How to Save Emails from Shaw Webmail?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Large business owners have the habit of keeping the replica of their data and the same goes for ones who access Shaw Webmail. None of the direct and simple solution is available in the marketplace that can assist enterprises with an approach for Shaw Webmail backup.

Shaw Webmail is one of the most widely used web-based email platform. This email service is usually accessed by huge business owners because it is considered as the best email service while travelling worldwide.

Considering the absence of such a solution, we are here with a foolproof approach to backup Shaw Webmail account emails on local PC. This approach demands for a software named as Email Backup Wizard. It provides a direct and trouble-free measure to create backup of Shaw Webmail emails.

Step-by-Step Solution to Create Shaw Webmail Backup

Following steps are going to aware you with the simple way that is provided in Shaw Webmail email backup tool to create a replica of source online account on local computers :

1. Firstly, download the Shaw Webmail backup tool. Install the product and then launch it.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

2. Secondly, from left hand side column of the screen, select Shaw Mail as your email source.


3. Now, a cursor will blink in ‘Email Address’ field. This means that you have to enter the email id of your Shaw Webmail account whose data is to be backed up.


4. After that, perform left-mouse click on the ‘Password’ field and enter the password of your Shaw Webmail email account.


Note – The IMAP settings should be enabled in the source online account to create Shaw Webmail Backup with this solution.

5. If you want to migrate multiple accounts that are present in Shaw Webmail. Enable the checkbox of ‘Use Batch Mode option; Otherwise directly jump to step (6).

shaw-webmail-backup6. Click on the Login button to clear the first phase of the backup process.

7. Now you’ll be directed to the Backup tab. Click on the drop-down button of ‘Select Saving Options’.


From the displayed set of list, select the file format in which you wish to save the Shaw Webmail backup file on your PC.

9. Once you are done with the selection of the file format, define the PC location where you want to store the backup file on your computer. Use the Change button to alter the predefined location

10 Finally, click on the Backup button to allow software to create backup of Shaw Webmail emails.

After the implementation of the above steps, you will be able to achieve a replica copy of emails of your Shaw Webmail account without any hassle. Also, the solution does not demand for any high technicalities to export of Shaw Webmail emails.

Other Types of Backup Queries Can Also Be Solved

Through this provided solution for creating a backup of Shaw Webmail emails, we can now resolve many other queries of business owners that are associated regarding the process. Some of the common questions are mentioned below :

  • How to create a backup of Shaw emails without configuring it with any other email client (like Outlook)?
  • Which solution should be used to download emails of Shaw Webmail with attachments on local PC?
  • Without use of any iOS or Android device, is it possible to access emails of Shaw Webmail in smartphones, if saved in PDF format?
  • Can I move Shaw Webmail data to a new server without hampering the data integrity?

Shaw Mail Backup tool is an all-in-one solution. It benefits its customers with all the supportive things that are needed to create a local copy of Shaw Webmail emails on PC.

Attraction Point of This Backup Solution

  • The software programming is done in a way that it does not hamper the integrity of emails during the process.
  • Also, the Shaw Webmail Email Backup solution holds the information by retaining send/receive data, headers, etc.
  • Emails along with their attachments are backed up in the same format as they were at the time of creation.
  • Many technical experts suggest using this solution because it works fast and eliminates all the complications faced by users during backup.

That’s All From Our Side

Shaw Webmail backup solution is hard to find unless business users are not aware of the same. Therefore, we request you to please share this solution with your professional friends. So, they can also experience an easy way to export emails of Shaw Webmail.