How to Transfer Windstream Email to Gmail Account with Attachments ? : User-Friendly Guide

Mark Regan ~ June 24th, 2021 ~ Recover Your Data


Windstream is a Webmail email application suitable for small, medium and large companies. Government agencies also use it to manage email and other data. If you compare Windstream with Gmail or Google Mail, Gmail will lead. We know the reasons: popularity, excellent security, simplified user interface, accessibility to Google Apps, etc. If you are looking for a solution to transfer Windstream email to Gmail account instantly, stay on this blog.

Here, we will present the best solution to easily export Windstream email to Gmail / G Suite account with attachments. After trying the solution mentioned in this guide, you can automatically transfer Windstream emails to Gmail account. It is fast and easy. So, let’s get started.

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Read about the Best Windstream Email to Gmail Transfer Tool

Use the professional tool “Email Backup Wizard”. It is an all-in-one utility explicitly designed to solve email migration queries. It allows users to transfer Windstream email to Gmail directly. Moreover, its function and work are fantastic, and it provides users with convenience during the task. Also, you don’t have to install any other applications. It is 100% secure and allows users to export emails from Windstream email accounts to Gmail on any Windows computer.

Now, let’s take the necessary steps and learn how to change from Windstream to Gmail quickly.

How to Transfer Windstream Email to Gmail Directly ?

  1. Download and start the mentioned software.
  2. Select Windstream as the source and fill credentials.
  3. Check the required Windstream folder and continue.
  4. Choose Gmail as the saving option and enter login details.
  5. Click on the Backup button and get 100% accurate results.

Following Steps Let you Export Windstream Email to Gmail in a Few Clicks – Complete Guide

Follow the step-by-step process mentioned to export Windstream to Gmail with total precision.

Download and start the application on a computer-supported by Windows.

Select the “Windstream” option, as shown in the screenshot, and fill in the credentials. After that, click the login button.


Next, the software will analyze the files and folders from the Windstream account. It also lists them in the software panel. Therefore, select the desired folder. Now, scroll down to select saving list, and then select Gmail.


Then, add Gmail account credentials in the software panel.


Note:- In order to transfer Windstream email to G Suite, choose the G Suite as saving option from the tool.


Go to the backup button and press it. You will see the process of transferring Windstream to Gmail started.


Please wait a moment:-As you can see in the software window, the process is continuing. So wait. After transferring all Windstream emails to a Gmail account, the complete conversion message will be displayed. You will get a full confirmation message as a log report detailing all the information about the transfer process. Now, it’s all done.

Time to Check the Final Results: – Now, finally, open your Gmail account and you will find a folder containing all Windstream emails in your Gmail account.

Take a Test Drive – Learn to Use for Free

Any user can use the DEMO version of the tool to transfer Windstream emails to Gmail for free. It works and functions the same as the licensed version. However, the demo version has some limitations. It only exports 25 emails from Windstream to Gmail, which preserved data integrity. Both versions are safe. Also, forward emails to Gmail.

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The Complete List of Impressive Features of the Software

– This utility is a professional solution that allows users to transfer Windstream emails to Gmail account with all elements.

– This tool is 100% safe and can provide accurate results without data loss.

– This ultimate Windstream to Gmail transfer solution can maintain the entire folder hierarchy throughout the process.

– When transferring Windstream to Gmail, all email elements are maintained.

– The licensed version of the tool does not restrict the migration of Windstream email to Gmail.

– This application allows users to transfer multiple Windstream emails to Gmail personal accounts.

– Use Windstream to Gmail transfer tool. You can well maintain all attributes, email attachments, and data integrity.

– There is a support team available 24*7. You can contact for any query about the tool.

– This all-in-one utility is a reliable application. It also does not store any personal information.

– It is a complete Windows support application and supports all available versions.

– Users can also transfer Windstream email to G Suite account easily with this software.

Bringing it All Together

The above blog mentioned a reliable solution for transferring Windstream email to Gmail. It’s safe. All types of users: technical and non-technical users can easily use it. Users can rely on this application for a smooth conversion. Moreover, this tool is easy to use, and the process is fast. Download the software and export all Windstream emails to Gmail account in bulk. So, download the software and enjoy a hassle-free process.

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