How to Remove Duplicate Emails from Amazon WorkMail?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

If you are an Amazon WorkMail user and tired of encountering dudupe emails in your inbox, this article belongs to you. The article aims to provide you with in-depth knowledge to remove duplicate emails from Amazon WorkMail. Here you will explore two methods to solve this issue which will include the technical method and automated solutions. We will also discuss the downside of manual ways and their limitations.


Before starting the article, we would to tell you that if you want to avoid technicalities and have multiple duplicate emails in your Amazon WorkMail and looking for a straightforward method that does not need any technicalities or time. Simply you can move the automated solution which we have provided below the manual method. So, let’s start reading.

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Remove Duplicate Emails from Amazon WorkMail Manually

Amazon WorkMail which is popularly known as Zocalo. It manages the services like emails and calendars in the cloud. Today millions of people are using Amazon WorkMail. However, receiving duplicate emails is a common issue among Amazon WorkMail users.

Unfortunately, there are no manual steps to fix this problem. You can fix this issue by using some technical ways in Amazon WorkMail, you have to make some technical configurations. These are some possible fixing solutions in the following points you can try:

  1. Change Email Sending Codes: Check if your email sending code is sending requests for the same emails to Amazon SAS on repeat. Change the conditions of bugs and rules.
  2. Email Sending Metrics: By using Amazon SES monitoring and reporting feature, you can easily track the metrics of sending emails, rate of delivery, bounce rate, complaint, and open rate. If you suspect any increase in any of them, take action immediately.
  3. Retry Setting Configuration: Adjust your retry settings if you are experiencing bounces frequently. You can change complaint notification settings too.
  4. Feedback Loop: Reduce the complaint by implementing a feedback loop configuration.

Hope this mentioned information will help to remove duplicate emails from Amazon WorkMail.

Limitations of Manual Method to Delete Duplicate Emails

As we already said, manual techniques require a lot of technicalities. You can see to make configurations; you will have to do coding and make technical changes. Without expertise, you cannot make these configurations. Although if you make any single error, you will have to face data loss. Making wrong configurations would also affect your AWS account.

Apart from technical expertise, you will also have to spend so much time to make these above configurations. The best recommendation is to use the professional automated solution where you can easily Remove Duplicate Emails from Amazon WorkMail without needing any technical skill.

Let’s jump to the straightforward method which saves you from headaches and hard work in eliminating duplicate AWS duplicate emails.

Automated Method to Remove Duplicate Emails from Amazon WorkMail

BitRecover Email Duplicate Remover provides a hassle-free and easiest solution to remove duplicate emails from Amazon WorkMail. This is the most demanding software that eliminates thousands of duplicate emails from any required email source in just seconds. This software includes all the specialties that you need in software that delete duplicates.

Its easiest user interface allows you to get rid of all the duplicate emails available in your account effortlessly. If talks about its serving feature, then, the software is capable to remove duplicates from more than 90 cloud email services. Apart from this, you can also filter the duplicate removal process based on a specific date, time, year, subject, email ids, inbox, sent, draft, all mail, trash, and spam.

Moreover, the software also maintains the actual structure of the software and even creates a new folder “duplicate found” for the deleted duplicates automatically. And yeah! The most important thing, Security. You get 100% data safety with the highest security. If you want to read more about the software, click on the above link and land on its official page.

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Steps to Remove Duplicate Emails from Amazon WorkMail

Now you are familiar with the software and its advantages. Have a look at its steps to complete and clear off all the duplicate emails from AWS at once.

  • Step 1: Download and install the software and read the instructions.
  • Step 2: Go to the source emails list and choose the Amazon WorkMail option.

    Remove Duplicate Emails from AOL account

  • Step 3: Then enter your email address and password, apply the Advanced Settings, and hit Log in.

    required folders

  • Step 4: Let the software detect the duplicates, then select/ deselect the files and folders.

    required folders

  • Step 5: Go to the filter option and specify data, time, year, and other options as per your need.

    Check the filter option

  • Step 6: At the end click on the Remove button to free your AWS account from duplicates.

    remove duplicate emails from AOL

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After so much research, we found that there is no manual method of getting rid of AWS duplicate emails. To avoid duplicate emails manually you need to make proper configurations in your AWS account by using the technical skill of taking the help of any technical expert. The best way to Remove Duplicate Emails from Amazon WorkMail is by using the best-automated software. It allows you to get rid of bulk duplicate emails in just a few seconds.