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Standalone utility to convert Evernote files to DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT, RTF, EML, MSG, PST, XPS, MHT, EMF, EPUB, OXPS, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF, DOC, DOCX, Extract Attachments

  • Convert Evernote Notebook & Note files *.enex or *.html or *.mht
  • Convert multiple / single Evernote Exported files at once to desired file format
  • Transfer Selective Evernote Notebook & Notes using selection Mode
  • Select File & Select Folder Mode to convert single / multiple Evernote files
  • Allows to export Evernote Meeting Note, To-do, Weekly Planner, Project Plan
  • Evernote file converter can be installed in multiple languages
  • Offers multiple file formats to store the converted Evernote data
  • Converts All EverNote Notes & Notebook with complete attachments & formatting
  • Ability to Create Single / Multiple PDF for every Note / Notebook
  • Operable on all Windows Operating System
  • Convert Evernote to Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, etc.

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When to Use BitRecover Evernote ENEX Converter?

Trusted One-Stop Solution for Every Converter for Evernote Needs

Diverse Output Formats

Evernote primarily saves notes in its unique format, which may not always be compatible with other applications or systems. Users often seek conversion software to transform Evernote files into 10+ file formats.

Data Portability

Users value the ability to access their notes across multiple devices and platforms. Evernote conversion software allows them to convert files to universally compatible formats, ensuring seamless data portability.

Collab and Sharing

Collaboration is essential in both personal and professional settings. By converting Evernote files to standard formats, users can effortlessly share their notes with colleagues, friends, or family members.

Backup and Archiving

Preserving important information is crucial. Users often seek conversion software to create backup copies of their Evernote files in external storage or archive notes for long-term record-keeping purposes.

Alternative Platforms

As users explore other note-taking applications or productivity suites, they seek Evernote conversion software to transition their existing Evernote data to the new platform efficiently.

Structured Data

Evernote conversion software can help users organize their data in a structured manner, especially when dealing with large volumes of notes and notebooks. The ability to convert Evernote files in bulk.

Preserve Attachments

Evernote often contains various multimedia elements, such as images, audio, or video files, embedded within notes. Conversion software ensures that these attachments are seamlessly integrated or preserving the original context of the notes.

Time Efficiency

Manual conversions of Evernote files can be time-consuming, error-prone, and laborious. Users turn to conversion software to streamline the process and save valuable time while achieving accurate and reliable results. .

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Effortless Evernote Conversions at Your Fingertips

We understand the importance of seamlessly converting your Evernote documents without losing any valuable information with the most rated and experts recommended tool for *.enex, *.html, *.mht conversion.

Following are some advance features of this software:

  • Preserve Formatting: Ensuring Your Files Keep Their Original Charm and Structure.
  • Support for Multiple Formats: The Flexibility to Convert Evernote Files into Preferred Formats.
  • Batch Conversion: Effortlessly Convert Multiple Evernote Files at Once.
  • Embedded Attachment Handling: Seamlessly Manage Attachments in Your Converted Files.
  • Customization Options: Tailoring the Conversion Process to Suit Your Specific Needs.
  • Intuitive User Interface: A User-Friendly Experience for Smooth Evernote Conversions.

Descriptive Features of Evernote Exporter

Recommended Software to Convert Evernote Notes & Notebook file to various file formats

Convert All Evernote Files

Convert Evernote Notebook & Notes

Bitrecover Evernote Converter Wizard enables users to convert all exported Files from Evernote Note taking app to desired File Format. The ENEX converter software is capable to export Evernote Notebook & Note Files (*.enex or *.html or *.mht ).

Convert all EverNote Data

Convert all EverNote Data

The Evernote ENEX file converter software will convert all the data stored within Evernote Notebook (multiple Notes ) & Notes . It is capable to convert all types of Notes given by Evernote such as To Do, Meal Planner, Daily Reflection, Meeting Note, Project Plan, lecture Notes , Essay Outline , weekly Planner & much more.

