How to Transfer Windstream Email to Gmail? [Solved]

Rollins Duke   
Published: March 19th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Looking for a solution to transfer Windstream email to Gmail account including all items and components. If yes, then stay tuned with this blog post, here you will find manual and automated methods to migrate and forward Windstream email to Gmail.

Windstream is a Webmail email application suitable for small, medium, and large companies. Government agencies also use it to manage email and other data. If you compare Windstream with Gmail, then Gmail will lead. We know the reasons: popularity, excellent security, simplified user interface, accessibility to Google Workspace, etc.

Here, we are presenting the 3 best solutions to easily transfer email from Windstream to Gmail with attachments. After trying the solution mentioned in this guide, you can automatically export Windstream emails to your Gmail account. It is fast and easy. So, let’s get started:

How to Forward Windstream Email to Gmail?

  1. Login to your Windstream account and choose Preferences.
  2. After that, choose the Mail option from the left side.
  3. Fill your Gmail email address under Receiving Messages.
  4. Check Remove a local copy box to delete email after forwarding.
  5. Forward email to Gmail completed successfully.

Note That: After completing the forward setup, your new emails will be forwarded from Windstream to Gmail account. This method will not migrate old Windstream email to Gmail.

How to Migrate Windstream Email to Gmail Manually?

  1. Configure your Windstream account in Outlook.
  2. Wait for syncing Windstream emails with Outlook.
  3. Export Windstream emails from Outlook to PST format.
  4. Get the resultant PST file that stores Windstream emails.
  5. Use the GWSMO Tool to import Windstream PST to Gmail.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

These are quick steps for adding Windstream email to Gmail account. Hence, when you use this manual method, you will need to follow some sub-steps for completing each step. This is a lengthy and time-consuming process to transfer Windstream email to Gmail. Also, it requires some technical knowledge to fulfill these requirements. Hence, non-technical users may face the problem while completing this task.

Automated Way to Export Windstream Email to Gmail

Use the professional tool ‘Email Backup Wizard‘. It is an all-in-one utility explicitly designed to solve email migration queries. It allows users to transfer Windstream email to Gmail directly. Moreover, its function and work are fantastic, and it provides users with convenience during the task. Also, you don’t have to install any other applications. It is 100% secure and allows users to export emails from Windstream to Gmail on any Windows and Mac computer.

Now, let’s take the necessary steps and learn how to migrate from Windstream to Gmail quickly.

How to Transfer Windstream Email to Gmail?

  1. Start the above-mentioned utility on your Windows or Mac Machine.
  2. Select the ‘Windstream‘ option, as a source, and fill credentials. After that, click the Login button.
    Choose Windstream
  3. Next, the software will analyze the files and folders from the Windstream account. It also lists them in the software panel. Therefore, select the desired folders. Now, scroll down to select saving list, and then select Gmail.
    Select Gmail
  4. Then, add Gmail account credentials in the software panel i.e. Email Address, and App Password. Learn the steps to create a Gmail App password.
    Enter Gmail details
  5. Hit the Backup button and see the process of transferring Windstream to Gmail started.
    Transfer Windstream email to Gmail
  6. Now, finally, open your Gmail account and you will find a folder containing all Windstream emails in your Gmail account.
    Login to Gmail

Complete List of Software Features

  • This utility is a professional solution that allows users to transfer Windstream emails to Gmail account with all elements.
  • This ultimate Windstream to Gmail transfer solution can maintain the entire folder hierarchy throughout the process.
  • You can migrate Windstream email to Gmail with complete mailbox items and components.
  • This application allows users to export Windstream email to Gmail within a date range, email address, and subject.
  • The tool automatically maintains all attributes, email attachments and data integrity.

Bringing It All Together

The above blog mentioned a total of 3 tried and tested methods to transfer Windstream email to Gmail. We have discovered 2 manual approaches to migrate and forward Windstream emails to Gmail with attachments. We have also explained an automated way to complete this task.

This is an easy-to-use software so all technical and non-technical users can easily use it. Users can rely on this application for a smooth conversion. Moreover, this tool is easy to use, and the process is fast. Download the software and complete this task with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How do I forward my Windstream email to Gmail?

First login to your Windstream account and choose Preferences. Thereafter, choose the Mail option which is available on the left. Lastly, add your Gmail address in the Receiving Messages option.

Q 2: Does your software support both Windows and Mac OS?

Yes, you can download and install software separately for Windows and Mac OS.

Q 3: Can I transfer selective folders from Windstream to Gmail?

Yes, before adding a Windstream email to a Gmail account, you can select only the required folders, and complete the process.