How to Convert PST to Apple Mail? Complete Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 8th, 2024 • 8 Min Read

Nowadays a majority of users want to import PST to Apple Mail. Over time, Mac Mail has improved its services & enhanced the user mailing experience. Because of the better features & security reasons, a lot of computer users are shifting to Mac OS-based computers.

User Query Received on BitRecover Support: 

Recently, have purchased a new Mac Machine, and I want to access the Outlook data file in it. Please suggest a manual way or an automated way to complete the process ~ JCup.

Like this, there are multiple queries on the web, that are looking for the solution to import PST File into Mac Mail. So, let’s begin the post, and filter out the solutions for the same.

Why is Mac Mail Becoming the First Choice?

After purchasing a MacBook or Mac Computer, most of the users always prefer to use Mac Mail (Apple Mail), email client, because…

  • Apple Mail is a default email client on MacBook. which comes with all Mac OS computers that’s why users can use it without installing any third-party email client.
  • Mac Mail does not require any license keys to upgrade it to a professional edition. It already comes with fully activated features and benefits. This is available 100% free of cost without paying any extra money to Apple Inc.
  • It comes with a simple and user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface). Therefore, it can be easily operable by both home and corporate users. Its self-understandable GUI is becoming the choice of users.
  • Apple Inc. is known for its high-security features; therefore, it provides high-level security features and encryptions in Mac Mail. Even, they continue trying to grow Apple Mail for future demand.
  • Users can easily configure their personal and professional business email IDs with Apple Mail. It supports both IMAP and POP3 mail delivery protocols while setting up email addresses.
  • Mac Mail client allows for sending and receiving email messages. Even users can manage / store contacts, and calendars also. Its users can easily export emails, contacts, and calendars data in standard file extensions.

There are multiple benefits to importing PST to Apple Mail. Now, let’s check out the process to accomplish the process.

Manual Methods to Convert PST to Apple Mail

To complete the process, we will take the help of MS Outlook & Gmail accounts to Import PST to Apple Mail. In step 1 we will connect Gmail and Outlook accounts, and then we will configure the same to Mac Mail. So, follow the steps carefully.

Impotent Note: When you are configuring your account with Gmail, you will first need to follow the procedures that are provided. Because you will be required to generate an app password to log into your account.

Google Less Secure

Step 1: Add Gmail to Microsoft Outlook

  1. Run Outlook email client.
  2. And then, click on the “File” and then the “Add Account” option.
  3. Now a window will appear and then enter the Gmail address and password (app password) and connect the accounts.
  4. Now drag and drop the required emails into any folder of your Gmail account.

Step 2: Set up the Google Mail Account to Apple Mail

  1. Now run Mac Mail.
  2. Then, choose Mail >> Preference options.
  3. Now enter the required Gmail address details.
  4. Lastly, hit the Continue icon.

In case, the manual methods don’t work, to import PST to Apple Mail, then you have to take the help of Outlook to Apple Mail Converter. Now, let’s check out how automated solution helps to complete the process.

Automated Way to Import PST File to Apple Mail

Are you looking for easy and rapid software to convert emails from Windows Outlook to Mac Mail? BitRecover PST to MBOX Converter will help you to complete the process in an effortless way.  Download and run PST to Apple Mail Converter on your Mac or Windows machine. After that, users prefer to use it to export email from Outlook to Apple Mail. You can follow these three main steps for this task as given below.

How to Convert PST File to Mac Mail – Step-by-Step

  1. Launch Outlook PST to Apple Mail Converter on your computer. Choose one option from Select Files or Select Folders for uploading Outlook PST (Personal Storage Table) files.

    Run apple mail converter

  2. Thereafter, you can see PST folders in the software GUI in the file explorer view. Select the required email/contact/calendar folders and hit on the Next button.

    select required folder

  3. Select MBOX from the drop-down list of saving options.

    select export type

  4. After that, press the Browse icon to choose a specific destination path to store the resultant data.

    browse destination location

  5. Click on the Next button to start the email conversion process and wait for completion.

    successfully import apple mail to PST

  6. After completion of the task, the destination path will be automatically run. Get the mailbox file now.
  7. Lastly, start the Apple Mail email client and choose the Import Mailboxes… option. Now transfer the converted mailbox file in Apple Mail for completion of the task.

Insert Contacts from PST File to Apple Mail:

BitRecover PST to Apple Mail Wizard has an isolated option for inserting PST contacts into the Mac Mail email client. First export contacts into the vCard file extension and after that convert them into Mac Mail or Computer. After that, users can easily access, the inserted address book contacts in the Apple Mail email client.

Transfer Calendars from Outlook PST to Mac Mail

The Outlook to Apple Mail converter also has a separate option to extract calendar data from Microsoft Outlook PST files into standard ICS file extensions. Thereafter, MacBook users can easily move converted ICS files accordingly. Even the tool maintains crucial information while transferring calendars from PST files to the Apple Mail client.

Outlook to Apple Mail Converter Features

  • Perfect and reliable software to import PST to Apple Mail including email Attachments, To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Date, Time, Year, and all.
  • This PST to Apple Mail Converter is compatible with both ANSI & Unicode PST files of Microsoft Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2002, etc.
  • It is a standalone software that does not require MS Outlook configuration on a computer while transferring email from Outlook to Apple Mail. The tool requires only PST files for the completion of the task.
  • The Outlook to Apple Mail converter is capable of migrating PST contacts to Apple Mail as well as PST calendars to Apple Mail separately. It keeps complete information on contacts and calendars.
  • PST to Apple Mail Converter preserves the original folder hierarchy structure while transferring emails from PST files to Apple Mail. This feature works automatically without doing any settings in the Outlook to Apple Mail converter control panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 – How to Import PST to Apple Mail?

A – Users can easily move emails from Outlook to Apple Mail by following these simple steps.

  1. Run PST to Apple Mail Converter
  2. Convert Outlook to Apple Mail format as described above
  3. Move resultant data in a Mac computer, using a pen drive
  4. Choose to convert Mailboxes… options and complete the procedure

Q 2 – Why do users need to move Outlook to Apple Mail?

A – Nowadays accessing an email client is considered the best source of communication in the IT field. So, when the user switches the job, where Apple Mail is accessed as an email client, it becomes necessary for the user to convert all their email data stored in Outlook to Apple Mail.

Q 3 – Does it maintain attachments while transferring PST files to Apple Mail?

A – Yes, this product maintains all email attachments and other components during transferring PST to Mac Mail.

Q 4 – Can I import my old PST file to Apple Mail?

A – Yes, it supports both ANSI and Unicode PST files so users can easily convert old PST files to Apple Mail. It supports PST files of MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, etc.

Q 5 – Does it allow to move of large-sized PST files to Apple Mail?

A – Yes, there is no size limitation and it is lab-tested software with large-size PST files so don’t worry.

Q 6 – Can I export contacts from Outlook to Apple Mail using this product?

A – Yes, it is suitable to export contacts from Outlook to Apple Mail as it has a separate option for Outlook contacts.

Concluding Words

Using Outlook PST to Apple Mail Converter for Mac & Windows OS, users can instantly Import PST to Mac Mail. One of the best features of this software is that it supports emails, contacts, and calendars of PST files. All Windows & Mac OS users can proudly use this application to replace Windows Outlook with Mac Mail. Let’s enjoy the conversion process.