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The high quality converter application efficiently perform the folder conversion of JPEG to PDF quickly without quality loss. Quick JPG file to PDF software effectively extract single JPG or complete JPG folder to do multiple conversion in PDF with best quality in a single click. In order to convert bulk JPG to PDF, you need to concentrate on three most important steps mentioned below:


Install the JPG to PDF software

Unable to bash convert multiple JPGs to PDF online, then no worries, the hassle-free Image to PDF Tool is a perfect way out for you. Simply download the tool to convert .jpg to .pdf quickly without losing quality of the JPG. It is an amazing converter for JPEG to PDF which is built up with user-friendly interface that can be utilized by everyone. No technical assistance will require by novice users in order to perform .jpeg to .pdf transfer when using error-free JPGs to PDF Toolkit.

jpg to pdf windows download

JPEG to PDF Windows platform independent application that can run on all version of Windows operating system without limitation

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Convert JPG to PDF without Quality Loss

Use convert multiple JPG to PDF Software to convert a batch of JPGs to PDF in a single attempt with high quality and properties

Steps to convert multiple JPEG to PDF

  1. Open JPG to PDF Tool to convert multiple JPGs to PDF
  2. Click on Select File option to convert single .jpeg file or Select Folder option to convert folder of JPG to PDF.
  3. Choose the required folder for conversion of multiple JPG to PDF and click OK
  4. Now number of selected JPG files will be displayed in front of SELECT SOURCE FILE(s), FOLDER
  5. Click on Convert for further process
  6. A BOX will open which allow to select the destination path or Create New Folder as the JPEG to PDF application also offers the facility for saving .jpg to .pdf and click on OK button
  7. Conversion of JPG to PDF process starts, wait for some time
  8. Process has been completed, a box will be displayed which will show destination path and press OK to confirm

Still want help then watch this short video for live process:~

convert batch of jpg to pdf

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Before jumping over the conversion process, it is important to first understand about JPG and PDF

It is the format for those images which must be very small files, for example for websites or for email. JPG is mostly used on digital camera memory cards. It is small, often compressed to perhaps only 1/10 of the size of the original data, which is a good thing when modems are involved. However, this fantastic compression efficiency comes with a high price. JPG uses lossy compression which means that some quality is lost when JPG data is compressed and saved, and this quality can never be compressed.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. As the name implies, it is a data format which can be used to describe documents. PDF is commonly used as a format to exchange data, either complete pages that need to be printed or advertisements that required to be included in publication. The file format is popular for soft proofing and reviewing content, because there are applications that allow you to make annotations on the PDF pages.

Conversion of JPGs to PDF provide more advantages than storing JPEG file itself. Why?

The format keeps JPG on your hard drive in lesser bytes than when it is displayed compressing JPEG files to one tenth of the original file size. Still, the format's compression capabilities are also a negative. Using a high compression scheme will result in a low quality JPG and conversely, low compression will give a high quality JPG, consequently, the higher the quality, the larger the file size.

When printing up JPEG, the print quality depends upon the dimension of Pixel. The Pixel dimension for screen and print resolution are two different things. Thus, when it comes to the printing factor, what you get on screen is not necessarily what you'll get on paper. However, when in the PDF format, you can print up exactly what you see.

Moreover, there are limitations as JPEG is ideal for formatting purposes. JPEGs are usually not good for small with textual data. Neither is it good for constantly edited JPG. JPEGs also does not produce transparency within JPG very well as the lossy compression will eradicate those extra pixels required for the subtle "fading out" result.

When the JPG quality becomes an importance in professional industries, converting JPEGs to PDF files into a more useful and essential format is mandatory. For professional uses such as the publishing of main ads, a hi-res PDF file is generally specified for transmitting advertisements.

— Important features of JPEG file to PDF Software to convert .jpg to .pdf quickly —

  • Easy to understand graphical interface. No IT skills or any technical help will require to convert JPEG to PDF without Adobe
  • Adobe Reader will be needed to open and read PDF document
  • No file size limitation when performing conversion of multiple JPGs to PDF
  • Quickly create separate PDF file for each JPG file when converting JPEG to PDF
  • Offer facility for saving JPEG to PDF at desired location
  • Convert JPG to PDF Application will not affect the quality of JPG when performing the conversion of JPG to PDF
  • Capable to convert multiple JPGs to PDF as the tool includes "Select Folder" option which will quickly convert the complete folder of JPEG file to PDF.
  • Supports all version of Windows operating system from earlier to the newly launched to convert JPEGs to PDF.
  • To convert JPG to PDF, free download version is available for free evaluation and analysis


What Clients say?

I must say that JPEG to PDF software is the best software to convert multiple JPG to PDF. No other application support batch conversion of JPG file. But this tool prove itself the amazing converter application to convert a batch of JPG to PDF without losing quality in a few clicks.

- Jonny Marker, USA

JPG to PDF Windows software is wonderful tool for saving a JPEG to PDF. I have tried many software to convert JPG to PDF, but unable to do so because the JPG quality was reducing whenever I convert the JPG to PDF. And when I downloaded this tool for JPG to PDF transfer, it has done an amazing job. Finally, I got the tool which I want from so long.

-Julian Robert, New Zealand

The tool has performed such a smooth conversion of JPG to PDF. I was facing issues with other applications to convert multiple JPG to PDF. JPG to PDF is high quality converter utility that does not affect the quality when doing the conversion. My JPG quality was same after conversion as it was before. You guys have done an amazing job.

- Bradd, London

JPG to PDF migrator is ultimate application to convert multiple JPG to PDF without losing quality. I will surely advice others also to give this product a try at least for once to convert JPG to PDF.

-Martin Parker, France

Quick and professional JPG to PDF Software to convert multiple JPG to PDF without quality loss