How to Transfer Office 365 Email to Gmail? Complete Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Many working professionals are looking for the easiest way to transfer Office 365 email to the Gmail process. There are some situations when users want to migrate their Office 365 mailbox to Gmail account as Gmail is available free of cost and allows storage of up to 15 GB of emails.

In this article, you will get the top 2 methods to transfer Office 365 email to Gmail account. Continue to read this write-up for resolving your queries.

User Queries to Migrate Office 365 Mailbox to Gmail

A lot of users ask different types of queries from our support team to transfer Office 365 email to Gmail. Here we are mentioning a few of those queries.

Hello BitRecover support team, I am looking for a solution to import Office 365 email to my Gmail account without any data loss. Can you please suggest me a reasonable solution for solving my query?

– Atticus, United States

I am planning to switch my job hence I want to move my Office 365 emails to my Gmail account. This is necessary to me because I don’t want to lose my crucial emails. Gmail is my preferred source destination because it is available free of cost. Do you have a solution?

– Ramkumar, India

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Reasons to Transfer Office 365 Email to Gmail

  • The Office 365 mailbox has been specially made for corporate users. While Gmail is suitable for home users. Hence, some business users want to copy Microsoft 365 emails to Gmail accounts for outside use of corporate emails.
  • Microsoft 365 is a paid and subscription-based email service. On the other hand, Gmail is available 100% free of cost with 15 GB of cloud storage. This is also a reason for users wanting to migrate their Office 365 email to Gmail.
  • Gmail comes with a simple-to-use interface while Outlook 365 has some technically- advanced features. It means that users need to have technical expertise for using it. Thus, sometimes users prefer to access Microsoft 365 emails on Gmail account.

How to Transfer Office 365 Email to Gmail Account?

Here we will show you two direct options to migrate Microsoft 365 mailbox to Gmail account. Both methods are mentioned below one by one:

Method 1: Expert Solution to Migrate Emails from Office 365 to Gmail

Download Microsoft Office 365 Backup Software which has a separate option to transfer Office 365 email to Gmail. This application is compatible with all Windows and Mac OS including the latest editions.

The Tool comes with a free trial version that is helpful for evaluation purposes. The free version works the same as the pro edition and permits you to move 25 emails from each O365 folder to Gmail.

Complete Steps to Move O365 Emails to Gmail

Preparation of Pre-Migration Steps:- Gmail IMAP settings should be enabled before using the mentioned software. The tool also uses a Gmail App Password instead of a normal password. Hence, go to this link to enable mandatory settings.
  1. Start the Tool, check the “I am Admin” option, and enter your Microsoft 365 Admin email address. The I am Admin option allows you to migrate all user’s mailboxes from O365 to Gmail. You can also enter a user account to proceed with the individual user account.
    transfer Office 365 email to Gmail
  2. Thereafter, the software automatically opens Microsoft’s Official login page for secure login. Enter your M365 credentials and Sign In.
    office 365 admin password
  3. Now you can see all user accounts associated with the admin account. Select the required user accounts from which you want to move emails to your Gmail account. Click the Next button.
    admin account
  4. The software is adding O365 email folders into the software window. Please wait for a few seconds.
    loading office 365 folders
  5. After that, choose the required Outlook 365 email folders according to your requirements.
    select required office 365 folders
  6. Pick Gmail from the listed saving options as shown in the respective screenshot.
    select gmail
  7. Click on a checkbox to Use Batch Mode for batch Microsoft 365 to Gmail migration.
    use batch mode
  8. Thereafter, hit on the Browse icon for uploading a CSV file having multiple Gmail account credentials (App Password).
    multiple gmail accounts credentials
  9. If you are using Gmail in a different language then change the language for folder mapping.
    change language
  10. Use advanced filter options to migrate Office 365 mailbox to Gmail between a chosen date range.
    advance filters
  11. Here, we are proceeding with a single Gmail account. Enter the account credentials i.e., Email Address or App Password.
    transfer Office 365 email to Gmail
  12. After that, click the Backup button to transfer Office 365 email to Gmail account.
    migrate email from office 365 to gmail
  13. The task has been completed successfully. Click the OK button in the pop-up box.
    completed successfully
  14. The tool automatically generates a log report containing information about migrated data.
    log report
  15. Lastly, log in to your Gmail account and view imported Microsoft 365 folders.
    login to gmail account

Important & Advanced Features of Software

  • The software allows you to transfer Office 365 email to Gmail from multiple accounts at once. Use the I am admin option for batch migration.
  • The tool also permits you to migrate Microsoft 365 mailboxes to Gmail accounts such as Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Signature, Date, Time, Year, and all properties.
  • This application permits to move Office 365 data including all types of email attachments as well as inline image scripts.
  • The software comes with advanced filter options. Hence users can import Microsoft 365 email to Gmail freeware account by date range, by email address, and by subject.
  • The tool permits you to choose only the required email folders for migration
  • There is no file size limitation to transfer Office 365 email to a Gmail account. However, your imported data should be less than the available Gmail quota space.
  • The tool is operable on all latest and old Windows OS (Windows 11, 10, 8, 7) as well as Mac OS (Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra).

Method 2: Add Microsoft 365 Account to Gmail

  1. Login to your Gmail account and click the Gear icon.
    gear icon
  2. Choose the See all settings option as shown in the screenshot.
    see all settings
  3. Under Gmail settings, select Accounts, and Import.
    accounts and import
  4. Thereafter, select the Import mail and contacts option to transfer Office 365 email to Gmail.
    import mail and contacts
  5. Enter your Microsoft 365 email address and press Continue.
    enter email address
  6. Fill in POP3 settings and click the Port Number Edit button.
    pop settings
  7. Pick 995 as the port number and enable Use SSL to continue.
    select port number
  8. After filling in the complete details, press the Continue button to transfer Office 365 email to Gmail.
  9. Checking for the process, please wait.
    how to move emails from office 365 to gmail
  10. After that, click Start Import to start the migration.
    import office 365 email to gmail
  11. Your messages are being imported, wait for a while.
    your messages are being imported

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

  • This method can take up to 2-3 days to transfer Office 365 email to Gmail. The time to take the backup depends on the size of your data.
  • This is a time-consuming and lengthy process. It even requires the users to have technical and POP settings knowledge.
  • Data consistency and actual folder structure may be tempered while using this manual method.
  • The manual way is capable to migrate only the Inbox folder from Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox to Gmail. Other folders cannot be migrated.
  • A minor mistake may lose your crucial data during the completion of the task.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1: How to transfer Office 365 email to Gmail Account?

Ans: Follow these steps to migrate Microsoft 365 mailbox to Gmail

  1. Download and install the tool
  2. Enter Microsoft 365 credentials to start uploading emails.
  3. Then, select the Gmail saving option and enter Gmail login details.
  4. Press the Backup button to start the process.
  5. Then, log in to your Gmail account to access imported mailboxes

Que 2: Does this software import Office 365 emails to Gmail with attachments?

Ans: Yes, this application permits you to import complete data with email attachments.

Que 4: Does this application maintains all email properties during the process?

Ans: Yes, it maintains the email components and attributes during migrating Microsoft 365 emails to Gmail.

In Summation

We have discussed and explained the complete steps to transfer Office 365 email to Gmail account using dual usable methods. The manual technique comes with a few limitations but still, home users can try it. The mentioned software is the universal way to migrate Office 365 mailbox to Gmail account without any limitations.

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