Here’s How to Convert Evernote to PDF in Batch – Complete Guide

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Published: May 18th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Several Evernote users want to convert Evernote to PDF documents together with all notes, embedded files and other crucial items. If you are also one of them then this blog post is especially for you. In this blog post, you will learn the manual and automatic techniques to export Evernote Notebook to PDF files.

Evernote is a popular note-taking application that allows users to write, capture, and manage various types of content, including text, images, audio, and more. While Evernote is primarily designed to handle and store notes, it also has some limited capabilities related to convert Evernote note to PDF document.

Reasons to Export Evernote Notebook to PDF files

  • Offline Access: Users prefer to access Evernote notebooks offline which can be possible after converting ENEX to PDF documents.
  • Backup: Many professionals convert Evernote to PDF for backup. If they lose their Evernote notebook, the PDF backup helps to restore the data.
  • Sharing: Sometimes users want to share Evernote ENEX notebooks with colleagues and friends who don’t use Evernote. So, users export Evernote to PDF because of its compatibility.
  • Printing: We all know that PDF is a highly recommended file extension for print requirements. So, several users wish to save Evernote as PDF documents.
  • Security: After downloading Evernote notes as PDF documents, users can lock PDF files for opening, printing, copying, and editing.
  • Compatibility: All smartphone, tablet, and computer users can easily access PDF without installing any software to convert ENEX to PDF documents.

Manual way to Convert Evernote Note to PDF documents

  1. Select a note in Evernote and choose “More Actions“.
    More actions
  2. After that, choose “Export as PDF” from the dropdown.
    Export Evernote Note to PDF
  3. Then, see advanced settings and hit the “Export” button.
    Export Evernote to PDF
  4. Select a specific destination folder and press “Save“.
    Save evernote as PDF
  5. See Evernote has placed your exported note into a file.
  6. Afterward, click the “Open containing folder” button.
    Open containing folder
  7. Get Evernote Note in PDF format from the destination path.
    Exported PDF

Manual Method Constraints

The manual method is capable of exporting only one Evernote Note, Notebook in PDF document format at once. So, it is not for professional users while home users can use this technique.

Your Evernote program should be in proper working condition to export Evernote Notebook to PDF format. If Evernote crashes and stops working, then the manual method will not work.

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Pro way to Convert Evernote to PDF files in Batch

All-in-One Evernote Converter has a separate option to convert Evernote Notebook to PDF. So, it is also known as Evernote to PDF Converter. This software is obtainable with an online download free demo edition that allows converting a maximum of 5 .enex files to .pdf format.

The free demo edition of ENEX to PDF Converter enables users to check the working process of this software to save Evernote as PDF format without spending money. After understanding the working process, users can purchase license keys at a pocket-friendly price.

How to Export Evernote to PDF documents in Bulk?

#1 Stage: Export All Notes in ENEX files

  1. Run Evernote and select single or all Notes accordingly.
    Select Evernote notebook
  2. After that, select “More Actions” from the right side.
    More actions
  3. Then, choose the “Export” option from the dropdown choices.
    Export Evernote Notebook to PDF
  4. Select “ENEX Format (.enex)” and tap the “Export” button.
    ENEX format
  5. Browse the destination path and click “Save” to export ENEX files.
    Save ENEX files

#2 Stage: Convert ENEX to PDF Format

  1. Start Evernote to PDF Converter on your Windows or Mac Machine.
    Run Evernote to PDF Converter
  2. Select Evernote exported ENEX, HTML, or MHT files in software.
    Add Evernote ENEX
  3. Select Evernote notes in the software window and press the Next button.
    Select Evernotes
  4. Select PDF from saving formats to export Evernote notes to PDF files.
    Saving options
  5. After that, choose the desired destination path to store output data.
    Destination path
  6. Click the Convert button to convert Evernote to PDF document.
    Convert Evernote to PDF
  7. The Evernote ENEX to PDF conversion process was completed successfully.
    Convert Evernote Note to PDF
  8. Lastly, it opens the destination path, here you can see the converted Evernote documents as PDF files.
    Resultant PDFs

ENEX to PDF Converter Best Features

  • Convert Evernote Notebook to PDF documents together with embedded attachments.
  • Export Evernote to PDF documents in bulk with the original structure.
  • There is no file size limitation to convert ENEX to PDF documents with all components.
  • Evernote to PDF Converter offers dual options to add ENEX files like Select Files or Select Folders.
  • Convert Evernote Note to PDF format and store output documents at the desired location.
  • ENEX to PDF Converter is compatible with all Windows as well as Mac OS editions.
  • It supports Evernote exported ENEX, HTML, and MHT Notes or Notebooks.


After reading this complete blog post all technical and non-technical users can easily convert Evernote to PDF documents. In this blog post, we have mentioned dual methods manual and professional to change ENEX to PDF including all items and components. However, we want to suggest only a professional technique that allow to export Evernote notebook to PDF in bulk.

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Ask Us Anything, Get Your Answer!

Q 1: Can I turn an Evernote into a PDF?

Yes, first select Evernote notes and choose More Actions (three dots). Then choose the Export as PDF option to turn an Evernote into a PDF document.

Q 2: Is there something better than Evernote?

Obsidian is the best note-taking software which is available free for non-profit organizations and personal users. You can migrate Evernote to Obsidian without losing any information.

Q 3: How to change ENEX file to PDF without Evernote?

BitRecover ENEX to PDF Converter is an excellent software for changing ENEX files to PDF documents.