How to Remove Duplicate Emails from AOL Mail Effortlessly?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Did you just open Google search to remove duplicate emails from AOL? This post will go through the methods to eliminate duplicate emails from AOL accounts efficiently. Keep on reading the full article to find the solution of the day for your AOL duplicate emails.

Imagine you open your AOL mailbox, and look for the emails you need. Then you realize there are multiple copies of the same emails you were looking for. In this case, you will get confused that which one is the correct one. It is always frustrating to see multiple copies.

It not only occupies a lot of storage but also troubles you to reach the required emails. We will talk about the most effective method to remove duplicate emails from AOL by using the automated tool. We will also include some of the reasons and drawbacks of duplicate emails. So let’s start reading.

Common Reasons for Duplicate Emails in AOL Mail

Encountering duplicate emails in AOL is not so rare. Whether you are a small business, a large business, or a normal AOL email user. Duplicate emails bother everyone. We will go over some of the common reasons for duplicate emails in AOL. spot the following:

Email Forwarding Loops

If your AOL account is configured to forward emails to multiple email addresses then you might face a duplication problem in your AOL account. Moreover, if you forward any emails from one computer system to another, it will generate multiple emails.

Connection Multiple Devices

If you just bought a new phone and connect an upgraded AOL account to it, the account will start syncing email which can cause duplicates.

Importing or Exporting

Whenever you import or export your email data from one account to another or from another device to another, In this case, you may import multiple duplicate emails.

So these were a few common reasons to remove duplicate emails from AOL Mail. But do you know that these duplicates can affect your email account?

How Do AOL Duplicate Emails Affect AOL Your Account?

You may face the following issues in the presence of email copies in AOL:

  • Duplicate emails often decrease productivity. You will have to waste so much time finding and searching for the emails which you are looking for.
  • Of course, if you are so many copies of the same emails it will simply occupy Storage. Storage full issues can also slow down AOL accounts.
  • Synchronization of multiple email copies can also lead to file corruption.

However, there is no effective manual way to remove duplicate emails from AOL. Removing duplicate emails is not a big deal to be seen if you are utilizing a modern technique. That is why smart people and industry professionals recommend using automated solutions. Using professional software easily clears up all duplicate emails without making any effort.

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Automated Solution to Remove Duplicate Emails from AOL Mail

The BitRecover Duplicate Email Remover is award-winning software, specially built to delete Duplicate Emails from AOL. It is a powerful software with a powerful feature that makes the duplicate removal task quick and easy. If you want to eliminate thousands of emails in just seconds simply download the Software and start the removal process.

Additionally, you do not see face any data loss, file corruption, or changes in any email. After receiving the result, you get your email as you left it. There is a free version available of the software to remove duplicate emails from AOL mail for free. Let’s see how the software helps you.

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Benefits of Using the Software

  • Delete duplicate emails from 90+ cloud-based or web-based email services you are using including Gmail, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365,, Yahoo Mail, Zoho Mail, IMAP Server, and more.
  • Specify a date range, time, year, subject, email ids, folders, inbox, sent, draft, all mail, trash, and spam to delete the required duplicate emails only.
  • Batch mode option to delete a large number of emails at just a single click.
  • Tension-free email duplication removal with 100% data security.
  • Auto-created Duplicates Found folder to store the deleted emails.

Step-by-Step Process to Remove Duplicate Emails from AOL

Removing duplicate emails from AOL is quite easy and simple. Just follow the step mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Download the application and run it on your computer.

    Remove Duplicate Emails from AOL account

  • Step 2: Select AOL from the email source list and login into your account utilizing AOL login credentials.

    Select AOL from the email source

  • Step 3: Take a peek at the required folders, and uncheck the unwanted ones.

    required folders

  • Step 4: Check the filter option to specify data, time, subject, email, etc.

    Check the filter option

  • Step 5: Click on the Remove button to erase AOL duplicate emails successfully.

    remove duplicate emails from AOL


The article successfully everything about the removal of duplicate emails. We simplified the query for Remove Duplicate Emails from AOL most effectively. We also saw what can cause the supplication and how duplicate emails can impact your AOL account. If you want to erase multiple duplicate emails at once, utilizing the software is the best option.