Convert Bulk Evernote *.enex Files

Convert Bulk Evernote *.enex files

Instead of selecting single message to export Evernote to JPG, HTML, DOC, etc. You can also choose bulk of Evernote files at once. Select the preferred folder(s) consisting of .enex, .html or .mht files to be converted to process bulk ENEX conversion.

Offers Dual Migration Modes

Offers Dual Migration Modes

The Evernote File Converter utility comes up with two options for data conversion of Evernote. Onc can easily add multiple Evernote files to software panel using the Add File/Folder option. In addition, to that the software allows you yo export Evernote exported files into multiple file & document format.

Selective Notes Migration

Selective Notes Migration

Successfully convert Evernote file selectively with the help of provided checkboxes. Besides an equally successful bulk Evernote file conversion, the ENEX converter software also features conversion of selective Evernote files for added user convenience.

Exports Evernote to Multiple Formats

Exports Evernote to Multiple Formats

The Evernote File Converter utility is a one-time investment tool as it provides various file saving options with multiple advanced data filters for selective & batch conversion. The Tool also supports to Extract Attachments all attachments within Evernote Notes.

Get All Evernote Attachments

Get All Evernote Attachments

Other than converting ENEX Notes and Files to various file formats, the users can also extract attachments from Evernote. For this, this tool offers a special saving option of "Extract Attachments". Thus, you need to simply choose all Evernote ENEX files and select this option and the tool will automatically start extracting single or multiple Evernote attachments.

Preserves the Data Integrity

Preserves the Data Integrity

Evernote migrator is algorithm in such a way that it maintains the data integrity after migration. It keeps the on-disk folder hierarchy, formatting, files, images, attachments, Meta properties, etc. in exact form. No modification is done with original styling of data after migration.

Stores Data at User-Friendly Location

Stores Data at User-Friendly Location

Evernote exporter Wizard provides an option to save Evernote exported files at desired location on your machine. ENEX File converter makes easy for users to manage all the converted Evernote files at desired location of hard disk or any external application. It also allows to save resultant data at same source location.

Migrate Unlimited Evernote Files

Migrate Unlimited Evernote files

Evernote Migrator software is designed by keeping the end user’s need in mind that they have several of data files belonging to Evernote. Therefore, Evernote ENEX file converter does not impose any limitations on number of data files, when exported to another format from Evernote.

Performs Secure Data Conversion

Performs Secure Data Conversion

Entire Evernote conversion procedure is carried out with complete security measures taken. The software programming is done in such a way that during the data migration, it ensures complete data conversion by preserving the data quality in exact form.

Import Evernote Files to PST

Import Evernote files to PST

Updated version of Evernote exporter software is capable to import Evernote to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and previous editions. First convert Evernote exported emails to PST format after that import converted PST file to Outlook.

Import Evernote to Windows Mail

Import Evernote to Windows Mail

Evernote exporter software gives option to convert Evernote exported mailboxes into EML format which is supportable format of Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Windows 10 Mail, Windows 8 Mail, Windows 7 Mail, etc. With the help of this ENEX converter software users can easily convert Evernote to Windows Live Mail.

Convert Evernote ENEX Files

Convert Evernote ENEX files

Updated Evernote notes converter gives permission to convert ENEX to HTML, ENEX to TXT, ENEX to RTF, ENEX to EML (ENEX to Windows Live Mail), ENEX to MSG, ENEX to PST (ENEX to Outlook), ENEX to XPS, ENEX to MHT, ENEX to EMF, ENEX to EPUB, ENEX to OXPS, ENEX to JPG, ENEX to GIF, ENEX to BMP, ENEX to PNG, ENEX to TIFF, ENEX to DOC (ENEX to Word) and ENEX to DOCX formats.

No Size Limitation

No Size Limitation

Evernote note Converter provides an option for the users to store the converted data files at desired location. It makes easy for the user’s to manage the data accordingly. There is no any limitation imposed on the size or the number of Evernote files to be converted. You can use the BitRecover Evernote Converter for unlimited file conversion of any given total size without surfacing any performance failure during the process.

