How Do I Convert WMF to BMP In Batch? Troubleshoot Your Issue Now

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

You must be here with the hope of getting a foolproof solution to convert WMF to BMP in batch. And definitely, you might be expecting a satisfactory answer to your problem.

Well, we are not going to disappoint you! We will definitely help you in fixing the challenges that you face while changing WMF files to BMP. Today’s post is based upon delivering a solution that allows users to convert WMF files to BMP in a hassle-free manner. It involves the use of an application named WMF to BMP Converter, which a dedicated program to change WMF to BMP.

How to Convert WMF to BMP Bitmap in Simple Steps?

You need to follow these simplified steps to save Windows Metafile WMF in BMP format.

  1. Start Windows Metafile to BMP Converter offline software on your Windows PC.
  2. Upload .wmf image files in the software interface using Select Files or Select Folders button.
  3. Check desired Windows Metafiles from software panel and hit on the Next button.
  4. Choose BMP (Bitmap) raster graphics image file format from saving formats.
  5. Browse destination path and click on the Convert button to start WMF file to BMP conversion.

Seems as if you are having doubt in your mind whether to trust us or not! Don’t worry, we expect this sort of behavior from your end because you hardly know about this approach. But yes, we would suggest you please trust us for a while and do as we say.

The application to convert WMF to BMP is easily available online. Users can download the setup file from the internet on their PC and install it on the system. They don’t have to roam around here and there in search of a CD that comprises of Windows Metafile to BMP Converter’s installation file. Now you might be thinking that what if virus comes in PC upon downloading the setup file? For this, we want to tell you that the online WMF to BMP Converter’s setup file is virus-free. It has been tested by the global team of experts and they also agreed that it is free from all viruses.

Now let’s proceed further with the reading a simple way to convert WMF files to BMP. This will provide you detail about the easiest method to change WMF to BMP in batch mode. Come, let’s start!

Convert WMF Files to BMP in Batch

“I am having around 14 to 15 files with me whose extension is .wmf. My team lead asked me to save these files in BMP format so that he access these files on the MAC platform. Now the most challenging thing with me is that neither I know about WMF file nor BMP. If I know anything, then that is – WMF is a Windows metadata file and BMP is a bitmap file. Apart from this, I don’t know any technicalities about these two image files. Now can anyone tell me that how can I convert WMF files to BMP in order to impress my team leader by fulfilling his orders? Please, please, please, tell me some way to perform WMF to BMP conversion. It will be of great help to me.

When users search for a solution to convert WMF to BMP files, they have a major concern regarding image integrity. They always opt for an approach that doesn’t hamper the image structuring and formatting during the conversion. In order to fulfill this main concern, we are here with Windows Metafile to BMP converter, which keeps the image intact throughout the procedure. You will realize that only file extensions are changed and rest image content is the same as it was before conversion. And of course, the supportive applications to open the file will get changed. The solution ensures that it will not harm the inside the content of WMF’s graphic image while exporting it in BMP format. Well, the following listed are the guidelines that allow users to convert Windows Metafile to BMP files in batch :

Convert Windows Metafile to BMP – Stepwise Procedure

1 – Download the setup file of BitRecover WMF Converter on your PC and install it.

Please Note – Always download the setup file from the officially secured website of the product. If you download it from an unsecured website, there are chances of viruses present in it.

Download New Purchase New

2 – Once you are finished with the installation procedure, launch the application. Click on Next.

WMF to BMP Converter

3 – Click on ‘Select Files’ or ‘Select Folder’ option to add the WMF file(s) in the application. For demonstration purposes, we are clicking on the ‘Select Files’ button.

windows metafile to bmp

4 – Change WMF to BMP by clicking on the Next button.

Windows Metafile

5 – Check the checkbox of WMF files that you wish to save in .bmp format. Click on Next to continue.

checkbox of WMF files

6 – Choose the BMP option from the menu of ‘Select Saving Option’.

Choose the BMP

7 – If you wish to change the default destination location, click on the Browse button. This will permit you to enter your desired location where you wish to save the resultant BMP file.

raster graphics image file format

8 – At last, click on the Convert button to begin the execution of the procedure to convert WMF to BMP format.

convert WMF to BMP format

Now Its Your Time to Try It Out Yourself

The things that we wish to deliver regarding WMF to BMP converter are done from our side. Now you can increase your trust level by testing the free version of this program. Yes, you can convert WMF to BMP for free by using the trial edition of the product. This version is embedded with all features within it that are told to you. The working of this edition is the same as it is shown in this post. So what are you waiting for? Go download and use the free WMF to BMP converter, before this version goes unavailable for testing purpose.

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