How to Transfer Verizon Email to Gmail Account ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Searching for your Verizon email settings so as to transfer Verizon email to Gmail service? Read this blog to find a solution to this.

Real User Queries

Query1: I am trying to move my email over my Gmail account but I keep getting an error message. Can you assist me with how do I change my Verizon email to Gmail service with your software? – Maryland, US

Query2: When I tried to open my version mail service then I got a message from Verizon telling me my version, webmail account was being discontinued. Since Gmail has always been a favorite email service, I am ready to change my Verizon email to Gmail. But, I’m not sure what to do and how do I transfer my Verizon email to Gmail. – Thomas, UK

In 2017, Verizon retired their email provider for all clients and moved to AOL email. It said that there are “more capable email platforms available”. If you have used the Verizon email service as your primary email, then maybe yes, it’s the right time to switch from it. Now, customers have no longer the option to keep their email address.

If you currently access your email through AOL service, then you can access your emails by visiting However, if you access your email through Yahoo, then access your mail by going through

We ready daily on technical forums that users don’t want to use AOL and want to migrate all data to Gmail service. For this, you need to visit your Gmail settings and import Verizon email to Gmail.

But, today with the enhancement in technology, we have more advanced and simplest solutions for the transfer of Verizon emails to Gmail. Yes, one such competent software that can truly fulfill all your necessities regarding the conversion of Verizon email to Gmail is BitRecover Email Backup Wizard. You will just need your Verizon account information to complete the task. It allows to migrate Verizon email to Gmail account in batch so you can save your time as well.

How to Transfer Verizon Email to Gmail Account ?

Follow these steps to migrate Verizon email to Gmail:

  1. Run Verizon to Gmail migration tool.
  2. Choose Verizon mail from email sources and fill its account details.
  3. Hit on login and enable desired Verizon mailboxes.
  4. Select Gmail as a saving option and enter Gmail account details.
  5. Click on the backup tab to start to transfer Verizon email to Gmail.

Step-wise Tutorial to Migrate Verizon Email to Gmail

Firstly, download and launch the software on your Windows machine.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Now, from the email sources list, choose Verizon mail (AOL Users) or Verizon mail (Yahoo Users) as per your need.


Then, enter the email address and password of your Verizon account and click on login to continue.


Thereafter, the tool will fetch all emails from your email address into the software panel. Choose the desired Verizon mailboxes.


Now, select Gmail as a saving option and fill in the account details of Gmail.


Also, click on Advanced Settings for Selective transfer of Verizon mailboxes into Gmail.

Click on the backup button to start to transfer Verizon email to Gmail account.

Within few seconds, you will see that all your emails will be forwarded from Verizon mail to Gmail.

Why Select Verizon Email to Gmail Migration Tool ?

Advanced Mode for Login- The tool gives an advanced mode option which is quite useful if you are facing any trouble while log-in.

Selective Migration: Users can effortlessly move Verizon email to Gmail service in a selective manner too. The Advance settings options by this toolkit allow transferring selective emails from Verizon mail to Gmail.

Direct and error-free email transfer: The whole process to add a Verizon email account to Gmail is easy with this utility. It is direct and gives 100% error-free results.

Compatibility with Windows OS: You can run the software on any version of Windows OS like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows Server versions, etc.

Preserves the integrity of data: There will be no harm with the email data during the process to transfer Verizon email to Gmail. The software maintains the folder hierarchy as well as the email attributes throughout the processing.

Easy for Novice users: Whether you are a technical user or someone who is new to email migration. Still, there will be a hassle while changing Verizon emails to Gmail. The tool has a simple and intuitive GUI.


We hope that now you have learned how to transfer Verizon email to Gmail. The professional approach described in this blog is safe and will give you 100% precise results with no information leakage. Since data safety is a prior concern for every user so you can trust the BitRecover Verizon to Gmail backup tool for migrating all data from email address. Still, have any doubts? Don’t hesitate to contact our technical support team.