLDER
  5. Click on Convert to continue
  6. A BOX will be displayed which allow to select the destination path or also you can create new folder as the GIF to PDF tool offers the facility to save JIF file to PDF and click on OK button
  7. Conversion of GIHF file to PDF process starts, wait for some time
  8. Process has been completed, a box will be displayed which will show destination path and press OK to confirm

Still need some help, then watch this short video for live process:~

convert batch of jif to pdf

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Some essential information about GIF and PDF File

GIF i.e. Graphic Interchange Format which is commonly used for pictures on the web and sprites in software programs. Unlike JPEG format, GIFs uses lossless compression that does not degrade the quality. However, GIF store data by making use of indexed colour, which means each file can include a maximum of 256 colours.

PDF format particularly stands for Portable Document Format which print document as an electronic file that you can print, view, navigate or forward to someone else. PDF files are commonly used in different types of documents like magazine articles, flyers, or product brochures, in which you want to preserve the original graphic appearance online. It contains multiple page, each of which you can zoom in or out from. You can page forward and backward.

PDF files are not only documents. File can be embed type fonts so that they are available at any viewing location. They also contain interactive elements like button for forms, entry and for triggering sound and Quicktime or AVI movies. PDF files are improved for the web by rendering text before graphic and hypertext links.

Migrating from JIF to PDF is done due to the following reasons:

  • It is a cross-platform standard
  • A device independent
  • PDF files are compact
  • Contain multimedia elements like movies or sound as well as hypertext elements
  • Support security

— Highlights of GIF to PDF tool to convert GIHF file to PDF quickly —

  • Apprehensive and self-descriptive interface. No technical support is needed to save GIF to PDF
  • Adobe Reader must be installed in order to open and read PDF file
  • No limitation of file size when converting JIF to PDF. Any GIF size can be easily converted to PDF format without losing a quality
  • Separate PDF document will get created for each GIF file after conversion
  • Provide option to save GIHF to PDF at desired location
  • Quality of GIF after conversion will be preserved by GIF to PDF software
  • Includes two conversion option to convert JIF file to PDF i.e. click Select File option to convert single GIF file or click Select Folder option to convert GIF folder to PDF
  • Capable to run on all version of Windows operating system i.e. Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7 and etc.
  • To convert GIF file to PDF, free download version is available for free evaluation and analysis.


What Clients say?

GIF to PDF software is amazing technique that I have found yesterday while surfing over the internet. It has quickly converted all my GIF file to PDF format.

- Amma Johnson, UK

The tool has done a perfect job in converting GIHF file to PDF. I have tried many applications, but no single software was able to do the task perfectly. Every time the quality got reduced. Due to this I started taking stress, but later my friend suggested me GIF to PDF tool. I suddenly downloaded it and the results were ultimate. Thank u so much team for developing such a wonderful application.

-Lily Martin, Australia

I haven't seen any other software working like JIF to PDF software. So smoothly it has performed the conversion task and without reducing the quality. I will recommend everyone to use this application at least for once.

- Amanda, Scotland

One of the feature I liked the most in JIF to PDF software is that it can be run on all the version of Windows operating system. At first, I was confused I should buy this or not because recently I upgraded my operating system from Windows 8 to Windows 10. But when I downloaded and executed the tool, I have found that in seconds only it has converted all my GIF files to PDF. Happy to have such an amazing application.

-Jennifer Lawren, USA

Strong and efficient Graphic Interchange Format to PDF Software to convert multiple GIHF files to PDF without quality loss