How to Transfer Shaw Email to Gmail Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: April 25th, 2023 • 6 Min Read

I want to transfer Shaw email to Gmail account by maintaining actual folder hierarchy. I am using the Shaw email service for several years. But now I have decided to replace Shaw mail with Gmail personal account. Forwarding emails one by one in my target Gmail account is really tedious work and I don’t have that much patience. Can anyone please share with me the quick instructions on how to forward email from Shaw to Gmail?

The above type of query was asked by a customer, which was posted on the support page of Shaw mail. But, unfortunately, the person didn’t get a satisfactory answer. It is so because Shaw mail does not provide any inbuilt method to transfer Shaw email to Gmail account.

Enterprises have to approach a third-party solution that will act as a mediator. This mediator will fetch all emails from the source Shaw account and upload them to Gmail. Now talking about one of such solutions to transfer Shaw email to Gmail account, which provides such facility is Email Backup Wizard.

This approach provides an easy-to-access interface to import email to Gmail. Before we talk more about this solution, let us see how this migration tool works when it has to move all emails collectively from Shaw Mail to Gmail account.

How to Transfer Emails from Shaw to Gmail Account?

The following steps are going to aware you of the simple way to import Shaw email folders to Gmail without any hassle :

1. Firstly, download and install the setup file of  “Shaw Email to Gmail Migration Tool” from the internet on your computer. You can directly click on the below-denoted Download button to lessen the overall installation time.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

2. Secondly, launch recently installed software and scroll down the ‘Email Source’ cursor and select the Shaw Mail option to transfer Shaw email to Gmail account.


3. After that, mention the email address and password of the source Shaw mail whose email folders are to be transferred to Gmail account. Thereafter, press the Login button.


4. At one time, if you want to import emails of several Shaw mail accounts in one target Gmail account, activate the “Use Batch Mode” option. Otherwise, skip this step and move to Step (5).


5. Click on Login button to move further with the process to import email to Gmail.

6. From the left-hand side of the screen, check the checkbox of those Shaw email folders that are to be imported into the target Gmail account.


7. Explore the menu of ‘Select Saving Option’ and, scroll down the list to search for the Gmail option. Once you find this option, click on it to migrate Shaw email to Gmail.


8. Enter the Gmail account credentials in which emails of Shaw mail are to be transferred.


9. Click on Backup button to begin the migration of Shaw email folders to the IMAP-enabled Gmail account.


10. The process of transferring Shaw email folders to a Gmail account is on the way.

11. Once the procedure gets finished, the software will display a message to indicate that the entire process has been successfully completed.


12. You can now login into your Gmail account and check the exported emails of Shaw mail.

Required Gmail Settings

If you want to move emails from Shaw to Gmail account, then you need to do these settings.

#1 IMAP should be enabled

enable imap

# Generate Gmail App Password

Why Do Users Import Email to Gmail?

The need to transfer Shaw email to Gmail is not fixed. It depends upon person-to-person, the profession a person belongs to, and many other factors. Still, we are listing down some of the most common needs of Shaw email to Gmail migration :

  • Switching of email platform i.e., a user decides to stop using Shaw mail and now prefers accessing of Gmail account.
  • A business client wants to create a backup of all Shaw email folders in his or her IMAP-enabled Gmail account.
  • In comparison to Shaw Mail client, enterprises found Gmail more suitable and reliable for their business growth.

Shaw Email to Gmail Migration Tool Features

  • The tool is specially designed to import email to Gmail account automatically. The tool asks only account credentials of both email services for completion of the task.
  • Shaw Email to Gmail Migration Tool is an excellent fully automatic program. The tool maintains all email items, folder structure, attachments, header, subject, signature, and all data.
  • This application comes with various advanced filters. Users can use these filter options to move emails from Shaw to Gmail between specific dates. Even it has filters to transfer email by email address or subject.
  • Show email to Gmail migration tool will show all Shaw email folders in the software UI. Therefore, users can check only important folders for Shaw email Gmail migration process.
  • The tool is suitable to import emails from multiple Shaw email accounts to Gmail account at once. Users can upload a CSV file having account credentials of several Shaw Mail accounts.

Some Customers Asked Queries

Que 1. Will the software migrate Shaw email to Gmail with attachments?

Ans. Yes, the software supports transferring of emails along with attachments. The file format of the attachments is the same as it was at the time of email creation.

Que 2. Can I run Shaw email to Gmail migration tool on Windows 10 OS?

Ans. Yes, this migration product to transfer Shaw email to Gmail account is available for all Windows and Mac operating systems.

Que 3. Does the solution provide any sort of selective features in it?

Ans. Yes, there are two main filtering options provided in this product – Date filter and email folder filter. You can use any of them on the basis of your needs.

Que 4. Apart from migration, what else this approach to transfer Shaw email to Gmail account can do for me?

Ans.  Apart from migration, you can create a backup of the Shaw Webmail account on the local machine with this solution. It provides PST, MSG, PDF, HTML, and other file formats to save emails for backup on computers or on pen drives.


After going through this post, you must have definitely got to know about an appropriate approach to transfer Shaw emails to Gmail account. The software to transfer Shaw email to Gmail account offers several features that are necessary for an enterprise to import email folders to Gmail. So, interested users can download the free version of the product to test it and check its functionality. When satisfied, you can go for the purchase of the full version to eliminate the limitations that are present in the trial version.