How to Speed Up Mac Mail Email Client?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

If your Apple Mail is slow to load messages and you want to speed up Mac Mail email client, then stay tuned with us. This article explains several quick tips to make Apple Mail load faster.

Apple Mail (Mac Mail) is free and the default email client for Apple devices so a lot of users use it for their emailing needs. But after several years of use, it may become slow then users prefer to improve Apple Mail performance.

Prior to delving into techniques to expedite the Apple Mail email program, it is essential to understand the primary causes that may impede its performance.

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Why Is Apple Mail So Slow?

A lot of reasons are available for Mac Mail slow downloading messages, here know some most common causes that make your Apple Mail slow to load messages.

  • The Apple Mail Mailbox file size has a limit of 4 GB. When it reaches close to this limit, Apple Mail may have trouble downloading messages.
  • Sometimes, configuring several IMAP and POP email accounts in Mac Mail can lead to a decreased speed in message downloading.
  • Apple Mail is stuck at downloading messages if you are using an old version of the Apple Mail client or macOS.
  • Some antivirus programs may have an adverse impact on the performance of your Apple Mail client when attempting to detect malware in your email client.
  • If your MacBook or iMac’s storage drive is near to full then your Apple mail hangs on startup, sending and receiving email messages.
  • If the storage drive on your MacBook or iMac is nearly full, it can cause your Apple Mail hangs on startup and impede the sending and receiving of email messages.
  • If corruption has infiltrated your Mac Mail mailbox, it may result in a sluggish performance of your email client.
  • If you are utilizing outdated hardware in your Mac Machine, it will operate at a slower pace.

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What Problems Are Faced When Apple Mail Is Slow?

  • Apple Mail is slow to load message content.
  • Mac Mail is slow to download new messages.
  • Apple Mail hangs on startup and exit.
  • Mac Mail delays delivery of email messages.
  • Apple Mail is stuck on checking for new emails.

How to Speed Up Apple Mail Clients?

If you’re looking for ways to improve Apple Mail performance, there are plenty of tips and tricks available. Depending on the type of issue you’re experiencing, you can choose the best solution to fix Apple Mail being slow-to-load emails. If manual techniques don’t work, you can try using BitRecover Software to make Apple Mail run faster.

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1st Method: Delete Old and Unwanted Apple Mail Emails

  1. Run the ‘Apple Mail‘ client on your Mac Computer.
  2. Select all the emails that you want to delete.
  3. Right-click on emails and select ‘Delete‘ to continue.
  4. Confirm the deletion by clicking on the ‘Ok’ button.
  5. Unwanted Apple Mail will be deleted successfully.

2nd Method: Empty Mac Mail Trash Folder to Improve Performance

  1. Start your Mac Machine and open the ‘Mac Mail‘ client.
  2. Right-click on the ‘Trash‘ folder and choose ‘Empty Trash‘.
  3. Alternatively, select the ‘Trash‘ folder and press ‘Delete‘ on the keyboard.
  4. All emails will be deleted in the ‘Trash‘ folder.

3rd Method: Delete Junk Emails to Speed Up Mac Mail

  1. Launch the ‘Mac Mail‘ application and choose the ‘Junk Mailbox‘ folder.
  2. Press ‘CTRL + A’ to select all emails available in the Junk folder.
  3. Right-click on selected messages and select ‘Move to Trash’.
  4. Thereafter, empty the Trash folder as shown in method 2.
  5. Restart Mac Mail and check if its performance is boosted or not.

4th Method: Create Rules in Apple Mail to Keep It Fast

  1. Run the ‘Apple Mail’ client on your MacBook or iMac.
  2. Choose ‘Mail’ from the menu and select ‘Preferences’.
  3. Locate the ‘Rules’ tab and hit the ‘Add Rule’.
    add rule
  4. Give a name to the email label rule.
  5. Specify a condition to apply the rule accordingly.
    set rule
  6. Select an action to perform your rule to move emails to Trash.

5th Method: Rebuild Mac Mail Mailbox Index Database

  1. Launch the ‘Apple Mail’ email client on your computer.
  2. Choose the ‘Mailbox’ option from the Menu bar.
  3. Select the ‘Rebuild’ option from the drop-down.
    speed up mac mail
  4. Mac Mail is recreating your mailbox database.

6th Method: Remove Extra Configured Accounts from Apple Mail

  1. Open your ‘Apple Mail’ application on your pc.
  2. Choose the ‘Mail’ option from the menu bar.
  3. Select the ‘Preferences’ option to continue.
  4. Click on the ‘Accounts’ option.
  5. Select an account and press the ‘Remove’ button.

7th Method: Reconfigure Your Email Account in Apple Mail

  1. First, remove a configured account from Apple Mail as mentioned in 6th
  2. Launch the ‘Apple Mail’ email client.
  3. Choose ‘Mail’ from the available menu options.
  4. Select the ‘Add Account’ option from the drop-down menu.
  5. Enter your account credentials and connect them.
8th Method: Use a Professional Solution to Speed Up Mac Mail

BitRecover MBOX Compress Software is an excellent solution to speed up Apple Mail email clients. The tool provides multiple preferences to make Apple Mail load faster. If all the above-mentioned techniques are unable to resolve Apple Mail stuck at downloading messages or working slowly related problems. Then, follow the below-mentioned steps to speed up your Mac Mail performance.

  1. First export MBOX files from Apple Mail client.
    export mailbox
  2. Use the suggested tool to compress Apple Mail mailboxes.
    software to speed up apple mail
  3. Import processed mailbox files to Apple Mail.
    import mailbox
  4. Restart your Apple Mail client and check its speed.
Know More About Software

This software provides 3 options to reduce Apple Mail Mailbox size, use any option according to your choice.

  • Remove Attachments: All attachments will be removed from your Apple Mail Mailboxes.
  • Remove Headers: Extra header information will be removed from Mac Mail Mailboxes.
  • Detach Attachments: Extract Apple Mail attachments and store them in a separate folder.

Note: This software currently works on Windows Operating Systems, BitRecover developers will soon launch its separate version for Mac OS. However, this is fully compatible with Apple Mail exported MBOX files so use it to speed up your Apple Mail client’s performance.

Additional Solution

Use BitRecover Mac Mail Converter Wizard on your Windows and Mac Machines. This software allows you to switch Apple Mail to multiple desktop-based and cloud-based email programs. Just download and use this software to replace your Apple Mail with another email program without losing any crucial information.

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Above we have discussed the tips and tricks to speed up Mac Mail email clients by using the top 8 manual and professional solutions. We have explained steps to fix slow Apple Mail performance using 7 different techniques that are very useful. If in case of manual approaches don’t seem suitable then use the recommended software to improve Mac Mail performance which will surely be helpful to you.

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