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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Looking for a WMF to GIF Converter online or offline software. But, unable to track a suitable approach? Now not to panic anymore, because you had landed at the correct place. This online page is going to tell you about a smart solution to convert WMF files to GIF in bulk. You can read this post to know about an effective and efficient approach that exports batch WMF files to GIF.

The thought for converting WMF files to GIF comes with many questions in mind. People have a general concern in their mind that ‘will the graphic file get manipulated if they’ll use any third-party approach for conversion?’ When an individual raises such kind of question, it means that he or she is really serious about his / her Windows MetaFile. He or she cannot afford a single alteration while using a third-party WMF to GIF Converter to accomplish the task.

How to Convert WMF to GIF Images Instantly?

You can follow these 5 steps for storing Windows Metafile to GIF format.

  1. Launch BitRecover WMF to GIF Converter on your Windows OS Machine.
  2. Add Windows Metafile in the software panel using Select Files or Select Folders button.
  3. Check specific .wmf images from software window and press Next button.
  4. Pick GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) from saving formats and select destination location too.
  5. Click on the Convert button to start .wmf to .gif conversion process.

Usually, people prefer the approach that allows them to perform a hassle-free conversion. They opt for an online or offline WMF File Converter that satisfies their basic requirements. One such requirement is data integrity i.e., users cannot afford any manipulation in a graphic image. Therefore today through this post, we are going to tell you about an all-in-one application to convert WMF files to GIF. Move your eyes towards the next section of this post to read out more about the solution about which we are talking!

Convert Windows Metafile to GIF With Ease – Step-by-Step

The solution is available online to export batch WMF files to GIF in an effortless manner. It includes use of a program, named WMF to GIF Converter. It is a Windows-based application whose setup file is available online for free downloading without any hassle. You simply have to click on the Download button and then, install the software on PC. This means you don’t have to roam around anywhere to achieve a suitable solution to convert WMF files to GIF in batch.

Following steps need to be executed to export batch WMF files to GIF via our recommended approach :

1 – As discussed earlier, download the setup file and install it on your PC. Launch the application after the complete installation of the downloaded EXE file.

Download New Purchase New

2 – Click on Next to begin the process of converting WMF files to GIF.

converting WMF files to GIF

3 – Either click on ‘Select File’ or ‘Select Folder’ button to add one or more WMF files respectively.

WMF to GIF high quality

4 – Continue with WMF to GIF file conversion by clicking on the Next button.

windows metafile to gif

5 – Select the WMF files that you wish to save in .gif format. And then, click on Next.

Select the WMF files

6 – Explore the menu of ‘Select Saving Option’ and choose GIF from the explored list.

Select Saving Option

7 – Software automatically defines a PC location where it will save resultant GIF files. Still, if you wish to change the pre-defined path, use the browse button to define a new location.

define a new location

8 – Once done with defining a location for resultant GIF files, click on the Convert button.

windows metafile to gif converter

The software will begin its execution and provide you your resultant files in just a few seconds. Well, the total time of conversion procedure is dependent upon the number of WMF files to be exported. Still, the program tries its best to consume the shortest time period while converting WMF files to GIF format.

Instead of Online Tools, Why to Use WMF to GIF Converter?

Yes, it is a good question to ask! People who use online tools to convert WMF to GIF might raise this question. We will definitely give the answer to this question so that you can understand the vital reason for using WMF to GIF Converter. The following difference table will provide you the reason for which users should prefer offline WMF to GIF Converter instead of online apps.

S.No. WMF to GIF Converter Online WMF to GIF Converter Offline
1. These approaches demand 24*7 internet connectivity with high speed. This connection is essentially required to convert WMF files to GIF. The program demands internet connection only to download the setup file. After this, there is no need for any connection to convert WMF to GIF.
2. Batch processing of WMF files is not available in these utilities. You have to convert the file one after the another in case of multiple processing. The software is embedded with batch processing of WMF files. You simply have to use the ‘Select Folder’ option to collectively browse and export batch WMF files to GIF.
3. When you are uploading your WMF file on internet tools, you are sharing your secretive information online. There is no sharing of information while using this WMF to GIF Converter on Microsoft Windows OS.
4. Chances of data breaches are high in these utilities. No chances of the data breach are there because there is no role of the internet during the conversion.

Time to Conclude

The foolproof solution to convert WMF to GIF in batch is provided in this post. You can try out the trial version of WMF to GIF converter for free. There are no extra charges to use this product’s edition. Test it for your purpose and export batch WMF files to GIF with it. You are definitely going to experience a safe and secure environment while converting WMF files to GIF.

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