How to Convert Outlook OLM Emails Files to Zimbra TGZ Format ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

In this article, we get to know about how can a user import OLM to Zimbra client. Use the suggested OLM to Zimbra Converter tool. This tool will enable the users to convert Outlook for Mac emails into Zimbra TGZ file with attachment. Also, it is designed with advanced algorithms to facilitate and simplify the entire process of Outlook OLM file conversion.

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Free Download the OLM to Zimbra Migration toolkit from here and enjoy the data transfer from Outlook OLM folders to Zimbra TGZ format. Also, the trial version of the BitRecover OLM converter tool will enable the users to export only the first 25 emails from each folder.

How to Migrate OLM to Zimbra Client Directly ?

In the above video tutorial, we will learn how to migrate OLM to Zimbra email server with the help of a professional toolkit.

Take advantage of this fantastic Outlook for Mac to Zimbra conversion tool. This tool will gives a direct option to convert Outlook for Mac to Zimbra folder. Outlook for MAC files may be converted to any of the Zimbra versions or editions with no problems at all. Also, with the aid of the following basic steps, anyone can readily learn how this software works:

  • Run OLM to Zimbra Converter Wizard and read all significant instructions.


  • The tool will ask the users to load OLM files by dual ways i.e. Select Files or Select Folders. Now you can view the path of OLM files, from here click on Next button.


  • The software is previewing all folders of OLM files, select them and hit on the Next button again.


  • Now, choose the Zimbra option from the given list of 20+ Select Saving options.
  • Setup Outlook to Zimbra conversion options like Destination path.
  • Now, you can see Outlook for Mac to Zimbra conversion process is running now, please wait.
  • After complete the OLM to Zimbra process, it will automatically open converted data file / folders, where you get your Resultant Data.

The tool does not require any installation of Zimbra Desktop or Zimbra Webmail Server on your machine, nor does it require any configuration on your system. The application will generate a Zimbra TGZ file. You can easily import file into any of Zimbra’s email clients that are up to date with the newest version.

OLM to Zimbra Converter Tool – Major Features & Benefits:

This OLM to Zimbra converter software provides various advantages to its users. It is designed with advanced algorithms that make it the preferred choice of users. So, users are looking for the perfect way to transfer bulk emails from Outlook OLM  files to Zimbra Desktop. Also, some of the main benefits that come with this application are described below:

  • Batch Export Multiple Users Data: The application allows users to transfer multiple OLM data to Zimbra Mail client in batch. Also, when a user loads source files by clicking on Select Folders. The utility also displays the user’s default Outlook OLM users profile path where all the data will be stored.
  • No Zimbra Installation is Necessary: The utility is completely independent to perform its work, so it allows users to transfer data directly from the Zimbra email client. Convert Outlook Mac files and create compatible TGZ files with all the latest versions of ZCS, i.e., ZCS 8.7, Zimbra Desktop 7.3.1, Zimbra Collaboration 8.6.0, open source editing and networking, Zimbra Collaboration 8.7.11, Zimbra Collaboration 8.8.10, etc.
  • Preserves on-disk System Folder Hierarchy: The best thing about this application is that it keeps the hierarchy of system folders on the disk while converting OLM emails into TGZ files. Also, all emails and their attributes will remain original and integrity will remain intact.
  • Freedom to Choose Destination Path: OLM to Zimbra TGZ Converter software is an error-free solution to export Outlook OLM files to Zimbra format easily without facing any problem. Also, by using these application users also select destination location to save OLM file to .tgz Format.

This Is the Best For Me

An effective and efficient approach to perform OLM to Zimbra migration is posted in this post. Instead of going on my words, I would suggest you guys to first download the trial version. Test it on your own for migrating Outlook OLM files into Zimbra TGZ format with attachments. Also, if you get completely satisfied, what for are you waiting for? Just go and purchase it to enjoy the limitless feature of it!