Migrate Apple Mail to Office 365 Mailbox Directly – Complete Guide

Mark Regan | December 5th, 2018 | cloud

Mr. Brayden shares his complete practice to implement Apple Mail to Office 365 migration. He had researched and come up with a direct solution to import Apple Mail to Office 365 mailbox.

I know many times the situation takes you to such point where it becomes important to perform data migration from Apple Mail to O365 account said Mr. Brayden. Even there was a time when I also get stuck at the same situation to export Apple Mail emails to Office 365 mailbox.

Therefore, I researched for a direct solution to move data from Apple Mail to O365 mailbox. But didn’t get anything.

Searching for Apple Mail to Office 365 Migration Solution 

Having an appropriate solution is important to accomplish data migration. I began to go through various forums to get some solution. While exploring, I got numerous of user’s issues like:

  • How to export Apple Mail emails to O365 mailbox?
  • How to save Mac Apple Mail files in Office 365 account?
  • How to move multiple Apple Mail to Office 365 directly?
  • How to import Apple Mail to MS Office 365?
  • How to upload Apple Mail files to O365 account?

It takes me to one level up that yes, there were other users who are searching for same. With more search, I started exploring and have the last by in one of the forum post.

I found MBOX Migrator Wizard, a marvellous tool. As, it gave plenty of features and a way to export Apple Mail emails to Office 365 directly.

Then, I decided to talk with its technical support assistant directly to know in details about software. The person at support guided me and told me that I can also try software before spending over it. I asked him how?  Is it possible? Then, he told me that utility comes up with a demo version to understand whole application’s functionality.

After utilizing free demo of utility, I purchased full version of application and simply implemented data migration from Apple Mail to O365 mailbox.

Let us go through the process to import Apple Mail emails to Office 365 account.

  • Download and install Apple Mail to Office 365 Migrator on your Windows machine.


  • To import multiple Apple Mail files then, choose -Select Folder option. Otherwise, you can choose- Select File option to implement selective Apple Mail file migration.


  • After browsing data from its stored place, the application will show you its complete path. Click on Next.


  • Check preferred Apple Mail files, which you wanted to be stored on your cloud account and click on Next.


  • From list of saving options, choose MS Office 365.


  • Check an option “I am Admin” if you are Admin and need to map various user accounts.

For utilizing user accounts, firstly you should be sure that Application Impersonation and mailbox delegation is allowed.


  • For checking an option simply open MS Office 365 mailbox then, enter credentials.


  • Select permissions then, select Hygiene Management. With moving on, click on “+” icon for addition of Application Impersonation role.


  • Click on the ApplicationImpersonation then, click on Add >> click on OK.


  • Choose “+” icon for addition of admin account list of members.


  • Choose member >> click on the Add button >> Click Ok.


  • Click on Save button once it comes to an end, you will have a message of accomplishment then, click on the Ok button.


  • Add mailbox delegation usage for administrator >> click on Recipients.


  • Select Mailbox Delegation >> click on the “+”icon for addition of Full Access to Admin. After adding, click on the Save button.


After this, go back on tool’s panel.

  • Now, enter your MS Office 365 account credentials on software>> click on Connect button.


  • Once data migration is completed, you will have a message of completion.

In this way, I exported all Apple Mail files to Office 365 mailbox. The utility helped me as it directly migrated all data without any problem. The best thing that I found is that I upload bulk of Apple Mail files at once without compromising the quality of data.

Extraordinary Attributes of Utility

This software to import Apple Mail emails to O365 account comes with various advance properties that add up to the worth of this tool.

  • Select Apple Mail Files/Folder: Using Apple Mail to Office 365 migration tool, users get to choose whether they require to import selective Apple Mail files or whole folder having multiple files for migration.
  • Migrate Desired Files: The exclusive skill of this application to move Apple Mail files is that; users can limitlessly move multiple as well as desired Apple Mail files without coming through any ruin of the performance.
  • View Export Progress: The application capably shows live progress of Apple Mail Migration to Office 365 mailbox. This way users can easily stay up to date with the procedure of migration.

By concluding my discussion, I would only say that I never had thought that data migration is simple but it is only possible due to. It is important to select an appropriate solution at right time.