Supports 32 and 64-bit Windows OS.

Supports 32 and 64-bit Windows OS

The Evernote Converter software is designed in such a way that it supports all MS Windows editions, i.e. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc. The tool is accessible on both 32 and 64-bit Windows OS.

Characteristics of Evernote Converter Tool

BitRecover Evernote File Converter is a powerful tool that can be used to easily convert Evernote ENEX files to a variety of other formats. If you are looking for a way to convert your Evernote MHT, ENEX files to a variety of other formats, then Evernote Export Tool is a great option.

The software is easy to use and can be used to convert single files or entire folders of Evernote notes.

Multiple Saving Options
Evernote to .doc, .eml, .html, etc.
Support Notebook & Files
Export *.enex or *.html or *.mht.
Selective Conversion
Selective conversion option available.
Safe and Secure
Virus free and trustable utility.
Allows to convert all data
Meeting Note, To-do, Weekly Planner, etc.

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Experts Recommended Solution for Every Converter for Evernote Needs

Download Tool Evernote File Converter Wizard

Know Minimum System Specifications to Download & Use the App with Ease

BitRecover Software Box
Software Download
Size 40.3 MB
Version 3.7
Take a Trial -Free Evernote Converter allows to migrate maximum 5 Evernote files to all the software supported file formats with company watermark , you can easily remove the restrictions by upgrading it to license edition.
1636 Ratings

Trial Limitations

Free Evernote Note Converter allows to migrate maximum 5 Evernote exported files to multiple document format with company watermark , you can easily remove the restrictions by upgrading it to license edition.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent

Supported Editions

Win 10 & All Below Windows Versions

Comparison of Trial & Full Version

Feature Comparison of Evernote Converter Wizard for Windows - DEMO and Licensed Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Load Evernote Notebook & Note Files *.enex or *.html or *.mht
Convert multiple / single Evernote Exported Files
Select File & Select Folder Mode to convert single / multiple Evernote Files
Convert Evernote Meeting Note, To-do, Weekly Planner, Project Plan
Preserves data integrity
Windows 10 & All Other Previous Windows Version Supported
Convert Evernote Files to 10+ formats only 5 *.enex or *.html or *.mht files All Items
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%
Cost FREE $39

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions & Some essential information

How to Convert Evernote ENEX Files in Multiple Formats?

Follow few simple steps to Export Evernote Files to Various File Types

  • STEP 1 : Start BitRecover Evernote converter software, read instructions to convert data.
  • STEP 2 : Click on “Select...” button located on next screen and select the folder which contains your ENEX or HTML or MHT (*.enex or *.html or *.mht) files and then click “Next”.
  • STEP 3 : . If the selected folder contains sub-folders (or folders deeper in folder hierarchy) with *.enex or *.html or *.mht files then whole folder hierarchy will be displayed.
  • STEP 4 : Select required folders to convert Evernote ENEX, MHT Files
  • STEP 5 : Select Saving option and Choose desired saving location to proceed for conversion.

No, the ENEX converter software is completely Windows based and is operable on all Windows machines both 32 and 64-bit.

Yes, Evernote Converter is designed in such a way that it offers an option to perform batch and selective data migration accordingly.

Yes, the Evernote ENEX file converter software comes up with free of cost demo version that makes easy to understand the complete working and functionality of the tool. As it is a demo version therefore, it has some limitations. To overcome the limitation, one can buy the licensed edition of the software.

No, the utility does not impose any file size limitation to execute the data conversion procedure. You can easily export unlimited data size of any size to desired file format.

Yes, you can easily add multiple data files stored in one folder on the utility to transfer it to any of the desired file format without losing a bit of data information.

Yes! Updated edition of Evernote ENEX converter allows to convert ENEX files to DOC formats so after converting them you can easily view them in MS Word.

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